The Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

Rubbermaid makes de-cluttering your home simple with their line of storage sheds. Their horizontal sheds can be particularly helpful around the home, both indoors and out. They’re called horizontal sheds because of their unique wide design. Usually set upon decks, patios or in garages, this type of shed is capable of storing large, heavy objects. Not only can it store all of your tools, it can keep the dirty stuff like bags of fertilizer and grass seed out of the way. Assembling these Rubbermaid sheds is as simple as locking the panels together. The rugged materials used in its construction will not chip or crack over time, even when kept outdoors. Take a look at some of these space-saving horizontal models from Rubbermaid.

Model 3753 Split Lid Shed

Rubbermaid Horizontal Storage Shed

With eighteen cubic feet of internal space, model 3753 can handle the toughest of jobs. Instead of a single hinged lid, this shed offers two lids which can be opened separately. A prop bar keeps the lid open while you work. The included wood shelf can be used to store smaller items which would just get lost in the shuffle if thrown inside the main compartment. Eight locking panels come together during assembly to produce the sturdy structure seen in the picture. Using a padlock, the double doors can be locked up using the loop on the top. Individuals handy with tools will be pleased to find that the lid also doubles as a work surface.

Model 3747 Large Rubbermaid Shed

This model is similar to the previous one in that it has double doors. However, the doors are oriented on the front of the shed, with an additional hinged door on the top. This results in a super easy-to-access shed. Items can be accessed with eased and placed on the floor or shelf of the interior. Because the shelf is not included, users will need to purchase a wood platform to place inside if a shelf is desired. The doors are lockable if a padlock is provided. The structure is resistant to dents and leaks and will not degrade in the weather.

32 Cubic Foot Shed

This Rubbermaid horizontal storage shed has the largest internal capacity of any shed discussed in this guide. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the 32 cubic foot shed has the capacity you need for just about any job. The grid floor keeps stored items in their places, and the molded grooves can accommodate a wooden shelf (bought separately). Fertilizer, grass seed, compost and any other stray item can be stored inside in an organized fashion. The shed is bound to get pretty heavy with all of your stuff inside, which is why the company has also designed a Rubbermaid cart which can be placed underneath for portability.

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