Firewood Storage Rack Organizers

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Firewood storage rack range in size from small fireplace racks to large units capable of storing enough wood for an entire season. Racks such as these do a lot more than just organize the wood- they keep it off the ground to prevent infestation from bugs and degradation from moisture. Typically made of a sturdy metal frame, these storage units are placed up against a wall outside the home. Some of the smaller units are kept indoors next to the fireplace where they are needed most. Kits are available which allow people to make their own rack to the exact dimensions that they define. Whether you are a casual or consistent wood burner,  there is a wood rack out there that is just the right size and shape for your needs.

Materials Used in a Firewood Storage Rack

Firewood Storage Rack

Since these racks need to hold several hundred pounds of wood at a time, they are made to be strong and durable. Tubular steel is commonly used in the construction of these racks, and is coated with protective paint to prevent rust. For those who like a more natural look, some racks are made from wood such as pine. Both are effective but the metal ones generally have a larger capacity.

The most basic design consists of a raised platform with a retaining wall on each side. Logs, split or whole, are stacked row after row onto the bottom platform. As the logs increase in height, the retaining walls on either side keep them contained. Stacking them one layer at a a time is the most effective way to fit as many logs as possible into the given space.

Wood Protection

The bottom platform is raised as to keep the wood away from pests and water. If simply piled onto the ground, the wood could very  well start to degrade and rot from moisture exposure. Also, pests like rats and termites like to hide and dwell within piles of wood. Keeping the wood on a rack ensures that the wood remains burnable and does not hide any unwanted surprises when handled. Due to the cleanliness of racked wood storage, they can be kept right up against the side of the house.

Protective Covers

A protective cover can be a welcome addition to a firewood storage rack because it keeps the wood safe from rain. Also, a cover can keep falling objects like leaves from muddying up the wood. A simple fabric cover placed over the top can mean the difference between soggy wood and burnable wood. Some racks come with custom covers right in the box.

Indoor Firewood Storage Rack

An indoor wood rack can keep a small supply of firewood ready for the fireplace. These small units can hold several wood logs at a time, keeping them near the fireplace and eliminating a trip outside. Many are quite decorative and can be a welcome showpiece in the living room.

Firewood Holder

Log Rack

Log Holder

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