Electric Barbecue Grill

When the warm spring and summer months roll around, people start breaking out their electric barbecue grill. Both Electric Barbecue Grillamateurs and grill masters alike start cooking up great eats for family and friends. Everyone seems to have their own "secret" method for cooing the best tasting meats and grilled veggies. The sweet and spicy smell of barbecue sauce on chicken and beef is an experience that can't be beat. More people are leaning towards electric grilling as a way to eat healthier and eliminate the hassle involved with gas and charcoal grills. The concept of an electric barbecue grill is rather new, but is becoming more popular every season.

Advantages of Electric Heat

Unlike coal grills which take 15-20 minutes to heat up, electric grills heat up in just a minute or two. All these grills need is a reliable wall outlet for power. Users can extend the reach by employing an extension cord. Using a dial on the front, heat can be controlled with precision. In coal grills, heat can only be controlled by pushing the coals around and/or moving the food. Heat is evenly distributed over the cooking surface thanks to a heating element embedded within. These bbq grills pack the power to sear meats yet can be gentle enough to warm foods until dinner. These grills leave the classic grill lines on the food just like conventional ones.

A domed lid allows heat to flow around inside, cooking the top and bottom of the food at the same time. This convection action cooks food faster and more evenly.

Healthier Food

Electric barbecue grills intended solely for barbecuing usually have a flat grilling surface with slats. Multi use electric grills often have a slanted cooking surface which allows excess fats and juices to slide down into a collection bin. This leaves enough fat inside the meats to make it taste good, but takes excess fat out of your diet. The fat can be disposed of after cooking so it doesn’t enter your system.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

A mid range electric barbecue grill usually has a tall stand which allows it to be placed outdoors off the ground. Many times this stand can be removed, converting the grill to be used on a kitchen counter. Yes, these grills can be safely used indoors to cook up tasty food in the cold seasons. The higher end models are typically designed to be used solely outdoors. Some models get built into outdoor kitchens permanently.

Taste Difference

Because electric grills lack smoke emitted from burning coals, the taste of the food does not have such a prominent smoky flavor. However, grilling the meats on the hot surface will still generate a degree of smoky taste. If you want to ramp up the flavor even more, liquid smoke can be used. (Use sparingly, as this liquid is highly concentrated.)

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