Everything About Electric Barbecue Grill (+ Our Top 5 Recommendation)

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The word “grilled” conjures up images of smoking, scrumptious food that tastes divine. Grilling machines continue to draw attention, whether it’s a casual evening of snacking or an outdoor garden party.

Grilled food with a glass of fine wine is all one needs to experience a soothing day-end. Although the concept of grilling is not new, electric BBQ grills are making a comeback in recent times. And why not?

They are convenient, portable, and low in maintenance, which makes them an excellent option for people with a busy lifestyle.

We have done tons of reviews and research in our search for the best electric BBQ grills. We will thus examine every facet of the appliance to provide you with the specifics of electric BBQ grills.

So, with no further ado, let’s do the grilling!

Do Electric Barbecue Grill Actually Work?

Do Electric Barbecue Grill Actually Work

For those moments when you are not feeling like going out to enjoy smoked meats or veggies, an electric BBQ grill will come in handy. Barbecue grills offer deliciously flavorful food, and an electric barbeque is no different.

In fact, besides giving you delicious meats and veggies every time, electric BBQs are highly portable and require less maintenance. What more can you ask for? And not to forget that the modern-day electric barbecues work very efficiently without coal and wood fire.

In that respect, we can surely call these cooking devices more eco-friendly. As a result, people are leaning toward the electric grilling system to eat better and avoid the trouble of using gas and charcoal grills.

Where can You Install an Electric Barbecue Grill?

Are you ready to use the grill but unsure where to install it?

Well, an electric barbecue grill can be installed virtually anywhere. They don’t take up much space because of their small size and shape. As a result, you can install the grill indoors (as long as it is smokeless) and outdoors. Yet, there are certain places that you must avoid.

For instance, the garage is not a very suitable place to install an electric BBQ grill unless you are using an indoor electric grill.

These grills are designed for indoor use. Plus, they don’t produce harmful gasses and smoke. And yet, make sure you are not keeping the grill in a tightly enclosed area, and there should be enough ventilation where you are grilling.

Types of Electric Barbecue Grills

When discussing electric barbecue grills, let us tell you that they come in two types: contact grills and open grills.

Contact Grill

Contact Grill

Contact grills use heated grills or plates and pressure to cook food. They are also sometimes known as panini makers or presses. As the name suggests, these grills come with a lid that closes. To press and cook the food, the heated components come into direct contact with it.

Since the cooking elements from both sides press the food, you don’t need to flip it, and the food cooks fast. A contact grill is suitable for indoor space, as you just need to place the food inside, close the cover and wait for it to cook.

The below image will give you a visual illustration of a contact grill.

Open Grill

Open Grill

Unlike the contact grill, an open grill has a cover or lid that does not touch the food. As the food from one side is not coming in contact with the cooking elements, an open grill cooks food at a slower speed.

Here you need to flip the food to ensure it is cooked evenly on both sides. Therefore, open grills are best suited for outdoor spaces. Because you need to flip the food more often, an open grill will give you a good outdoor grilling experience.

Pros and Cons of Electric Barbecue Grills

An electric barbecue grill is sleek, compact, and versatile. And, if you could place it properly, it will surely complement your cooking area. So, if you plan to get an electric BBQ grill, you must know its ups and downs. Here is a list for your reference.


  • It takes less time to cook food on an electric BBQ grill since it warms up quickly, and the food is pressure cooked on all sides.
  • These grills’ high heat not only browns the food but also gives it a delicious smokey flavor.
  • Electric barbecue grills are a fantastic option for indoor and outdoor grilling both.
  • These barbecues are adaptable, and if you choose the contact grill option, you may use them indoors without much difficulty.
  • Electric BBQ grills create less smoke, which is good news for the bystanders.
  • Additionally, since electric grills don’t use flammable materials, the problem of ash or residue won’t exist.
  • Modern electric BBQ grills are equipped with safety features like timers that turn the grill off automatically if left open for a long time.
  • Most electric BBQ grills are non-stick and can be disassembled for cleaning.


  • Due to their size and compactness, these grills might not be able to handle large cooking requirements.
  • Even while electric BBQ grills have a smokey flavor since there is no fire, you cannot get the true wood or coal burn flavor in your food.
  • Not every electric grill can be used to sear large loaves of meat.
  • Due to the lack of an open fire, these grills require more time to cook food (the real cooking cycle).

How do Electric Barbecue Grills Differ from Gas Barbecue Grills?

How do Electric Barbecue Grills Differ from Gas Barbecue Grills

Barbeques have always remained a favorite choice for people with a fetish for smokey food. Naturally, there are different barbecues available out there.

Here, however, we will discuss the difference between electric and gas barbecue grills. But before going into the details, here is a tabular form of specifics for you.

DifferencesElectric Barbecue GrillsGas Barbecue Grills
SizeSmaller and more compact, accommodating the cooking needs of 10-15 people at a time.Come in different size ranges, from single-sized grills to restaurant-sized industrial grills.
Fuel SourceElectricityGas (natural/ propane)
InstallationBoth indoor and outdoorPreferably outdoor
Heating CapacityHigh, intense radiant heat but not for an extended time. But are not suitable for searing meat.Much higher than electric BBQ grills. Gas grills work best on high heat for an extended period.
Flavor in foodLacks the authentic gas or charcoal grill flavor.Gas grills have an edge in providing better flavor than electric barbecue grills but are not as good as charcoal ones.
MaintenanceLow. But the heating elements should not be submerged in water. Electric BBQ grills can be dismantled for cleaning.High. The washable parts in a gas BBQ grill can be thoroughly washed in hot water.
SafetyElectric BBQ grills are safer as there is no real fire. Also, they come with timers that switch off the grill if it remains on for an extended time.Real fire, gas, and smoke make gas grills be handled with more care. These are less safe than electric ones.


