Types of Stair Lighting

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Motion Sensing Stair Lighting

Build for safety, motion-sensing stair lighting consists of a small battery-powered box with a motion sensor inside.

These boxes require no wiring which lends to quick and easy installation. Simply mount a motion light to each stair using screws or double-sided tape.

When a person walks up to the light, it immediately activates to ensure safe access to the stairwell.

Types of Stair Lighting

LED lights are used in these models in an attempt to provide bright light as well as long battery life.

They can last for many months on a single battery set.

Recessed Stair Lights

Recessed lights are ideal for creating a very professional light system within a set of stairs. These fixtures are actually mounted directly into the stair itself.

To install them, users must cut holes into their stairs which perfectly fit each light. Wiring is run underneath the stairs which connects to your home’s power line.

Avoid missing a step and keep yourself safe from tumbling down. Stair lighting is not just for safety but it’s also a stylish way to decorate your stairway.

For easy installation, consider using a low voltage power transformer. These transformers require no dangerous wiring being that they plug into the wall.

Recessed stair lighting is so professional being that it becomes an actual part of the stairs. They take up no walking space and are thus very safe.

Types of Stair Lighting

Stair Railing Rope Lights

Rope lights can be wrapped around a stair railing in a twisting pattern. This allows people to see the railing clearly, allowing them to grab onto it easily.

Rope lights are water resistant and come in all colors. Some models are powered by an extension cord, while others have a solar panel. Solar rope step lights have the advantage of automatically activating at dusk.

Semi-Recessed Lighting

Semi-recessed stair lights protrude out of the stairs only a small amount. They often have vents on the front which project the light downward onto the stair surfaces.

Since they have a decent amount of surface area, they can showcase their style better than a fully recessed light.

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