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Outdoor bar stools provide durable seating for both portable and fixed patio bars. Their shape and height is designed to position the user at just the right position for bar use. Usually sol in sets of two, an outdoor bar stool can come in any color to match your outdoor bar. These stools are different from the ones used at an indoor breakfast bar in that they are designed to withstand weather conditions. Rain, sunlight and pests are no match for the various materials used in outdoor stools.

Wood outdoor bar stools incorporate all-weather hardwoods such as eucalyptus and teak. Woods typically need regular oiling, but this is not necessary for this kind of bar stool wood. While you can oil the chair to maintain its color, letting it go will result in a grayish color with decorative cracks.

Metal versions utilize aluminum and steel. Aluminum bar stools do not need any paint because they don’t rust. As a result, you get a silvery colored modern looking bar stool. Steel on the other hand requires paint to be useable outdoors. This is positive in that the chair can be featured in any color, including black.

Both indoor and outdoor bar stools share common traits which give them definition as outdoor bar furniture. For one, these stools are taller than your normal chair. This is because permanent and portable bar counters are quite high, even for ones that consumers can buy. Almost every bar stool has a foot rest on the front, since it would be difficult for your feet to reach the ground comfortably. Bar stools can either be backed or backless, with the outdoor varieties having small slat to allow water to drain through. Armrests are also seen on some models.

Outdoor Bar Stools
Here is a delightful permanent outdoor bar with metal chairs.
An outdoor rattan bar stool with cushion.

Swivel equipped bar stools offer additional comfort and convenience by allowing you to turn side to side without twisting your back. Also, the swivel motion can be used to enter and exit the stool without sliding it across the floor. It is mostly the metal stools which feature this technology.

To accommodate extra party guests in a pinch, bar owners can employ folding bar stools to save space in the down time. Folding stools have hinges which allow them to shape-shift into a small profile which can be leaned or stacked. Store the stools in a shed or garage until they are needed next time. While you could use indoor stools in a pinch, using outdoor stools is best for patio use.

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