Brinkmann Gas Grill

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The company known as Brinkman, sometimes misspelled as “Brinkmann”, is the manufacturer of many types of outdoor cooking tools. They craft a wide array of reliable grills, smokers, fryers and accessories to suit.

They make large and substantial outdoor gas grills that have ample cooking space, heat control, storage compartments, multiple burners, and a classic exterior style. Consumers can liken these grills to the professional ones that chefs use across the country.

Brinkmann Gas Grill

The Pro Series Brinkmann gas grill is the company’s most advanced model. If cooking for large groups is anticipated, then the Pro Series will most definitely deliver. Cooking for lots of people requires a lot more than a large cooking area alone (this series gives you 675 square inches of cooking space).

In addition to the large grilling surface, the Pro Series has four regular burners which heat at 48,000 BTU. You also get the advantage of having a 12000 BTU side burner and a 10000 BTU rotisserie burner. The burners work in conjunction with the main grilling surface to cook sauces, vegetables and other side items while the meat cooks.

Another Brinkman gas grill is features in a bold red exterior and has 5 burners instead of 4. The maximum cooking temperature is upgraded to a whopping 60000 BTU.

Even with this immense amount of power, users are still in control when using the temperature dials. The burner temperature can be switched from gentle heating to super hot searing in moments.

Brinkmann Gas Grill
An older Brinkmann gas grill / smoker combo. Courtesy http://www.flickr.com/photos/7365565@N03/423539789

All Brinkmann gas grills have a ceramic coated non-stick grilling surface which is easy to clean. The grates are actually removable for easy cleaning. The exterior of these Brinkman gas grills should be cleaned using a damp cloth. Accessories for cleaning and cooking can be stored within the bottom storage compartments.

The side tables on the Brinkmann grill line have the purpose of holding food and accessories while you go about your business. Bowls of sauce can be mixed, seasonings can be applied, and meats can be basted all on the level surface of the side table.

Brinkmann Gas Grill
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Brinkmann also has an all-in-one device which functions as a smoker and grill. It looks just like a regular smoker, except that it has the ability to raise the charcoal up in the chamber to create a grilling environment.

They also have an electric model that can grill, fry, and smoke, as well as use charcoal when desired. However, the frying mode is not available with charcoal, only when using gas or electricity.

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