Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

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Corinthian Bells wind chimes are crafted with unparalleled quality, releasing a beautiful resonance that few wind chimes can match. They are the latest models in a new generation of Corinthian Bells wind chime that feature an appealing design with excellent acoustical ability.

Featured in six bold and natural colors, these chimes are modeled in a classic style that works well alone or in a collection. Sizes range from 27 to 74 inches and each resonates on a particular musical scale.

The secret to this remarkable sound resides in the high-quality aluminum tubes and dense striker. The precision-crafted tubes have a uniform resonance each and every time they are hit.

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes

Musical Clarity

Precision crafted aluminum tubes release an array of beautiful tones when struck. The differences in length create a different note along the musical scale. Each wind chime is designed to resonate within a specific key, such as “C” or “A”. This way, the tones of each tube compliment and flow beautifully. The tubes hit a dense striker in the center which creates the sound. The striker is attached to a wind sail disc which gets blows around in the breeze. Every tube has been hand-tuned to its own scale.

The Keys of Each Corinthian Wind Chime:

  • 27″ – A Scale
  • 29″ – A Scale
  • 36″ – E Scale
  • 44″ – C Scale
  • 47″ – C Scale
  • 50″ – A Scale
  • 53″ – G Scale
  • 55″ – C Scale
  • 65″ – D Sharp Scale
  • 74″ – C Scale
Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes
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Design and Style:

The Corinthianbells wind chimes are not only beautiful in sound but in appearance as well. Each chime has a unique hand crafted design that is unlike any other wind chime on the market. The chimes come in six appealing colors of:

  • Midnight Blue
  • Patina Green
  • Black Spectrum
  • Copper Vein
  • Green
  • Black
Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes
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Each color flows smoothly over all surfaces of the chime. All surfaces including the tubes, wind sail, and striker have been powder coated with paint that is both beautiful and decorative. The aluminum tubes are resistant to rust caused by moisture.

Quality nylon cording is used to centrally suspend the tubes and sail. Unlike cotton cord, nylon will not degrade and fall apart in the sun.

Corinthian gives its customers a generous three-year warranty on the product, reflecting their dedication to customer service and confidence in their product. These chimes are proudly made in the USA.


A ring at the top of the chime allows for placement on any hard surface where a hook can be placed. Chimes such as these do well when hung out in the open away from any walls where it could hit and get scratched.

Corinthian Bells Wind Chimes
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Patio awnings and gazebos are a couple good examples. The larger wind chimes are heavier and require a more heavy duty hook than the smaller ones.

If severe winds are present, it is recommended that you bring the chime indoors to avoid damage. If placing more than one chime next to each other, ensure that they are far enough apart as to not hit one another.

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