Variations In A Folding Beach Chair

A day at the beach usually consists of soaking up some warm sun, taking a dip in the water and building sand castles. In between activities, it helps to have a Folding Beach Chaircomfortable place to sit down and relax. Instead of sitting on the hot sand, you can bring along a set of folding beach chair for you and your friends. Beach chairs that fold up can be easily transported from place to place, especially if they have a carrying handle or backpack case. Beach chairs like these come in several different types, ranging from regular chairs and chaises to ones in kid's sizes. On the higher end are the "zero gravity" models that support users on a bungee suspension system for maximum comfort. Some folding beach chairs can be adjusted at the back and/or leg sections to sit upright or in the case of chaise lounges, lie back completely. Beach chairs are an exceptional way to enjoy the outdoors. Let's take a look at some of the different models available.

Folding Beach Chair Chaise

Chaise beach chairs defy convention to provide a supremely comfortable way to enjoy the beach. Unlike standard beach chaise, the chaise varieties allow user to lie back completely flat if desired. Most offer adjustable back and leg sections to customize the experience. The backing is made from durable, fade-resistant fabric that suspends the user while reducing pressure points. If you like to tan in the sun, a chaise folding beach chair  is the best choice. Supported by a durable tubular frame, this folding lounge chair can be set up basically anywhere, including on the sand. They usually come in a variety of bright and bold colors, each of which can be assigned to a different member of your family. Being able to lie back like you're  in your own bed is an experience that can't be beat. Leave that heavy teak chaise lounge at home and bring along your lightweight folding model!

Zero-Gravity Beach Chair

What makes zero gravity beach chairs so special is the way the backing is supported on the frame. The mesh backing is attached to the metal frame with bungee-like rope which stretches during use and recoils afterward. This suspension system allows the back to flex when weight is applied, effectively adding comfort and reducing points of pressure on the body. Most models take on the "chaise" style of full-length body support and adjustable sections. While on the more expensive side, users can expect to receive extras like neck pillows, padded arm rests and shoulder carrying cases. Sitting on a zero gravity folding beach chair feels like you're really floating on air. While other people at the beach are sitting on towels, you'll be chilling in comfort.

Kids Beach Chair

If you're bringing the little ones to the beach, it makes sense to provide them with a chair that fits their stature. Folding beach chairs do come in children sizes which are just as comfortable as the big ones. Many models come with a carrying case so they can carry around their own chair, taking some of the load off the adults. Unfolding the chair is as simple as pulling the sections apart. Some companies ensure that there are no "pinch points" where a child could accidentally pinch their finger while opening or closing the chair. In addition, many kid-style beach chairs include an umbrella to help keep harsh UV rays off of the child's sensitive skin. A built-in zipper pouch is also a handy addition and provides a place for children to store their small items and toys.

Classic Beach Outdoor Folding Chairs

Last but not least is the classic folding beach chair. These models are often not able to be adjusted but instead fold out into a set position. If your needs are basic or your budget is tight, a set of standard folding beach chairs is often the most ideal solution. Rigid and sturdy, these chairs are composed of only two to four moving parts, reducing the chances of a break down. The lack of extra features makes these classic very lightweight, allowing a single person to carry multiple units at one time. You can expect to find these models in a variety of bright, sunny colors.

Whether you choose a folding lounge chair or an elaborate zero-gravity model, beach chairs can provide the comfort you need to enjoy your trip at the beach.

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