15 Adorable Tree Swing Ideas You’ll Love

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tree swing ideas

Feet off the ground and body balancing in the most relaxing of motions, something you can only experience in a tree swing.

No matter who you are, a simple swing attached to a tree limb can become a super-fun place to be. And if you have children, it becomes the go-to place to bond.

With our tree swing ideas below, you can enjoy that experience alone or with loved ones. More importantly, you’ll boost the place up with a unique yet practical addition like a tree swing.

Want to know the different ways you can bring a swing to life? Then check below!

15 Tree Swing Ideas for DIYers

Building a lovely place in your garden shouldn’t be much trouble. We want to make it easier with easy-to-do but still gorgeous ideas. Here’s what we found:

1. Wooden Chair in Shrub Garden

Wooden Chair in Shrub Garden

Most tree swings are simple planks attached with a rope from the sides. This is not necessarily an ugly thing, but it is nowhere as comfortable or good-looking as a wooden chair.

You can build one of these in a day or two. As simple as piecing together several planks, polishing the wood, and painting it with weatherproof layers should be enough to make it stand out.

The important part is to pick wood and ropes that resist the weight of the users. Once you have that ready, you’ll enjoy a hugely comfortable and beautiful area all around.  

2. Cage Swing with Petals

Cage Swing with Petals

Not the best swing mechanism, but adorable from start to end. This type of swing will probably break if an adult sits on it. But will work like a charm for babies and toddlers.

The purpose is to bring a beautiful crib-like area to the garden. It can also work entirely as an ornament, improving any garden’s appeal.

Regardless of how you use it, make it beautiful. If you want to build something more resistant that withstands an adult’s weight, use steel or rope walls. That should be enough to make it sturdy.

3. The Safety-First Toddler Swing

The Safety-First Toddler Swing

Parents care about their child’s safety. For that reason, building a swing that keeps the baby or toddler inside becomes an almost essential add-on to any family house garden.

The best about this kind of swing is not their safety, though, but how cool they look. The swing may even add a certain appeal to the place even if it isn’t used consistently.

Painted with the right colors and with enough accessories attached, tree swings can become the go-to place for parents to spend time with their toddlers. 

4. A Lonely Beach Palm Swing

A Lonely Beach Palm Swing

Let’s say you live close to a beach or lake. You spot a palm or similar tree growing close to the shore. What do you do?

In our case, we wouldn’t think twice before attaching a few ropes to the tree and then a small wooden table on the other end. This will make it an immediate adrenaline-boosting object to have.

Because you’re building it close to the beach or lake shore, using the swing will be a lot more pleasant (regardless of your age).

5. Colorful Crochet Swing

Colorful Crochet Swing

Specifically designed for babies and toddlers, crochet swings still make any moment surprisingly fun. The exciting part is how good-looking they are, especially considering you can use pretty much any color or design. 

If you aren’t too interested in crochet, this may seem like too much work. But even then, you can always find swings like these around. And if you don’t want to build or buy one, you can still pay someone to make it for you.

Despite all of that, crochet withstands most situations and can still last a lifetime if used safely and correctly. 

6. Wooden Swing with Log Structure 

Wooden Swing with Log Structure

A tree swing doesn’t have to be precisely mounted on a live tree. Instead, you can use logs for the structure, place it close to some trees, and feel the same.

Logs or trunks make for excellent swing structures because they can withstand a lot of weight. Just like a regular tree, they can easily carry hundreds of pounds without any problem.

The significant advantage, however, comes from their appearance. Regardless of what type of swing seat you’re using, the trunks add a rustic but minimalistic approach, making them hugely attractive. 

7. The Hammock Swing

The Hammock Swing

Some swings are for having fun. Others are for relaxing. A hammock swing is the latter, super-comfy and easy to install, ready to give you endless hours of slow-motion to relax you. 

These are often easy to make. In contrast with other types of swings, you don’t need to ensure much movement. As long as the swing stays attached to the tree and you can rock it softly, that should be enough.

Once it’s set up, you’ll have the most relaxing moments you ever experienced. And if you make it portable, then that can be pretty much anywhere with a tree. 

