Guide to Solar Driveway Lights

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Solar driveway lights require no electrical work and are ready to use right out of the box. They are called driveway lights because they are intended to be used as light borders on the edges of driveways.

Solar Driveway Lights

These light systems are a bold way to increase visibility to a yard while enhancing the decorative feel. When placed on both sides of a driveway, visitors can clearly see the limits of your yard, decreasing the chances for accidents.

Driveway light mounts can either stick into the ground using a stake or be permanently mounted to your brick edging or asphalt. Because they are solar powered, each light turns on automatically when it gets dark.

Uses for Solar Driveway Lights• Light fixture form: Path
• Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor
• Power Source: Solar Powered
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Ground Stake Driveway Lights• Light fixture form: Path
• Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor
• Power Source: Solar Powered
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In-ground Driveway Lighting• Light fixture form: Spotlight
• Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor
• Power Source: Solar Powered
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Flush Mounts• Light fixture form: Path
• Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Outdoor
• Power Source: Solar Powered
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Uses for Solar Driveway Lights

When an individual wants to increase visibility in their front yard, driveway lights can be used. These compact light modules are lined up in series on the sides of a driveway.

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Cars driving in and out of a driveway can see the boundaries much better, which is important for inexperienced younger drivers. Activities, like playing basketball out front or watering the lawn at night, are best accented with lights such as these.

Solar Technology

Solar driveway lights come in packs with multiple light modules inside. Each light fixture is separate from the rest and equipped with its own power source. A small solar panel on the top of the mount absorbs light photos and converts them into electricity.

A rechargeable battery stores the energy until it is needed at night. Each light has a sensor which activated the light when it gets dark. Just about every type of solar driveway light uses LED light bulbs which are bright yet energy efficient.

A waterproof yet decorative case keeps the technology safe from weather damage. The floor mounted lights are often strong enough to be stepped on without breaking.

Ground Stake Driveway Lights

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Ground stake lights are quite popular for people who want to show off a certain style in their yard. Ground stake driveway lights have distinct variations in style and color that can be shown with pride and matched to the existing decor of a home.

During assembly, users attach the light pod to the stake and then stick it into any soft ground. Re-adjustment is easy being that they can be removed on a whim. One downside to these versions of solar driveway lights is that they can be stolen with relative ease.

There is no reliable way to permanently mount them into the ground. However, they are quite flexible in that they do not have to be placed right next to the driveway.

In-ground Driveway Lighting

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A more refined style of driveway solar light involves the use of ground-mounted light fixtures. These units are compact, flat and screw into the ground.

The fixtures are small enough to where they are difficult to see until they light up at night.

Some people prefer to keep their light fixtures hidden until they are needed. The lights can be mounted to most types of ground including concrete, brick, and asphalt. Special drill bits are needed for this process.

Flush Mounts

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Flush mounted driveway lights act like bricks  and are installed directly into the ground. They can be poured in concrete and asphalt in some cases.

These units become permanent structures in your driveway. When setting brick edging, these mounts can be staggered within the bricks.

They are strong enough to step and even drive on.

All three varieties of driveway lights can also be used as walkway lighting or borders.

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