20 Beautiful Tropical Garden Ideas in 2023

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Tropical gardening is one of those things that never go out of style. The sensation of those vivid, bold, and colorful blooms and attractive foliage will charm anybody. So, who wouldn’t want to add such enchantment to their gardens? That’s something we’d all like. And, assuming you have some additional room, creating a stunning tropical garden on your property is not rocket science.

Even if you don’t live in a tropical climate, establishing a custom tropical garden with vibrant plants can be a breeze. Simply purchase the appropriate tropical plants for your living area’s hardiness, and you’re ready to go.

So, in the following sections, we will explore some of the top tropical garden ideas that you can adopt. We will also answer some of the frequently asked questions, like:

  • Why create a tropical garden?
  • What factors need to be focused on?
  • What plants can we use?

At the end of these articles, you will get answers to some of the fundamental questions regarding creating a tropical garden. So, with no further delay, let’s delve deep!

Why Create Tropical Gardens?

Before we brainstorm to churn out beautiful tropical garden ideas, let us analyze why one should think of creating a tropical garden in the first place?

Well, the answer is if you love bold and beautiful colors, you should think of growing tropical plants in your yard. They look mesmerizing under the clear sky and bright sunlight. 

The rich foliage, different shaped and sized plants, dash of pop-up colors, and the surrounding greenery will add an exotic charm to your property in no time. A tropical-themed garden can provide you with a little corner of paradise, whether you want to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a delightful book or listen to your favorite tunes.

20 Beautiful Tropical Garden Ideas You Should Adopt

A bit of brainstorming and using your creativity can churn out the best tropical-themed garden ideas. But if you are new in this arena, here are some of the meticulously curated tropical garden ideas that you can adopt in 2023. 

Choose any of the following ideas to create your very own tropical haven.

#1. Plant Some Tropical Plants

Plant Some Tropical Plants
Image Credit: Tropical Plants from Pinterest 

To give your yard a true tropical touch, think of selecting tropical plants, like Bird of Paradise, Fishtail Palm, etc. Do not be afraid to play with different colors, sizes, and shapes to create a beautiful texture. Also, remember that some of these plants can be beneficial for your health. Hence, you can include them in your garden to get the best of style and health benefits. 

#2. Build a Water Paradise 

Build a Water Paradise
Image Credit: Swimming pool and tropical garden from Pinterest

You may create a tropical paradise around your backyard swimming pool if you have one. Plant brightly colored plants along the walkway leading to the pool to improve the overall mood. You can also build your tropical garden around a waterfall, stream, or pond. We’re sure that the water paradise will turn your yard or garden into your very own Hawaiian paradise.

#3. Add a Few Vines

Add a Few Vines
Image Credit: Vines from Pinterest

Tropical vines are one of the most attractive and adaptable exotic plants you can grow in your yard. Vines may give your yard a splash of rainforest flare besides providing a tropical ambiance. If you have fences or poles, tall-growing vines like Bougainville, Mandevilla, Coral Honeysuckle, and others are a must-have. Vines are ideal for lending distinct hues, depth, and charm to your garden space.

#4. Express Your Love for Orchids

Express Your Love for Orchids
Image Credit: Orchids from Pinterest

Love orchids? Then plant orchids!

Orchids with vibrant colors are a brilliant choice for a tropical garden. Orchids will entice you with their beautiful gemstone colors and alluring smells. These plants can be grown in ceramic pots and placed along a fence or wall to make a lovely flower border. Orchids can also be hung from thick and mid-sized tree branches in hanging planters. However, remember that orchids are sensitive to high temperatures and harsh colds. As a result, putting them in the shade can be a good idea. Also, as the temperature drops below 50°F, or rises above 95°F, bring these plants inside.

#5. Add Lights to Your Night Garden

Add Lights to Your Night Garden
Image Credit: Tiki torch planter from Pinterest

Tropical gardens aren’t just for the day. Even after sunset, you can enjoy some peaceful space in your garden. All you need is to add some soft lighting to your yard. Tiki torches can be hung from tree branches, and rice-light lines can be wrapped around tree trunks. Tiki torches can also be used to illuminate walkways and patio areas. And if you want to go eco-friendly, choose solar-powered bulbs to place them on the pathways.

#6. Consider Installing a Hammock or a Bench

Consider Installing a Hammock or a Bench
Image Credit: Garden hammock from Pinterest

If you love spending some private time in your garden, reading books, or enjoying your favorite tunes, think of installing a hammock or garden swing. You can also place outdoor chairs and a center table to have coffee with your loved ones in your tropical oasis. 

