Lifetime Plastic Sheds For Your yard

Plastic ShedsPlastic sheds such as those from Lifetime are superior to wood and metal sheds in several ways. They require no maintenance and will never rust or be eaten away by termites. Plastic sheds are shipped in modular pieces and snap together with minimal hardware. These sturdy sheds come in many sizes and are extremely versatile. Lifetime offers the following information about their sheds:

Visual Appeal

Lifetime sheds defy the common stereotype that plastic sheds are not visually appealing. Lifetime takes great care to make sure that their sheds exhibit beauty as well as strength. For example, many of their models use side panels which have simulated wood grain texture. They also use roofing panels which look like real shingles and come in many natural colors. The sheds have perfectly coordinated color schemes which use contrasting colors on the doors, walls, roofing, windows and trim.

Durable Construction

Lifetime plastic sheds use a special type of plastic called HDPE, which is an abbreviation for high density polyethylene. With extreme strength and no maintenance required, this material is the ideal choice for use in plastic sheds. Unlike wood which needs constant maintenance and re-sealing, HDPE needs none. Metal sheds are equally annoying, succumbing to dents, rust and lack of durability. HDPE is also stronger than vinyl, a plastic used by some other shed brands.


Lifetime sheds with windows have shatterproof panes as well as skylights. They are also equipped with a battery powered light for night time access. Vents throughout the shed allow heat to escape yet keep bugs out through the use of a protective screen. Ample headroom is provided by the steeply angled roofs, and the wide door openings allow all sorts of tools and supplies to be stored without hassle.


Lifetime plastic sheds come in sizes to suit anyone’s needs. Whether you need a small walk-in or enough room for a small workshop, these plastic storage sheds have you covered. Expansion kits are available to extend any of their sheds to a customized size. Accessories like shelves and peg slots are also available.

Only simple tools are needed to assemble a Lifetime plastic shed. The first step is to place the shed floor on a level surface such as a concrete slab. Then, each of the walls is snapped into the floor and the windows are installed. After installing the door, the roof trusses are put into place, as well as the skylight(s) and roofing panels. Shelves and accessories are installed last. The assembly only requires a small power screwdriver. The galvanized hardware and snap-together panels create a sturdy and reinforced structure that can withstand rain, wind and snow. Lifetime includes a step-by-step instruction booklet so you never get confused.

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