35 Beautiful DIY Walkway Ideas and Designs (With Pictures)

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Looking for ways to rev up your backyard game? Look no further. In this article, we give you 35 beautiful walkway ideas using a variety of materials. You can easily lay down these walkways on your own at a low budget, provided you are a fan of working patiently.

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35 Beautiful DIY Walkway Ideas

1. Pebble Mosaic Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.finegardening.com

This is the perfect walkway for garden enthusiasts who are ready to do the work. All this design requires is a bunch of pebbles and some mortar. 

Get some colorful pebbles and wash them to accentuate the colors. Lay down the mortar and place the pebbles in any mosaic design you want!

2. Faux Stone Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.budget101.com

Who would be able to look at this walkway and say it’s not stone? This smart walkway only requires a rock form, concrete, and some fillers like gravel, sand, or pea pebbles. 

After mixing the concrete, lay the form on the ground and fill it up to the rim. Level out the excess and remove the form after a few minutes. You can add the fillers for an added touch.

3. Brick Pattern Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.curbly.com

A walkway made of bricks is perfect to withstand harsh conditions. Dig up some space and place the bricks in any pattern you like! 

You can place them randomly like pictured above or in specific patterns like herringbone, basketweave, among others. Fill the spaces with loose gravel, sand, or allow some plant growth for a natural feel.

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4. Simple Gravel Walkway Idea

Credit: www.thisoldhouse.com

This is one of the most affordable walkway ideas to ever exist. Just dig out the pathway and add crushed stone to the base. Rake the pack smooth and lay the landscape fabric. 

The edges can be made of wood or stone blocks. For the last part, add enough gravel and use a rake to smooth it out. Plant some greenery around the pathway and voila! 

5. Wooden Boardwalk 

Credit: www.familyhandyman.com

The construction of this walkway can be a bit hard to figure out, but once done, it can be a fun outdoor project. 

A wooden boardwalk can be great for sloping gardens and land. It is also an interesting way to add symmetricity to your outdoor landscape.

6. Walkway Idea Using Wooden Pallets

Credit: www.diyways.com

This walkway idea is insanely affordable and extremely easy to make. It gives a raw finish to the house. All you need are some wooden pallets, mulch, and nails. 

Level the area you want the walkway to sit in, using mulch, and nail the pallets into the ground however you like. It’s really that simple!

7. Mandala Stones and Bricks 

Credit: www.houzz.com

Incorporating the famous mandala technique, this walkway idea can add a rustic element to the landscape. 

The main walkway consists of bricks embedded into the ground, and the center has colorful stones arranged in a mandala, using the mosaic technique. You can also leave spaces in between the bricks to allow light growth of small plants.

8. Circular Stepping Stones

Credit: www.archdaily.com

This walkway idea is heavily inspired by the Scandinavian style of exterior design. Just cut out or buy some circular stepping stones and place them logically on the ground. 

You can make the stones of varying diameters to make it more interesting. 

9. Rustic Wooden Walkway

Credit: www.goodshomedesign.com

We can bet you’ve seen these walkways in high-end hotels and houses. And why not? This idea definitely fits the profile of a raw yet premium walkway. 

All you need to do is dig a trench and place the log cut-offs in it. People often add sand or gravel from the top to fill in the spaces. 

10. Mulch and Stone Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.prettyhandygirl.com

Looking for an inexpensive yet eye-catching walkway idea? Your search ends here. This walkway made of mulch and stones will easily fit your budget.

You can get flat stones or stepping stones of any shape that suits your needs. For a better aesthetic, get two different colors of mulch, one for outside the edge and one for inside. 

11. Stenciled Paver Walkway Ideas 

Credit: www.designimprovised.com

If you’re good with paints and craving to showcase your painting skills, this stenciled paver is the perfect way to do so! 

Take out your acrylic paints and concrete pavers and get painting with your favorite stencil. Not only will this add a pop of color to your garden but also complement any beautiful foliage on the sides.