8. Rubber Baby Chair Tree Swing

Rubber Baby Chair Tree Swing

Have a few unused tires or rubber objects at home? Cut them up and create a rubber chair. Hang it on a tree, and voila! You have a tree swing for your baby or toddler.

Rubber is an incredible choice for swings because it withstands a lot of sun exposure and can handle tons of use. More importantly, it requires little to no effort to prepare.

Making it can be tricky, though. Considering how hard it is to cut rubber apart, it may take you a bit longer than you expect. But the results are worth it – so it’s an option you shouldn’t dismiss. 

9. Spider-Web Swing 

Spider-Web Swing

You will find this in many different places, especially playgrounds. But they’re popular for a reason: they are a lot of fun.

Perfect for children due to the elasticity and safety, a spider-web swing can be an excellent addition to your backyard. The interesting part is how easy they are to make. You just need a plastic or metal hoop, strong nylon cords for the web, and some knitting skills.

If you don’t feel like making one of these yourself, you’ll be happy to know they’re available pretty much in any playground shop.  

10. A Wicker Throne Swing for Patios

A Wicker Throne Swing for Patios

Wicker never disappoints. Whether it is for an enclosed patio or a poolside arearattan chairs can become anyone’s favorite furniture. And when paired up with a swing mechanism, they become a must-have.

We recommend hanging one on your favorite and tallest tree. Place a cushion as support, and just start swinging around.

The advantage of wicker is how durable it is. Regardless of weather conditions, it will stay almost unfazed. And because it is generally affordable, you won’t have to spend much on a chair like this.

11. The Leather Horse Swing

The Leather Horse Swing

Everyone loves horses. Especially when they look unique and comfortable – like a horse made of leather.

You can make one of these from rubber as well. There’s an endless array of different things you can make with rubber and leather objects you don’t use anymore. A horse-shaped swing is one of those. 

If you’re skilled with handwork and can come up with something sufficiently attractive, it can become the favorite’s swing of your toddler. 

12. Knitted Rope Mini Swing

Knitted Rope Mini Swing

Swings don’t have to be for constant swinging. Instead, they can work as mere chairs, ideal for sitting and relaxing. 

An entirely knitted swing can be one of those. Boasting some classical shapes and with a stunning array of materials, it can be an exciting addition to any patio tree.

These swings are often cheap as well. And what’s even better, you can build one in just a few days of knitting (if you have the skills). So there’s nothing to lose with one of these.

13. Truck Tire Swing 

Truck Tire Swing

It doesn’t have a small swing on your backyard’s tree. Instead, you can find something large to hold at least two kids, so it offers twice as much fun.

A truck or tractor tire, for example, can be an excellent choice as the swing chair. You will need to cut and shape the tire, of course. This could be a lot of work and time – but entirely worth it.

Children will love something unique and massively fun as this at home. Paired up with steel cables to withstand the weight, a swing like this should become an exciting project to take on. 

14. Wicker Nest Swing 

Wicker Nest Swing

Once again, with wickerwork, we now find a different approach. A bird’s net shape with some fluffy cushions inside could make for an unbeatably comfortable place to rest.

The advantage of wickerwork in shape like this is the freshness. You can use one of these for your summer house close to the lake or beach. It will leave a lot of air to go through while still preventing any sun from burning your skin.

What sets it apart is that you can build one for adults or children alike. And regardless of the user you have in mind, it will perform amazingly nonetheless. 

15. Park Bench Swing Set

Park Bench Swing Set

Why build a swing for 1 or 2 people when you can make one for several? That’s where a park bench swing comes into work.

Benches large enough to host 3 people or more can be an exquisite addition to any backyard tree. They don’t only become a place to spend some time alone and relax, but also a place to have conversations and spend some time with friends or family.

Benches like this can be made of wood, metal, or even plastic. Either way, they are never disappointing, as the space and fun they offer are next to none. 


Believe us when we say that a tree swing can change your patio’s without even trying. That’s why we encourage you to find the idea that best meets your demands.

With our tree swing ideas, you’ll have tons of options to take inspiration from. As long as you put in the work and time, building that tree swing won’t be a problem – and it will change your backyard forever. 

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