The Tranquility Of A Solar Water Fountain

Solar Water Fountain

Typically, the installation of an outdoor fountain requires extensive planning, money and time. People looking for an alternative often purchase a solar water fountain instead. Solar water fountains are ready to use out of the box after some minor assembly. The key to their ease of use is in the solar panel. This special panel uses solar energy to power a water pump which sends water cascading down the fountain's path. The path of the water depends entirely on the unique design of the fountain. Designs can vary widely in styles and colors, and chances are you will be able to find a solar powered water fountain for your taste.

How Does The Solar Technology Work?

These fountains use a small solar panel which provides the electricity needed to power the water pump. One downside to this is that the fountain will not operate at night or on cloudy days. If the sunlight is diminished, the pump will slow down or stop completely. Some fountains come with an AC power adapter that you can use for a constant stream of power in these circumstances. Typically, the user will place their fountain at the desired location and then stake the solar panel into the ground in a sunny area. Solar powered pond pumps are generally less powerful than their wall-powered counterparts, but can produce enough water flow for an impressive display. You can determine how fast the water will flow by looking at the GPM (gallons per minute) rating of the motor.


Solar water fountains can be exceptionally beautiful in design, ranging from large bowls with airborne water streams to tiered terra cotta pots. Tiered models have a series of pots or bowls with spouts on the ends. The water flows down each one until reaching the largest pot at the bottom. The water pump then sucks up the water and sends it to the top one, completing the endless cycle. fountains with a vertical spray are quite impressive in appearance and make a distinct splashing noise. Whether you like the look of rustic Indian pottery or mosaic designs, solar water deliver endless design options to compliment your yard.

Solar Water Fountain Kits

If you can't quite find the right fountain for your yard, consider building your own fountain from a kit. Just about any container such as a pot or old bird bath can be turned into a solar water fountain. Buying a kit can make the process a whole lot easier. Many kits come with everything you need to make a functioning fountain. This includes the pump, solar panel, hardware and wiring. The simplest way to create a working fountain is to take a vertical spraying pump and place it in the center of a large pot or bowl.

Floating Solar Fountain

One quite interesting take on a solar fountain are the ones that float on water. Often shaped in the form of a lily pad, these fountains float atop your pool or pond and spray water into the air. Once in the water, the fountain can stay there indefinitely (except in below freezing temperatures).

Solar Water Fountain


Product Highlights:

Duo Cascading Solar Fountain – Blue

This model is a tiered cascading fountain, featuring two rows of flowing water down a series of pots. The pots have been fired with an appealing green color that is very Earthy in feel. At the top is a pot with two spouts. Each spots sends water down a row of three pots which gather in a large collection pot at the bottom. The solar panel can be placed up to 10 feet away thanks to the extra long cord. An AC adapter is included to power the unit when the sun doesn't shine.

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