Backyard Illumination With Patio Lights

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Lighting up the night doesn’t have to be a chore if you know what you’re looking for. This guide intends to inform readers of the many types of patio lights available today.

The basic light fixtures that come built into a home are often not sufficient enough to provide proper lighting. Yards and gardens can be expansive places, requiring several types of lights to achieve the right look and feel.

Many types of patio lights exist which serve the dual purpose of being decorative and functional. For example, patio string lights are a classy and fun way to add lighting to unexpected areas like bushed and patio awnings.

Umbrella lights add functional lighting to a patio umbrella to result in a classy and surreal look. Homeowners often choose to incorporate several types of patio lights to achieve their creative vision.

Patio String Lights

String lights are a creative way to add lighting to unexpected areas like bushes and patio awnings.  String lights have a series of light bulbs along a powered cord that have a decorative cover over them.

The light shines through these decorative covers to produce amazing colors and designs. One popular kind of string lights are the ones with Asian paper lantern covers. These covers come in shapes like squares and spheres and usually are folded in an accordion style.

You can find patio string lights with covers ranging from pink flamingos to color changing butterflies. These lights are hung from a series of hooks or clips, or simply placed over a bush or in a tree.

Some models are specifically designed for patio awnings.

Animal and Floral Themed Lights

Animal and Floral Themed Lights

We’ll start off with a more exotic type of patio light. Many patio light systems are modeled in the likeness of whimsical and colorful plants and animals.

A cute butterfly or delicate tulip can be the perfect addition to a garden or yard.

Whether you line them up along a path or stagger them in your fauna for a more natural look, these lights add a decorative flair to an otherwise bland and dark environment. For example, a set of tulip light stakes is on the market which comes in the colors of red, purple and yellow.

Place them within a flower bed to create a lighted flower garden at night. If animals are more your thing, check out the Smart Solar ladybug lights.

These cute ladybugs come with four light in the pack and glow bright red in the dark. No wiring is necessary, as a single solar panel generates the power needed to light them up. Floating lights modeled after fish are a cool way to light up a pool.

These are just a few of the many animal and plant shaped lights available.

Patio Umbrella Lights

If you have a patio umbrella or plan on getting one, don’t forget that you can light them up with patio umbrella lights. These lights connect to your umbrella to provide light to the table or sitting area underneath.

This is an unexpected and creative way to add functional and decorative outdoor patio lighting to your yard.

Patio umbrella lights come in two type- one that attaches to the umbrella’s pole and the other which connects to each vein of the umbrella. Some models are solar powered, meaning that they don’t require an unsightly extension cord to operate.

Solar patio lights are the easiest and quickest way to add lighting to a yard.
Solar umbrella lights are ready to use right out of the box.

Walkway and Path Lights

Perhaps the most frequently used type of patio light are the ones intended for walkways, garden paths and for lining borders. Walkway lights have a more functional and professional feel than the themed lights discussed earlier.

Users typically line these lights up at equal intervals to define boundaries in their yard while making it safer. When used as outdoor garden lights, users line the fixtures up along their garden border or even stagger them within the shrubbery.

Styles range from modernistic stainless steel to more homely lantern style. Solar powered models are extremely popular because they can be stuck into the ground right out of the box.

Low voltage patio lights require a power cord and transformer for an operation which can be considerably more difficult to install.

A combination of the above patio light choices is usually the best way to express creativity while creating a functional patio environment.

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