Essential Things To Look For When Buying Outdoor Misting Fans

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Essential Things To Look For When Buying Outdoor Misting Fans

Outdoor Misting Fans

The extremely hot weather during the summer months makes being outside uncomfortable. A solution is to think about buying an outdoor misting fan.

These cool down the atmosphere in your yard, thus providing you with a much cooler environment. Really, in order to cool down your yard all you need to do is spray a misty film through the air.

You will be amazed at how quickly the temperature drops. 

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Judging the Quality

Just like acquiring any merchandise, excellent quality is imperative.

Numerous models of misting fans are available, so getting the best quality unit should not be an issue as long as you know what to look.

Do proper research before buying, the internet offers plenty of information. A quality fan will definitely be more durable and save you the trouble of constant repairs and part replacement.

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Size and Effectiveness

outdoor misting fan

In addition to quality, think about the size of the fan.

Your selection will depending on the size the exterior area you want to cover.

Again, there is a large variety of sizes to choose from, so if you are having difficulties picking, then speak to your dealer. These units are powered by electricity, so make sure to ask about its power requirements before buying.

As well, you should think about how much noise the fan will make, mist distribution per certain amount of water, the style and how easy it is to operate.

Hours of Use

If you are thinking about getting a portable fan, then be sure that it can operate for several hours without having any over-heating issues.

They generally have a tank that can hold over 35 liters which means they are capable of operating for many hours without needing more water. An excellent fan should include a wheel lock for safety and stability.

When it comes to safety, the fan should also include a built-in circuit breaker that will turn off the unit during power surges.


Last, think about the unit’s cost before buying it.

When looking around for the best value, make sure not to make the error of settling on quality. Nowadays, you can get misting fans and their accessories on the internet at competitive costs.

All you have to do is know your requirements, compare models and costs and put in your order.

A misting fan can be wonderful for cooling off your exterior air temperatures throughout the hot summer season.

You can use this unit to cool off from the scorching summer sun by cooling your yard or deck from 20 to 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Nonetheless, just like any other purchase, there are things to think about before you buy.

By keeping these four essentials in mind, you will be able to buy the perfect fan that will keep you cool all summer long.

Learn How To Use An Outdoor Misting Fan For A Cooler Backyard

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Making a backyard or patio cool enough to enjoy is simple when using an outdoor misting fan.

Cooling the inside of a home is as simple as flipping a switch on the AC unit. Cooling the outside of a home is a bit trickier.

One option is to use a large, bulky evaporation cooler, but these units are expensive and are energy hogs.

Outdoor misting fans are a better choice because they are lightweight, economical and effective.

These devices work just like any other fan except that they are equipped with special spray nozzles that release mist in front of the air flow. The mist travels through the air, coming in contact with people nearby.

As the water travels through the air at high speed, it drops in temperature, cooling the skin on contact.

Fan Spray Nozzles

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The secret behind the cooling power of these fans is in the spray nozzles.

Small spray nozzles attached to the front of the fan emit mist which is propelled by the air current.

These fans have a leader hose which connects directly with your garden hose. Upon turning on the hose pressure, mist will start coming out the fan.

The more nozzles the fan has, the more mist will come out.

The intensity of the spray can be controlled by adjusting the water pressure at your spigot.

Many of these fans have the option of turning off the spray feature while the fan is operating, sending out only air. The amount of cooling that a fan can achieve is measured in BTU’s (British Thermal Unit).

A higher rating reflects a greater effectiveness at cooling.

If you already have an outdoor fan, you are in luck.

There are spray kits available that can convert your regular fan into an outdoor misting fan in minutes. The kit consists of several clip-on nozzles and a leader hose.

Maximizing Cooling

Some fans are better at cooling than others. Extra features play a large role in this. For example, a large diameter fan blade will be able to cycle a larger volume of air than a smaller one.

If you plan on cooling a large area, a large diameter blade is a must. Also, some models have a rotating fan head which allows the air current to be directed across a wide area.

Different speed settings allow for complete control of the airspeed, adapting to different temperatures throughout the day.

For floor models, an adjustable height stand is a must.

With an adjustable stand, the fan can change heights to suit different applications. For example, a gardener working on the ground can set it to a low position.

People sitting on a tall bistro set can set the stand to a higher position.

For large area coverage, a ceiling or wall mount is recommended.

These fans mount to a wall or ceiling to achieve a high vantage point. In this position, complete coverage can be assured.

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