Rope And Cushion Hanging Chairs

When you get tired of that uncomfortable plastic patio chair, then it’s time to switch to something more substantial. Cushioned chairs can feature some really comfortable pads, but nothing compares to a hanging chair. Hanging chairs make you feel like you’re floating on air, contouring to your every curve and taking the pressure off your body. Hanging hammock and rope chairs are especially good at doing this. These chairs hang from a rope or chain on your porch (although you can use them as an indoor hanging chair as well). When hung from a solid mount such as a wood beam, these chairs can support full sized adults. Comfort and style go hand-in-hand with these chairs because they have such a distinct charm and unique look.

Hanging ChairsHanging Rope Chair

Rope chairs are usually made from spun cotton rope linked together into a durable mesh. Unlike rigid chairs, this rope mesh material can stretch out so you can even lie back and take a nap. The mesh design allows air to flow freely through the openings, keeping you cool even on a hot summer’s day. A retainer bar sits above your head to keep the mesh open, preventing it from enclosing and restricting the occupants. The bar connects directly to the ceiling to a wood beam or stud. Studs can easily be found using a stud finder. A hole must be drilled for a loop screw to be inserted from which the chair will hang from. This hardware is usually included when you purchase the swinging chair. If installation isn’t your thing, free standing mounts are available for the chair to hang from. These mounts can be moved around the yard, too.

Hanging ChairsHanging Cushion Chair

A happy medium between a conventional and hanging chair, these cushion chairs have padding which forms a seat-like shape. The chair maintains a seat shape which in many ways makes it easier to get into. Reading and holding drinks becomes a lot easier with this more rigid design. Just like the rope chair, this cushion chair allows users to swing back and forth. Comfy foam or cotton fills the seat cushions, providing a super soft floating-on-air experience. They can be safely mounted on trees, patios or ceilings or a free standing mount. Some of the more elaborate models feature leather chair cushions. Both the padding and rope comes in a variety of designs and textures. I don’t think there’s any better way to sit outside and enjoy a spring day than with a patio furniture swing.

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