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There are quite a few different ways to get rid of the pests we call mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are small and hard to see, making them elusive and difficult to eliminate. These pests reproduce by laying eggs in standing water, which is why you should check around your home to see if they have an established breeding ground. If the area is dry, you may need to rely on one or more of the mosquito killer products covered in this guide. Mosquito control products are designed to attract and kill these insects, drawing them away from humans and pets. Mosquito Killer

Electric Mosquito Zapper

Mosquito zappers are designed to attract flying bugs to an electric grid using a special light source. The light used in the device emits special wavelengths of light that bugs such as mosquitoes are attracted to. By placing one of these lights in your yard, you effectively draw the pests away from you and your family. Mosquito killer zappers should be placed out in the yard away from doors and windows so that the mosquitoes are drawn away from the home. These light zappers can cover an impressive amount of space, with the average around 1/2 acre. Some zappers supplement their light with mosquito-attracting scent cartridges which need occasional replacement and are optional. When a flying pest enters the light grid, it is immediately zapped with electricity quickly and painlessly. Some zappers feature fans which such mosquitoes into the light when they approach. Overall, light zappers are a cost effective and efficient way to eliminate mosquitoes and other flying bugs.

Mosquito Killer

Propane Mosquito Trap

Mosquitoes find their hosts by sensing carbon dioxide in the air. Humans and other mammals exhale carbon dioxide, which is how mosquitoes find us to suck our blood. Propane mosquito killer traps use this concept against them, generating carbon dioxide to lure the bugs into a trap. Using an electronic ignition button, a propane flame is generated which runs constantly. When burned, the propane gas is converted into CO2, attracting the mosquitoes to the machine. A fan may or may not be used to suck the mosquitoes into the trap. Some units use sticky traps, while others use the propane flame to burn the bugs to a crisp. Within several weeks of operation you will notice a dramatic decrease in the amount of flying insects around your home. A standard 20 gallon propane tank is needed (not included with purchase). Some propane traps require electricity, while others operate independently from propane power. Consumer models generally cover 1 acre, while commercial models can cover much more area. Mosquito Killer

Racket Zapper

For individuals who want to take a more proactive approach to pest elimination, the racket zapper allows them to settle a personal score with these foes. Powered by batteries, this tennis-racket style zapper allows users to swat and kill mosquitoes on the spot. Electric shock kills flying bugs quickly and easily. It is compact enough to be brought along to the park, outdoor events or anywhere else you need a mosquito killer on the go. An on/off button activates and deactivates the net.

Standing Trap

A simple mosquito killer solution, a standing trap is simply a bucket or bag with an attractant inside. Usually disposable, these traps have a sticky solution at the bottom, causing mosquitoes to become trapped. They can be placed in problematic areas both indoors and out. The sticky solution does emit a smell but is usually not overpowering. When large amounts of dead mosquitoes collect inside, it is time to throw the trap in the garbage.

Mosquito Killer

Water Additives

The best solution to a mosquito problem is finding their breeding ground and eliminating it. This may not always be possible, as their breeding site could be in a neighbor's backyard and inaccessible. However, there are key areas around the home where mosquitoes like to breed. In backyard ponds and birdbaths, water often stands still. This "stagnant" water is ideal for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Fortunately you can treat the water with water additives. These often come in pellet or granule form and get added to any standing water. If you have animals which drink the water from these places, make sure that the water additives you buy are not harmful to animals. When used properly, mosquito killers can make your outdoor experience bite-free.


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