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12. Rhubarb Leaf Walkway Ideas 

Credit: www.alternative-energy-gardning.blogspot.com

Rhubarb leaves can leave a great impression on anything and anyone! Easily impress your visitors with these concrete stepping stones in leaf shapes.

The process is truly as easy as it looks. The final product can even be painted green or other shades to add a touch of pop and funk to the garden.

13. Brick Chip Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.martysmusings.net

Sure, we’ve all heard of wood chips but let’s add something new to the mix. Brick chips. In case you do not have enough bricks to lay down an entire pathway, simply crush them into chips. Isn’t this the true beauty of DIY projects?

With edges of wood, a brick chip filling and some geometric stepping stones, you can easily make the best of waste!

14. Classy Cement Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.joy2journey.blogspot.com

Are you a minimalist who likes a classy finish to everything? No worries, we got you covered. You can easily extend the minimalism from your house to your backyard with this cement walkway.

Simply lay down the cement, even it out and you are done. Not only is this extremely affordable and cheap, but also requires minimal effort.

15. Lace Print Walkway Ideas

Credit: the-wuvie.blogspot.com

Effortlessly get an intricate lace pattern on your walkway with this DIY project. Find a beautiful lace pattern cloth in your house and some spray paint. We suggest white color since it goes magnificently with the greenery.

Carefully place the lace on the stones and spray paint it. You can also adhere it to the stone to prevent any paint from seeping out.

16. Sea Rock Mosaic Walkway Ideas 

Credit: www.jeffreygardens.blogspot.com

Amplify the beauty of a modest stepping stone by adding rocks and marbles on top of it. You can either place them as pictured above, or in concentric circles. 

After you’ve placed them in the desired manner, pour some mortar and even it out. You can also add small pieces of tiles or glass that would’ve otherwise gone to waste. 

17. Stone Walkway Ideas 

Credit: www.thespruce.com

A stone walkway would be the perfect addition if you want the result to look extremely natural, while also being durable. They might be a bit costly but if you’ve discovered some lying around then why not make a walkway out of it!

You can also add stones of different colors and textures as per your convenience. They age beautifully and don’t wear out either.

18. Dual Stepping Stones Walkway Ideas 

Credit: www.thesprucecrafts.com

Another simple yet captivating idea for a walkway. The stepping stones can be made of anything you want, from cement to concrete. And with the beauty of DIY projects, you can get whatever shape and size!

Simply lay them on the ground in two lines as pictured above and allow some space in between for the growth of grass.

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19. Wood Chip Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.gardeners.com

Recycle some of that left-over wood into chips and utilize it for your garden path. Remember to add an edge to the walkway to successfully contain the wood chips.

To add a pop of color you can also get a contrasting color. Though soft to the touch, they can still withstand heavy weights.

20. Classy Stepping Stones with Pebbles

Credit: reparasiandroid.com

Want to keep it classy yet sassy? This walkway adds an element of minimalism but also does not shy away from extra elements. 

The differently sized geometric slabs give the walkway some structure while the pebbles at the bottom make it look free-flowing. You can also add lights on the edges to brighten it up.

21. Ceramic Tile Walkway Ideas 

Credit: www.flickr.com

This walkway idea features numerous ceramic tiles laid out using the mosaic technique. The tribal patterns make it look all the more interesting.

You can easily find a bunch of tiles laying around and cement them to your walkway. 

22. Sensory Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.playathometeacher.com

Like walking barefoot in your garden? Experience multiple textures at the ease of a step with these walkways. Simply divide the pathway into sections for each sensory addition.

The plant used in the picture is chamomile since it’s low maintenance and gives a beautiful scent. One section is filled with loose pebbles, one with cemented pebbles, another with logs and the last one with log cut-offs. 

23. Granite Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.removeandreplace.com

This one is for the recycling enthusiasts out there. The granite pictured above actually comes from scraps. Factories will most likely give these scraps for free. 

The process? Easy. Dig out the path, lay some gravel, layer it with mortar, and finally place the granite slabs.

