All About the Worx GT String Trimmer

Worx GTThe Worx GT is more than just a weed eater. In fact, it can quickly convert between a conventional weed eater and a walk-behind edger.

The Worx GT is incredibly lightweight yet powerful. The secret behind its power lies in the lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack.

This pack delivers the power needed to cut through brush of all thicknesses, as well as last long enough to get the job done. Check out the features of these Worx tools below.

Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Unlike some wireless tools which use NiCD battery packs, the Worx GT utilizes a lightweight lithium-ion pack.

Lithium-ion batteries are capable of delivering near-full power during the entire work session, failing only after they have completely expelled all of their energy.

Older NiCD batteries start losing power as soon as you start draining them.

Another advantage to the Worx GT’s lithium pack is that it does not have a “memory”, meaning that its maximum recharge capacity will never change.

The pack itself is extremely lightweight and is mounted just underneath the handle. Pop it onto the charger for a quick 3-5 hour charge time. Worx has two GT models- 18V and 24V, the latter of which is more powerful.

Two Tools in One

In trimmer mode, the Worx GT is used just like any string trimmer.

A flower guard at the front allows for use around delicate areas and is fully retractable. One press of the quick-release button and the Worx GT turns into a walk-behind rolling edger.

The cutting head rolls on its side along the edges of your lawn, creating straight and professional edges.

The wheels are designed to roll on hard surfaces such as brick pavers or concrete sidewalk.

Comfort and Storage

The Worx trimmer has a telescopic shaft which accommodates people of all heights. Both handles are designed to be comfortable in the hands.

The entire tool weighs 5.3 pounds and is easy to maneuver for long periods of time.

When you’re done, the Worx GT collapses for easy storage in the garage or shed.

String Line

This tool has an automatic line feeder which keeps the string at the proper length at all times. New spools can be quickly interchanged without the need for tools.

In addition, Worx will provide you with free spool replacements for the life of the tool. Just pay for shipping and handling.

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