Wood Storage in a Fireplace Log Holder

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Firewood is an essential part of many people’s lives, providing much needed heat in the wintertime. For these people, a large outdoor firewood rack is needed. However, not everyone needs such a large amount of wood. Most city dwellers just need to keep enough wood on hand to light their fireplaces on cold winter’s nights. For maximum convenience, a fireplace log holder can be used. These compact racks store a modest amount of wood to keep right by the fireplace. Logs can be safely stored near the fireplace and used as needed. Small loads of logs in the home are far less prone to attracting bugs and becoming a fire hazard. These charming little log holders come in different styles and colors to match the decor of your home. Logs are stacked in a uniform fashion on these holders to keep them from rolling around.

Log Holder Designs and Styles

Fireplace Log Holder

Many manufacturers like Uniflame and Landmann have created some exquisitely styled fireplace log holders for consumers to use. Styles can range widely from ultra modern to natural polished wood. The steel models are some of the strongest available and are coated with protective paint to prevent rusting. The paint used on metal log holders can come in many colors and textures to add depth and dimension. Stainless steel fireplace log holders are quite modern in design and have the added benefit of being rust-proof. If rustic is your style, there are many options for you. Since these storage tools are intended to be used in a homely atmosphere, many of them are rustically styled with accentuating curves and textured paint. If you have a strong connection with the Earth, a firewood holder made of wood is the perfect choice.

A fireplace log holder can not only range in style but physical design too. The most commonly used holders are the half-circle varieties. These holders are shaped in the form of a half circle that holds the logs just like a carriage holds a baby. Each end is open, allowing users to pull the logs out without lifting too much. Some varieties have a full circle, and are called log loops. The loops allow the logs to be stacked higher up because the loop holds them in securely. If you happen to chop your own wood or keep a supply out in the backyard, a fireplace log holder with a canvas carrier may be the best choice for you. A canvas carrier allows you to load up multiple logs at a time and carry them to your log holder in the house. Canvas carriers have two handles that prevent you from getting splinters. Simply set the filled carrier into your holder to re-load it.

Measuring the Holder

Since most manufacturers provide measurements on their log holder products, users can easily gauge which one will suit them best. Simply make a pile of the amount of wood you want to use, measure it on all sides, and compare the results with the fireplace log holders you find. This ensures that the holder has the capacity you desire. Stacks of split logs are typically measures in “cords”, but since the fireplace holders are so small compared to the outdoor versions, this measurement wouldn’t be practical.

Settling In

After your holder is safe at home, there are several things you can do to break it in. If you have wood flooring and your holder does not have pads on the feet, it is suggested that you place a small rug on the floor underneath it. Even when careful, a log rack can slide and scratch the floor when loading and unloading logs. The holder should not be placed close enough to the fireplace as to cause a fire hazard. These racks work well when placed with your set of fireplace tools if you have them. They can also be worked in as decorative furniture pieces if they match your surrounding decor.

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