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Solar Yard Lighting


Solar yard lights are designed with ease of use in mind. Unlike wired lights which can require the work of an electrician to install, …

Decorative Driveway Lighting


Driveway lighting solves this problem by accenting the edges of your driveway with lights which turn on at night. The key to a beautiful home…

Guide to Solar Patio Lighting


Transforming a patio from a dark and dreary atmosphere into a well-lit haven is easily done using solar patio lighting. Patio lighting is not…

tiki torches

Ultimate Guide to Tiki Torches


Tiki torches are practical and functional. They use real flames for illumination and have a fuel reservoir hidden inside a decorative casing. A wick soaks…

Beautiful garden night lighting scene in butchart gardens, victoria, british columbia, canada.

Garden Lighting Design Ideas


Welcome to our complete garden lighting design ideas guide. Most people who own a garden take pride in its beauty, often accenting plants and…