Electric BBQ grills are, as we’ve already indicated, relatively small and portable.

Depending on the circumstances, they can be positioned inside and outside. However, keep in mind that these grills are lightweight and can be carried easily to the location of your choice. 

On the other hand, don’t even consider moving a gas barbecue grill often. Although they come in various sizes and forms, it is not advised to move one if it is not a small, single steak grill.

Fuel Source

The type of fuel used in these grills is indicated in the names. For example, electricity serves as the fuel for an electric BBQ grill. To start them, simply plug them into an electrical socket. On the other hand, a gas grill is powered by a propane tank or a natural gas connection.


Consider an electric grill if you have a small, mostly enclosed room. These require sufficient ventilation as well. Yet, they are suitable for indoor environments because there is no actual fire.

That being said, you may take your cooking gear to your yard, patio, or even an open garage to experience the flavor of an outside barbecue.

A gas grill must be kept in an open area for the gas it produces and the fire it uses to cook food. Consequently, these grills are frequently undesirable for apartments due to the smoke and flames.

Heat Intensity

Only electricity is used in one option, whereas real fire and gas are used in the other. So which one do you think will provide intense heat for a long time? The answer is simple- the one that employs fire, a gas barbecue grill.

Although an electric grill will heat up quickly and to a fairly high temperature (about 250 °F), it won’t stay hot for long. Conversely, a gas grill may take a while to get up to its maximum temperature before providing a steady high heat (500–600 °F).


An electric grill is simpler to keep clean. It is easier to clean because of its modest size. Just wipe its parts with a wet cloth and keep them dry.

The majority of electric grills have non-stick coatings that make it simple to remove the trash. But be careful not to immerse the heating elements in water, and always unplug the grill before cleaning it.

While cleaning a gas grill is not difficult, it takes more time and effort. These grills include detachable components that can be properly cleaned in hot water. Grills, flavor bars, gas connectors, and burners should all be frequently inspected and replaced as necessary.


If handled carefully, both BBQ grills can be used safely. However, an electric BBQ grill is safer when compared. It is considered safer because it is compact and does not require real fire. 

Additionally, several electric barbeque grill models include timers that turn the appliance off when left open for an extended period. 

A gas grill, on the other hand, presents risk due to fire, gas (particularly propane), and smoke. Propane tanks can be quite hazardous, and the smoke may annoy bystanders. If not kept in an open or well-ventilated area, gas grillers can cause fire accidents or suffocation.

Should You Invest In an Electric Barbecue Grill?

After all this, you must be wondering if investing in an electric barbecue is worth it. Well, we are not the ones to answer it for you. That said, you should judge certain factors before saying a big YES to these grills.

What are those factors?


If you have a small property or live in an apartment, it is wise to choose an electric barbecue grill. These machines take up much less space, are compact, easy to move, and clean. 

Cooking Needs

Electric barbecues can accommodate the cooking need of 10-15 people at a time. So, if you are not expecting many guests often, go for an electric BBQ grill.

Local Laws

You can be compelled to use electric grills due to local rules. However, in some places, gas grills are not allowed in apartments. So check the law before taking any decision.


Although you will get a smokey and sumptuous flavor in food grilled on an electric BBQ grill, it may lack the authentic gas or charcoal flavor. If this factor does not bother you, you can opt for an electric BBQ grill.

Our Top Pick on Electric Barbecue Grills 2022

Are you convinced to purchase an electric barbecue grill? Then here are our top picks for you.

1. Weber Q1400 Electric Grill• Porcelain-enameled cast iron
• Temperature range- Over 600 degrees
• Produced minimal smoke 
• Comes with  6-foot cord
• Portable
• Heavy-duty  
• Requires minimal cleanup
• Out-of-the-box product
• Heavy lid
• The price is on the higher side
2. Breville BGR820XL Smart Grill• Stainless steel material
• Adaptable to 3 modes- Low, Panini, and Sear 
• 6 adjustable height
• Dishwasher-safe plates
• Compact
• Easy to set up
• Nonstick grates
• Easy to clean
• Removable non-stick plates
• Produces comparatively more smoke
• Requires more vertical space to set up
3. Presto 09020 Cool Touch Electric• Aluminium built
• Dishwasher-safe 
Suitable for home cooking
• Includes a slide-out drip tray
• Compact and small
• Takes up low space
• Weighs only 5.5lbs 
• Affordable
• Does not smoke
• The temperature range is 400 degrees only
4. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Gril• Stainless steel finish
• Comes with an extra-large drip tray
• Good for Paleo and Keto diets
• Pre-heat lights
• Smokeless
• Looks stylish
• Nonstick grates 
• Great for indoor usage
• Out-of-the-box product
• Can produce temperature sup to 450 degrees only
5. PowerXL PG-1500FDR Smokeless Grill• Stainless steel frame
• Non-stick
• An all-in-one electric grilling machine
• Advanced fanning system
• Smoke-free cooking
• Lids attach properly 
• Dishwasher-safe
• Can produce temperature up to 450 degrees only
• No timer
• Uneven cooking

The Key Takeaway

So, this was our take on electric barbecue grills. The bottom line is that these grills are great as long as you are not expecting a huge number of guests.

Electric grills may not be as powerful as gas ones, but they are perfect for those living in apartments or on properties with less space.

So, if you are thinking of grilled food lately, don’t think further and get your hands on your favorite electric grill today. Need options? Refer to the table above.

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