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A Brief History of Troy Bilt Tillers

This company began in 1937 by creating the first American made rear-tine rototiller. This piece of innovative equipment works to cultivate and to break up the ground soil with the use of sharp blades.

The cultivator was motorized and the blades were in the back which made it easier to use at the time.

Mr. C. W. Kelsey had been working on making a rotary tiller that would break up the rocky soil often found throughout the United States.

Troy Bilt

He had been using a German Earth Grinder but it simply wouldn’t do the kind of job he needed. Mr. Kelsey continued to perfect this project over the next 20 years in Troy, New York.

The first machine weighed a total of over 400 pounds and would become the companies backbone in future years.

Mr. Kelsey’s predecessor’s and former engineer then made the Trojan Horse, an even more powerful version of the first Troy Built tiller.

The company continued to improve this piece of machinery over the next couple of decades.

Through the many changes, there were only two features that always remained as the vital part of the Troy-Bilt rototiller, the power-driven wheels and the rear-mounted tines.

Troy-Bilt has been owned by MTD Products since the year 2001 and is located in the state of Ohio.

They offer four different types of lawn mowers, each meeting the unique specifications of landscapers and homeowners

Troy Bilt
  • Zero Turn Lawn Mowers
  • Garden Tractors
  • Lawn Tractors
  • Push Mowers

The Garden and Lawn tractors are all riding Troy Bilt mowers and are excellent for large outdoor areas that would otherwise require a long time to mow by any other method.

The zero turn lawn mower achieves the kind of landscape that professionals are usually hired to do by creating a flawless lawn.

Both models are classified as riding lawn mowers.

Troy Bilt
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The zero turn mower features an HP gas-powered Courage motor

Both of them use a number of blades for greater performance.

  • The Colt uses 42-inch twin blades
  • The Mustang uses triple 50-inch blades
Troy Bilt
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The Big Red Horse is for heavier jobs since it is equipped with a twin-cylinder motor and a 50-inch cutting deck which makes even the most challenging job quicker.

It also comes equipped with cruise control and automatic transmission so maneuvering is definitely not a challenge.

The 23 HP Briggs & Stratton Intek with V-Twin motors is one of Troy-Bilt’s best riding lawn mowers. It features a cup holder and has a high back seat for added comfort.

Troy Bilt
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The Premium Model is the Super Bronco Model

The Super Bronco is one of their top of the line models as it features a 20 HP Courage Kohler motor and is made of steel construction.

It also features a 46-inch triple blade mowing deck as well as a cup holder and comfortable seat. The foot pedals are easy to maneuver and it feels more like you are driving a car than a riding lawn mower.

The Troy-Bilt Traditional Mowers such as the model TB866 XP has a number of neat features such as the ability to manage the transmission controls with a handle in order to maintain proper speed.

It also has large wheel wells making it easier to maneuver through the yard. You can also adjust the mowing deck height by a single button for a perfect cut.

Troy-Bilt offers a line of old school push mowers as well. Even though these do require a bit of extra effort they allow you to be in complete control of the finished product.

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