How to Create A Luxury Outdoor Area

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If you have ever seen grand homes on television or in magazines and felt envious of their outdoor areas, then you need not feel this way anymore.

Creating a luxury outdoor area is not as hard as you think, nor do you need to spend a fortune.  With a little planning and effort, you can have your outdoor area perfect for entertaining.

Things like sandstone pavers can make a huge difference to the look of your garden and if you plan on spending a lot of time entertaining outdoors you could install an outdoor kitchen with all the added luxuries, like a water purifier.

Create an Outdoor Room

Rather than have an open garden why not create an extra room to your home by enclosing a space through the use of outdoor curtains?  Using a veranda or pergola as the framework for your new room, hang long curtains or install blinds.

Your curtains need only to be made from soft lightweight material and if you have them draping dramatically across the pavers they will look like something straight out of a Hollywood mansion.

1. Outdoor Furniture for Luxury Spaces

Outdoor Furniture for Luxury Spaces

Don’t just go for the usual plastic outdoor furniture, but instead buy furniture that would look just as good on the inside of your home.  Having a large comfortable lounge outdoors is the ultimate luxury where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful summer weather.  Choose a lounge that is large enough to spread out on and one that is easy to fall asleep in.

Decorate it with cushions of varying designs and colors that blend well together.  Buy a large table, spending a little more on something that will seat more guests, as you may regret it later if you buy something less pricey but too small.  Buy the most comfortable chairs you can afford.

2. Paving is an Easy Luxury Upgrade

Paving your outdoor area finishes off the look of your space and can turn an ordinary area into something a lot more glamorous.  Sandstone pavers have a beautiful natural look and are also non-slip which makes them perfect for putting around a swimming pool.  Pavers can also be used on retaining walls and columns to complete the whole look.

3. Designing a Jaw-Dropping Outdoor Kitchen

Designing a Jaw-Dropping Outdoor Kitchen

If you plan on entertaining often, you’ll need an outdoor kitchen that pleases the crowd.  Rather than have the host stuck inside in the kitchen away from the guests, turn your barbecue area into space where the entire meal can be prepared.  Build your barbecue into a bench, along with a bar fridge, and even have a tap with a water filter installed so you can easily get fresh pure water. An abundance of outdoor kitchen designs is available in plans and guides.

4. Pool Houses That Neighbors Rave About

If you already have an in-ground swimming pool then make it that bit more luxurious by building a pool house.  A pool house can include anything from just a shower and bathroom, to save having wet people traipsing through your house, or you could include a living area with stereo and television and even kitchen facilities.  Choose a non-slip flooring, such as sandstone pavers, as people will be walking through with wet feet. Such structures can be erected over hot tubs as well by using a hot tub gazebo.

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