Outdoor Sofa Sets

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Outdoor Sofa Sets

Getting the comfort of a couch out on the patio can be possible with the addition of an outdoor sofa. Simply dragging your interior sofa outdoors will quickly result in disappointment as the delicate fabric becomes clogged with dirt and damaged by the sun. Outdoor sofas are designed with special materials which resist UV sunlight damage. Unlike indoor sofas, all of the cushions can be removed for indoor storage or cleaning. Wicker and aluminum are popular materials that make up the frames of most outdoor sofas. Sofas come in sets which are accommodated by matching sectionals, tables, loveseats and ottomans.

Wicker is able to withstand a remarkable amount of punishment by nature. It is completely waterproof and can go for ages without weathering, aging or fading. Of course, its ability to stand the test of time is augmented by a coating of decorative paint. Large wicker couches have an interior frame made of aluminum for support. Aluminum is lightweight and lends to a light sofa design. The wicker is woven in a dense weave in an attempt to make it water tight. Cleaning a wicker outdoor sofa is done using a moist rag.

Metal sofas are fashioned out of aluminum or wrought iron. The metal is shaped into delicate curves and patterns which are then welded together to form the completed chair. All sofas have removable cushions which have a fluffy foam interior and fabric exterior. Only UV resistant fabrics are used. The foam is contained within the fabric and is accessed via a side zipper. After the foam has been removed, the outdoor sofa cushions can be cleaned by hand or machine, whichever the manufacturer recommends.

Outdoor Sofa
An elaborate sectional sofa set.

To secure the cushions to the sofa, fabric ties are used. A simple bow tie around the back of the sofa ensures a strong fit which can be undone quickly. Fluffy pillows are sometimes used instead of flat cushioning. Pillows have the advantage of being portable and can be more readily adjusted. A good deal of sofas have many fabric color options.

To complete the ensemble, sofa owners have the option of buying a set which contains ottomans, tables and other accessories. Outdoor sofa sectional seating is also available which consists of multiple sofas that can be split apart and slid into a new orientation.

Whether wicker or metal, an outdoor sofa can become an integral part of an outdoor space, providing comfort and function at the same time.

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