Top 11 Hanging Chair Ideas You’ve Never Seen Before

Nurture your outdoor space into a more inviting sanctuary of rest with an outdoor hanging chair.

Of course, welcoming guests to a creative, beautiful outdoor space is every nature-loving-host’s dream, but managing to come up with creative, appealing ideas like a suitable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing hanging chair can be challenging.

When the temperature’s just right, outdoor time can be spent lounging, watching the kids play or having a meal.

Hanging chairs can be placed in a variety of areas and come in many styles. Here are 10 of our favorite ideas.

Roof terrace with hammock on a sunny day in Shanghai.

First let’s talk about one of the more popular varieties of these chairs – the hanging hammock.
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The second variety comes in a more typical chair form. This hanging seat consists of a mesh just like the larger versions, but are shaped into a chair. Some types will feature a cushion or wooden seat while others will be completely made of mesh. These types usually only need one mounting point (Mounting will be discussed later).
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Rattan swing bench in garden with couple of heart shape decoration.

Summer backyard garden with rest area. View of wooden hangin bench and brich floor.

Swing seat in the garden on a casual day.

Vintage hanging chair with red seat.

Green Hanging Chair in the garden.

Vintage hanging chair on the garden.

Rattan hanging chair in garden.

Hanging rattan chair for outdoor use.

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