Illumination With a Solar Patio Umbrella

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A solar patio umbrella provides more than just shade from the sun. These specialized umbrellas are equipped with LED lights on the underside that glow brightly at night.

These lights are powered by solar technology, meaning that the umbrella requires no external power source. Absorbing energy from the sun during the day, the solar panel on top provides all the power it will ever need.

These umbrellas come in many sizes just like regular ones and provide excellent shading benefits from the piercing sun. Typically, if a person wanted to put lights on their existing umbrella, they would have to purchase and attach them manually.

Buying a pre-lit umbrella saves money and time, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your yard and less time adjusting light fixtures.

Solar umbrellas have poles that fit into your existing table or free-standing mount. Companies like Sunergy and Southern Patio make a full line of these amazing products.

Solar Technology

Solar Patio Umbrella

A solar patio umbrella looks just like any other umbrella except for a few important details. Upon closer inspection, you will see that the veins underneath the umbrella’s covering are lines with LED light bulbs.

These bulbs connect to a solar panel that is mounted to the top of the umbrella. During the day, direct sunlight hits this photovoltaic panel, converting it into electrical energy. This energy is then stored in a set of rechargeable batteries which provide power to the patio lights at night.

A tiny light sensor tells the lights to turn on automatically at dusk, allowing for hands-free operation. An on/off switch allows users to manually turn the light on or off if desired. The batteries for the solar patio umbrella lights only need to be replaced about every two years.

The LED light bulbs in these systems have a practically limitless lifespan of 100,000 hours.

Colors and Styles

Choosing a solar patio umbrella is like choosing a new car- you might not know exactly what color or style you want until you see it first hand. Many retailers offer great pictures and descriptions on the internet so you can make a decision without making a trip.

Solar patio umbrellas are featured in many colors. The fabric used in the protective cover can vary between manufacturers, but share the same trait of providing UV protection from the sun. Umbrellas come in both square and circular sizes and mount from a steel or aluminum pole.

The square umbrellas are mostly used in free-standing mounts to cover seating area by the poolside or by the patio, etc. Circular umbrellas are commonly seen mounted to an umbrella-compatible table.

Uses of Solar Umbrella Lights at Night

Without adequate lighting on in our backyard, it probably won’t get used. Outdoor lighting options are often difficult to install, preventing people from turning their backyard into an enjoyable place to spend an evening.

Patio umbrella lights defy convention by providing instant light exactly where you need it. Under the soft glow of the umbrella’s LED lights, users can enjoy a meal, watch the stars or engage in pleasant conversation.

Because the light is positioned directly overhead, light encompasses the entire area below.

Outdoor patio lighting can drastically improve the look and feel of any yard.

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