Economical Shading Solutions With Patio Shades

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Many pro-active home owners are using outdoor patio shades of all types to keep the sun at bay. Nothing is more annoying than having the bright sun glare into your eyes when enjoying your outdoor space. Watching the kids play, reading a book, dining and conversing can all be disrupted by the hot sun. Consumers are no longer limited by the shape, design or style of these shades, because there is such a large selection on the market. You can find high quality outdoor shading to fit your budget. Style doesn’t have to be sacrificed, either. A treasure trove of fabrics and patterns are used in their construction. When applied to a stylish painted frame, the shade not only shields you from the sun but matches the décor and style of your home. A certain outdoor furniture style can easily be matched to a shade to compliment the area perfectly.

A large variety of shading options are available – ranging from hanging sun shields to motorized retractable shades. Most of us are limited by our budget and the amount of space available, which makes finding the right shade all that more important. You may feel that the space around your home just isn’t compatible or can’t accommodate a shade, but take comfort in the fact that there are many models that can be installed just about anywhere. Shade units can be installed on porches, walls, awnings, windows and more. Installation ranges from simply turning a few screws to drilling mounts into a wall. Chances are there is a unit that can fit within your technical expertise, your budget and shading needs. Most manufacturers use weather resistant materials in the construction that can last for years. Complex patterns, designs and color combinations can be made out of high quality materials which last a long while.

Economic Solution

patio shades
     Outdoor Blinds

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days, and saving power is a high priority for many home owners. Shades installed onto windows can be great at reflecting/absorbing heat to save energy costs. A cooler home can be maintained with less air conditioning use. Brighter shades are better at reflecting light than darker ones. Other methods of outdoor cooling are available, and include devices like misters and evaporative coolers, but can be a lot more costly than a shade. A patio sun shade has no long term energy or water bill costs like some other methods do.

Types Of Shades

Let’s talk about the different types of patio shades available. The first type is the awning variety. An awning usually attaches to the side of your house on the wall. The frame is mounted to the wall through a set of drilled holes. If the shade is retractable, it can be folded up or down as needed. During morning or night you can retract the shade to experience the open sky. When the sun comes out, the shade can be folded back out. Awnings are designed to be stylish and not be an eyesore when attached to your home. Styles and colors can be selected to fit in with your current outdoor scheme. An awning is either collapsed/retracted using a twist bar or an electric motor. Manual operation is actually quite simple and easy, but for maximum convenience the motor assisted units can be used. Expect to spend more money on the motorized ones, however.

Finding The Right Placement

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    Awning Shade

As far as placement goes, you will be limited to your home’s walls. A deck canopy provides great coverage to sitting/dining areas that are near your home. Placing an awning over your arcadia door can help block sun from coming into your house, too. If you have sitting area you wish to cover, measure the width and depth of the area to get an idea of the awning size you will need. Keep in mind that the sun will change direction over the course of the day, so you may want to get a shade that is slightly bigger than the space you wish to protect. Placing the shades above your patio sets can create a cool place to sit and dine.  Now you can enjoy and make use of your backyard without excessive sun glare.


Roller shades come in all sizes and can be hung anywhere. Several varieties exist, including the solar screen. Solar shade screens can be placed on windows to block out bright sunlight and heat. A small bedroom can quickly become hot without proper window shading. A solar shade absorbs the heat and keeps harmful UV rays out. You will be able to enjoy daylight but without the harshness. Don’t forget your doors, either. Patio door shades keep the heat out too, if you have a door window that needs coverage.

Outdoor screens are commonly hung from patios to block out the sun from a particular direction. They can be rolled up/down as needed and are quite effective at providing a cooler atmosphere. These shades can be cut or bought to width and length. For maximum effectiveness, get a shade that hangs all the way to the ground to accommodate different sun angles. Your entire patio can be enclosed in a protective barrier provided by roller shades. This is also a great privacy shield and helps keep out flies. Close the shades for a private sanctuary and enjoy the peace of the outdoors.

patio shades
     Patio Umbrella

Woven nylon is probably the most common material used in roller shade construction. Nylon is very durable and weather resistant. You can expect several years of reliable use if cared for properly. Keep the shade clean and free of dirt. The most common cause for damage I have seen is when people leave their shades down in strong winds. Wind can throw the shade around and smack it into your house, damaging the shade and your home. A tattered shade is a worthless shade. Most have a bottom metal or plastic bar that is used for weight or reinforcement. If this snaps, it will make the shade difficult to use. A smaller type of patio shade is on the market that can be hung on one hook and moved around. Use these varieties if you need to fulfill a quick shade need. A movable shade means you can get coverage in more than one area and don’t need to buy multiple units.

Patio shades make an otherwise unpleasant outdoor environment into a cool, usable area. Dine, converse or play without harsh sun in your eyes. The flexibility and large design choice of these patio sun shades makes them a great choice for people of all needs. If you are interested in saving money on your energy bill, consider installing roman shades indoors to keep the heat out.


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