24. Nintendo Stepping Stones 

Credit: www.instructables.com

Video game geek? Hey, we don’t judge. In fact, you can use your retro consoles as molds to make stepping stones. 

These stepping stones will keep the legacy of the retro consoles alive and also remind you of the simpler times every time you walk over them. We prefer them grey, but you can always add more color!

25. Child’s Play 

Credit: www.hunker.com

These stepping stones would make a great project for your children too. You can make this even more interesting by tracking the growth of your child each year.

To add some personalization, you can write anything you want, add some pebbles and stones along with your child’s handprint or footprint. They also make great gifting items for grandparents! 

26. Cedarwood and River Rock Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.greenhousecarol.blogspot.com

If you live a stressful life and need some zen, this walkway made of cedarwood and river rock should appeal to you. 

Simply lay the path with river rocks of different colors. We would ideally go for stones in blue and grey hues as they go amazingly with the texture and color of cedarwood. 

27. Sloping Walkway with Stairs

Credit: www.ohiothoughtsblog.blogspot.com

Building a staircase is not an easy task, agreed. But with enough patience and time you can turn your sloping, uneven walkway into a defined structure.

The main materials used were some wood for the edges, concrete slabs for the top, and limestones for filling. Keep in mind, limestones are a lot firmer than the average stone and can take a lot of weight.

28. Solar Powered Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.instructables.com

Literally light up the walkway with these solar-powered glass blocks! All you will need are some glass blocks, solar-powered lights, and speaker wire.

You can always get glass blocks of any shape as per your requirements. 

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29. Engraved Concrete Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.nancymizelle.wordpress.com

Don’t worry, you will not actually be engraving concrete. Just make sure you have some spare rubber doormats lying around, and you will be good!

Just cut out the rubber doormat and place it carefully on some thick putty-like concrete rings. Allow it to settle and paint it as required.

30. Cinder Block Step Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.thefigure5.wordpress.com

Aesthetically, these cinder block stairs would look amazing in sunny and dry areas. They add a certain level of rustiness to the landscape with how raw they look.

The centers of the blocks are filled with crushed stones in the picture, but you can also go with pebbles for beautiful colour options!

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31. Faux Brick Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.curbly.com

In case you are working under a tight budget, bricks might look like a costly option. However, if you’ve got your eyes set on it, why not create faux bricks?

Jazz up your plain concrete walkway with a small paint roller and a steady hand. Though you do have a wide range of color options available, we would suggest you go for a reddish-brown to give it a natural look.

32. Hopscotch Paver Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.happinessishomemade.net

One walkway and two uses. Lay down some pavers and paint them with whatever colors you would like. 

Lastly, paint some numbers on them and there you have it, a walkway for the garden and a fun play area for your children!

33. Stone Step Path

Credit: www.diynetwork.com

A stone step path might be a bit complicated to construct but it is perfect for sloping garden areas. Use bluestones as steps and stone risers to create the next level.

To add a floral aspect, plant some foliage on the sides and you will have a long-lasting walkway ready. Who knows, it might even end up resembling a rock garden!

34. Stone and Moss Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.doityourself.com

Walkways with moss are very low maintenance and look like something out of a fairy tale. The best part about moss is that it can grow where grass refuses to. 

Thus, all you have to do is place the stones carefully at equal intervals and plant the moss between them. Be careful not to plant any on the stones as moss is very slippery.

35. Stone and Pebble Combination Walkway Ideas

Credit: www.diy-enthusiasts.com

Walkways that use a combination of elements make the space look extremely elevated. This combination of pebbles and stones has grown to become extremely popular. 

For adding a pop of color, you can use lighter pebbles and darker stones. Lay the stones first for a rough structure and then place the pebbles accordingly. 


We hope our walkway ideas come in handy while you are building yours. If you are looking for ways to uplift your backyard’s aesthetic even more, consider adding a DIY Backyard Oasis or even a Koi Pond!

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