The Elegance of a Bistro Table Set

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Bistro table sets are quite common in places like upscale coffee shops and other designer establishments. These appealing furniture pieces can be a part of your own backyard, as they come in convenient matching set packages.

These sets include a table and at least one matching chair. Featured in an astonishing amount of colors, designs and patterns, bistro sets are becoming increasingly popular for home use. The bistro design provides a great place to talk and dine in a pleasing outdoor environment.

The small centralized table brings people close together for good conversation. The tables are designed small to promote light dinings such as with coffee, tea or small sandwiches. Some sets can fold up to be stored between uses.

As with any type of outdoor furniture, it helps to know what you’re getting before you buy. Let’s take a closer look at bistro table sets.

The Elegance of a Bistro Table Set

The Bistro Style

Bistro furniture sets can vary widely in their design, but have several unifying traits. These sets consist of a small central table with 1-2 chairs around it. The chairs themselves can be straight or modestly curved depending on the style.

Decorative designs and patterns are often engraved or cut into the back and seat portions. These cut-out designs also allow good air flow on your body while sitting. The quaint and functional central table can be used for setting your cappuccino, snacks, novels, or even laptops on.

Each individual uses their bistro table set in a slightly different way. Bistro sets work well when placed under a protective shade such as a patio awning or gazebo. All of the components of a bistro table set work in conjunction to co-exist with their users and surroundings.

Choosing a particular bistro style is based upon personal preference, and is often chosen to match the current decor of a home. A flat surface is always recommended to maintain stability. After all, nobody like to have hot coffee spilled onto their lap.

Dimensions and Ergonomics

The Elegance of a Bistro Table Set

In addition to looks, one must take care to purchase a bistro set that will fit their body style and functional needs. Tall individuals will be pleased to know that some bistro sets have “high back” chairs. These chairs have a namesake back section that is taller than normal chairs, providing better support.

Choosing the height of the table in relation to the chairs is also essential. Some people like having the table top lower than their lap, while others like it higher. Personal preference comes into play when deciding on the perfect outdoor bistro set.

Bistro chairs can either have a curved or flat back. The curved backs provide better ergonomics because they conform to the body better than a flat one. However, some people claim that the curved chairs are more restricting and less open. Chairs with pads are recommended if you plan on sitting in the chairs for over 30 minutes.

Pads require extra care but can provide much-needed comfort. If your padded set is not kept under the protection of an awning, bring them inside between uses to keep the pad in good condition. Since a bistro set consists of only a small folding table and chairs, they are easy to store and move around the yard.

Extra Chairs

Since bistro table sets cycle through retailers rather quickly, it is important that you buy what you need when it is on the market. If you wait too long and discover that you wanted a couple extra chairs, you may find that your set is no longer in production. Even if you don’t plan on using additional chairs, it is wise to keep a couple on hand for unexpected guests or backyard events. Having chairs that fold can help in their storage between uses.

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