Portable Bar

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When you are serving drinks to your guests, the last thing you want is to run into the kitchen for supplies. Portable bars keep the conversation flowing by keeping every wine bottle and accessory within arm’s length. A portable bar is not limited to any strict location because it has wheels on the bottom. Heavy duty locking caster wheels on every portable bar allow the unit to easily slide anywhere in the home, indoors or out. The casters lock into place once in position in order to maintain a steady surface for dining and conversing. While smaller than a permanent bar, these bars have a charming aspect to them which is sure to receive all the compliments of the party.

Portable Bar
A durable resin bar with caster wheels.

Crafted from sturdy hardwoods and colored in any hue, the exterior of portable bars is both functional and trendy. Saving space is what a portable bar is all about. On the server’s side of the bar is a series of cabinets and drawers which can store wine bottles and any needed accessories. Some models are large enough to accommodate a small wine cooler behind the cabinet. Smaller units can store quick-chill wine units with ease. For safety and security, many bar cabinets are lockable, keeping the wine bottles out of children’s hands. Multi-purpose drawers are well suited for small items like bottle openers, napkins and silverware.

Portable Bar
A very nice metal bar set. Courtesy http://decorironworksinc.com/miscellaneous.htm

Portable bars show off a wide variety of wood stains and colors. Matching these colors with bars stools is essential in maintaining a distinct style. Some bar units do come with stools, but if you need more you’ll need to go searching. Stools come in even more varieties than the bars, so finding a good match should not pose much of a problem.

If desired, a portable bar can easily serve as a kitchen island when it’s not being used to serve drinks. The sealed table tops are resistant to drink and food contact and can be cleaned up in a flash. The underside storage compartments can be employed for extra dish and pot storage. Silverware fits nicely into the drawers.

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