Variations In Outdoor Patio Lighting

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This guide covers different types of outdoor patio lighting such as lanterns, string outside lights, table lights and more. 

Patios may come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is clear: any patio space can benefit from the addition of outdoor patio lights.

The reason for this is simply that a dark and dreary outdoor space can be an unpleasant place to be.

Lighting, whether it be for function or decoration, is better than none at all.

What some people don’t realize is that it doesn’t take an electrician and thousands of dollars to create an amazing lighted patio. Many outdoor light fixtures run on solar power and can be placed directly into the yard.

Lights that are wired can often be plugged into a wall outlet nearby. With so many types of outdoor patio lights available, choosing which ones you like best can be more difficult than the installation.

Most people use a combination of different light fixtures to achieve the look they want. 


Outdoor Patio Lighting

Patio lights modeled after lanterns can add a wonderfully quaint charm to a patio. Classical lanterns come in many forms ranging from string lights to table-top models.

One of my favorite lanterns lights are the solar powered ones that hang on a Sheppard’s hook.  These patio lanterns can be placed in any soft ground by sticking the metal hook into it.

The lantern hangs on the hook, emitting a soft candle-like glow in the yard. Patio lanterns often have yellowish glass or plastic panes to create filtered yellow light which simulated the light from a candle.

Some lanterns go a step further and create a flickering effect from the light bulb inside. Table-tops lanterns are a great way to instantly light up a table.

Eating an outdoor dinner in the presence of a surreal lantern light makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

String Lights

String lights are one of the most versatile types of outdoor patio lighting because they can be placed just about anywhere. Whether you hang them from a tree or from your patio awning, string lights are extremely flexible in their placement options.

Patio string lights consist of a long cord with multiple light emplacements on its length. Each light bulb is enclosed within a decorative cover.

These covers are made from plastic or rubber and allow light to filter through. Covers range widely in designs from glass rainbow spheres to themed covers like butterflies or flowers.

As expected, solar-powered versions are available which use a solar panel at one end to power the entire string.

People have found many creative ways to use string outdoor patio lighting, including hanging them on trees and draping them over doorways and even gazebos.

Ground Lights

Patio lighting can extend far beyond the most widely used areas of your patio. Out in the yard, ground lights can light the way by bordering paths, gardens, flower beds, sidewalks and more.

Ground lights are typically composed of a stake with a light pod on top. Solar powered ground lights have a solar panel which sits on top of the light pod.

Wired ground lights require a bit more work during installation, such as the routing of underground wires. Most homeowners choose the solar-powered ground lights for their ease of use, power efficiency and lightning-quick installation time.

Ground lights add safety and security to a patio by clearly defining the boundaries in a yard so users can avoid obstacles. The largest kinds of in-ground mounts are outdoor pole lights.

These mounts are often permanently fixed into the ground with concrete. They are often very tall and imposing structures in a yard.

Umbrella Lights

If you have a patio umbrella, there are additional lighting options available to you. Patio umbrellas can be equipped with special lights the clip onto the umbrella frame, effectively lighting the table underneath.

This type of outdoor patio light is not widely used yet, most likely because many people are not aware of them. Umbrella outdoor patio lighting is a great way to add unexpected charm to a patio environment.

The lights clip on easily and last for many years (LED models).

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