Coolaroo Shades

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Cooling a patio does not get any easier than using Coolaroo shades.

Widely considered to be the “Cadillac” of outdoor shading, Coolaroo produces only the best in shading.

Their fabrics are unlike any other on the market and are crafted into various shade styles.

You can even buy their fabric in long rolls to create your own unique shade. Completely UV proof, this material is designed to not mold, fade or rot. Various shade structures are created by Coolaroo which include shade sails, roll-ups and pure fabric rolls.

Coolaroo Shades

Each Coolaroo Shade is guaranteed for 10 years against UV degradation

Shade sails require the most effort to install but are the most impressive in looks. Coolaroo shade sails come in square and triangle shapes and are designed for overhead protection.

The shades are mounted at each corner to a metal or wooden post.


The corners can also be connected to walls.

The shade sail is pulled taught over the desired outdoor space using the included hardware.

How is it Secured?

A combination of turnbuckles, pad eyes and snap hooks as well as bolts can be needed to secure the shade to the posts. All of the hardware is made of stainless steel for durability.

Bolts are not included. Colors of tan, blue and red are available

Users can cut the fabric as they see fit to form the perfect shade.

If you need to create a custom shade, Coolaroo makes unmodified rolls of pure fabric material.

Coolaroo Shades
An impressive dual shade setup near the poolside.

Does this Shade Block UV Rays?

All Coolaroo shades provide users with 90% UV block, as well as a dramatic reduction in temperature. The UV block helps prevent sunburn and eye damage.

Temperatures can be reduced by up to one third while standing under the shade’s protection.

Amazingly, air can still flow freely through the material, further keeping the area underneath cool.  This air flow also helps prevent the shade from swaying violently in strong wind.

What About Roll-up Coolaroo Shades?

I’m glad you asked!

Roll-up Coolaroo shades are mounted to awnings and walls to offer protection to patio areas. These vertically oriented shades pull up and down using a cord.

Their roll-up shades are made to resist damage from strong winds, rain, and sunlight. When placed in front of a window or arcadia door, temperatures can be reduced inside of the home.

Mounting screws are included with the roll-up shades.

When the material gets dirty, Coolaroo suggests cleaning it with a garden hose. Just start spraying the material from the top down and let it air dry.

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