#7. Go for Plants With Larger Leaves

Go for Plants With Larger Leaves
Image Credit: Elephant ear bulbs from Pinterest

Plants with larger leaves offer a unique and tropical look to a garden. Broad leafy plants come in different sizes, leaf shapes, and colors. So, combine them and experiment to see which plants look best for your tropical-themed garden. These plants are easy to grow, hardy, and need little maintenance. Some of the broad-leaved plants you can choose are Elephant’s Ears, Rodgersia, Windmill Palm Tree, and so on. 

#8. Build a Gazebo

Build a Gazebo
Image Credit: A white gazebo from Pinterest

You can plan to create a gazebo or pergola on one side of your tropical garden if you have a larger yard. A gazebo in your backyard would allow you to sit comfortably and soak in the beauty of your surroundings. You can also use a combination of beautiful tropical flowering plants and vines to decorate your gazebo. You may also add an enticing charm to the gazebo by hanging planters from the ceiling.

#9. Play with Bold Colors

Play with Bold Colors
Image Credit: Colorful tropical plants from Pinterest

When it comes to tropical gardens, they are supposed to be vibrant. Isn’t that so?

Tropical gardens are the epitome of a bright summer day. And you can bring that joy into your house by picking tropical plants of vivid and bold colors. To create a cheerful, soothing outdoor atmosphere, use several hues. Aside from colorful plants, you can add a garden bench and bright turquoise, yellow, orange, or fuchsia-colored cushions and pillows.

#10. Don’t Forget the Crotons

Don't Forget the Crotons
Image Credit: Croton from Pinterest

How can we exclude crotons from our list of best tropical garden ideas? 

Crotons, often known as rainbow plants, come in a wide range of hues, leaf patterns, sizes, and shapes. Although very common in southeast Asia and Oceania, we can plant these plants in US zones 9-11. Keep in mind that these plants will grow erect and will need some space. As a result, it is better if you plant them directly in the ground and given ample space. Crotons are tropical plants that cannot withstand chilly temperatures. As a result, as the temperature drops below 50°F, you must bring your plants inside.

Note: Crotons are toxic for pets and children. The milky sap of these plants can cause skin irritation as well. 

#11. Combine Planting

Combine Planting
Image Credit: Assorted tropical plants from Pinterest

There are no hard and fast rules for building a tropical landscape. To create your garden, you don’t need to follow any rules. Simply turn on your creative mode and imagine patterns, combinations, and other details that will give your yard a sense of mystery. Tropical plants come in a variety of sizes and shapes. As a result, go ahead and combine those plants to add an extra edge to your summer oasis.

#12. Make Ways for the Bougainville

Make Ways for the Bougainville
Image Credit: Pink bougainvillea from Pinterest

Remember how we talked about vines in one of the previous sections? 

Bougainvilleas are one of those popular tropical vines that are easy to grow and care for. If you live in zones 9 through 11, bougainvilleas are a great tropical plant to have in your yard. These lovely climbers can be planted in your tropical garden or contained in a pot or planter on your patio/ gazebo/ pergola. You can also use bougainvilleas as the sole colorful plant in an otherwise green environment. With these vibrant vines, you can’t go wrong!

#13. Make a Green Border for the Walkways

Make a Green Border for the Walkways
Image Credit: Create borders with tropical plants from Pinterest

If you want to create a canopy along the walkways or side pathways of your garden, choose to plant tall and bushy tropical plants. Let them grow wild and cover the pathways to create a shaded area and add a magical tropical charm to your garden. 

#14. Style Your Pathways with pebbles and Greens

Style Your Pathways with pebbles and Greens
Image Credit: Pebbled walkways from Pinterest

Nowadays, stone or gravel landscaping is popular. Creating stone-edged flower beds is a brilliant method to incorporate stone or gravel into your yard. To make the stone flower bed, you don’t have to be perfect. Simply select similar-shaped stones and paint them in a uniform color to line your yard’s flower bed. Plant bushier tropical plants in the flower bed and cover the ground with mulch to make the stones stand out.

#15. Plants in Huge Concrete Pots

Plants in Huge Concrete Pots
Image Credit: Concrete planters from Pinterest

Creating a garden does not mean planting plants directly on the ground. You can also plant your favorite plants in huge concrete pots and place them in the desired areas. Container planting also makes it easier to transfer plants indoors when the temperature is not favorable. Do not forget to paint the concrete pots to give your garden a colorful undertone. 

