Hammock Chair Styles and Mounting Methods

Hammock ChairPerhaps the most comfortable outdoor chair is known as the hammock chair. It hangs from virtually any solid structure and suspends the body in the air. Learn how to hang one yourself as well as what different styles are available.

Hanging Method 1: Freestyle

Your typical hammock chair has a bracer bar at the top which has two cords connected to it on either end. The cords come together at a single point (a metal loop) which can then be hung from a patio awning. Most awnings have several columns which support a wooden overhang from where the hammock chair swing can be hung. An industrial hook can be screwed into any solid wood structure in the area. After drilling an appropriate pilot hole, the screw can be screwed in by hand. Additional leverage can be acquired by placing a long screwdriver through the hook loop and twisting. For best results, use a swivel clasp between the hammock and the hook so that the chair can spin around without twisting the cable. Hammock chairs can also me mounted to tree limbs.

Hanging Method 2: Free Standing Mount

If you do not want your hammock chair to be limited to a single location, place it on a free standing metal mount. These mounts are not fixed to the ground and can be moved from place to place. Some have wheels which make transport even easier. A typical hammock chair stand has an “X” shaped base which supports a “C” shaped overhead support. The support suspends the hammock chair in the air in the middle of open space. The powder coated steel frames add durability and water proofing.

Hammock ChairStyle 1:  Cotton

This style of hammock chair is crafted from pure cotton and a wooden bracer bar. Most can support up to 200 pounds. One benefit of a cotton chair is the airiness of the mesh design. Air passes through the cotton rope to cool the user as they sit. They do come with some downsides, however. Since they lack much structural support, some users complain that the rope restricts their bodies and pressed against their ides. Also, the white cotton rope is difficult to keep clean and retains a lot of water.


Hammock ChairStyle 2:  Padding with Rope

With pads supported by rope eon the sides, this style of hammock chair swing offers more support. The relatively rigid seat maintains most of its shape when a user sits on it. The seat section can be made of weather resistant PVC or polyester and colored in any number of patterns. The weight limit for such models is generally greater than a basic cotton hammock.


Hammock ChairStyle 3:  Sling Style

Sling style hammock chairs have more than one bracer bar and provide the greatest support. They maintain their shape quite well and will not restrict or compress the body. Sling chairs have a series of fabric canvases which are suspended from wooden bars. Many have foot rests which hang in front of the chair. Even so, you still only need one mounting point to hang it.



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