#16. Go with the Bamboos

Go with the Bamboos
Image Credit: Green bamboo plants from Pinterest

Planting bamboo in your yard is another method to give it a tropical vibe. Bamboos are fast-growing plants that do well in Zone 9. Green Screen, Asian Wonder, and Weaver’s Bamboo are among the best bamboo kinds you can choose from. You can also build bamboo fences and plant vines along them to allow the plants to climb over the fences. However, you will have to wait for an entire summer season to see the result.

#17. Create a Rock Garden

Create a Rock Garden
Image Credit: Rock garden from Pinterest

You can also make a tropical rock garden. To make elevated flower beds, use rocks. Also, don’t forget to fill those rocky beds with beautiful flowering plants. Adding rocks to the garden will improve its overall appearance. They also help to keep moisture in the soil by minimizing water loss through evaporation.

#18. Keep Your Garden Cool

Keep Your Garden Cool
Image Credit: The Japanese Maples tree from Pinterest

Tropical plants do great in the summer months, which brings raised temperature. So keeping your garden area cool could be one of the most important things. To do so, plant foliage plants that help keep the garden ambiance cool and breezy. Ferns are great in this context. Apart from ferns, you can also choose plants like Japanese Maples, Bird of Paradise, and so on. 

#19. Have a Bigger Yard Then Think of Palm Trees

Have a Bigger Yard Then Think of Palm Trees
Image Credit: Tall palm trees from Pinterest

The blue sky, thatched seating areas, and palms come to mind when we think of the tropical climate. All of these can be installed in your yard. All you need to do is line the walkways with palm trees to create a border and construct a small seating area by placing a two-seater garden bench and sheltering it with a thatched canopy. Also, remember to include the appropriate décor and make the resting area appealing.

#20. The Wildflowers

The Wildflowers
Image Credit: Assorted wildflowers from Pinterest

If you want to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees in your garden, choose wildflowers. Always remember to choose brightly colored wildflower plants, like pink, yellow, orange, etc. 

Components to Focus on While Creating Tropical Gardens

Creating a tropical-themed garden is a great idea to have your summer oasis. But there are a few things that need to be considered before planning a full-fledged tropical garden decoration. Below are the points that you should not miss if you want to move ahead in this context with no hiccups.

1. Check the Temperature

Most tropical plants flourish in hot weather but are not tolerant to extreme cold or unusual heat. When the temperature dips below 50°F, these plants usually die. Furthermore, if the temperature increases above 95°F, certain plants will perish. As a result, it’s always a good idea to bring your tropical plants inside when the weather isn’t cooperating. You can also prune the plants and cover them with mulch or plant-safe covers if you can’t bring them inside.

2. Humidity

Tropical plants will thrive better in warm, humid climates. As a result, we find happy tropical plants in regions like Hawaii, Florida, and so on. Hence, make sure the surrounding of your garden is not too dry. 

3. Water Sufficiently

One of the best ways to ensure your plants are getting sufficient moisture and humidity is by ensuring they are getting sufficient water. You can install a drip-watering system if you have a bigger yard.

4. Offer Shelter

This is important for those who want to create a jungle ambiance. Creating shelters with tall trees will also help protect the low growers during winter, as well as in severely hot and dry months.

5. Layering

Layered tropical gardens are thickly planted. They are divided into three levels: 

  • the upper canopy, which comprises larger trees and palms; 
  • the middle canopy, which comprises shrubs and tall perennials; and 
  • the lower canopy, which comprises a variety of leaf textures and colors.

Plant your tropical plants in layers to give your yard a lush appearance. However, the number of layers you choose to use will be determined by the overall area of your garden.

Best Plants for Your Tropical Garden

Now, after you have got the top tropical garden ideas, it’s time to shed light on some of the best plants for your garden. To achieve a true tropical theme, go ahead and choose a combination of plants of different shapes, sizes, colors, and leaves.

Here are the popular tropical plants to choose from:


The vibrant and colorful flora that thrive in tropical environments inspires tropical gardens. Your backyard can be transformed into a gorgeous summer landscape with a tropical theme. So, if you want to try your hand at tropical gardening, use the suggestions provided above. This list is limitless, and you can mix any of the ideas in this post with your ingenuity to create something new. If you have any other suggestions, please share them with us.

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