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To transcend above boring and uncomfortable garden furniture, one must look no further than a garden hammock. Hammocks have become so much more than the simplistic camping bed we know all too well. Garden hammocks are a new breed altogether. If you’ve never taken a nap in a hammock before, then you are in for a real treat. Garden hammocks basically a fabric canvas that is attached to a mount from both ends. Users sleep or lounge on the canvas as it conforms to their every curve. Hammocks have a way of evenly distributing body weight, taking stress off joints. The sensation of floating on air as you swing from side to side is an enthralling experience. Garden hammocks are highly accessible to consumers and can be used right in your own backyard.

Where Can A Garden Hammock Be Placed?

Garden Hammock

When you think hammock, you’re probably picturing a piece of flimsy fabric strung to two trees. Actually, most garden hammock canvases are designed to hang from a freestanding metal mount, which often comes with the hammock at purchase. These mounts can be highly decorative and shaped into different patterns. The most basic mount consists of a piece of angled metal tubing with stabilizer legs. The hammock canvas is hung from the loops on either end. These revolutionary mounts allow users to place a hammock anywhere that level ground resides. The mounts allow users to swing from side to side while remaining stable and safe.One feature I recommend is a mount with rollers. Rollers make it a lot easier to move the hammock around the yard/garden. Just lift up one end and roll the mount to the new location.


The canvas is the part where users sit on, and can be manufactured in a couple different ways. The picture above shows a “net” hammock, where canvas is made out of cotton rope woven into a net. Other canvases are made from solid woven polyester and nylon (synthetic materials). Some synthetic canvases feature a fine mesh to allow for ample air flow, keeping the user cool. If you want to stay cool, a net or mesh canvas is best. choosing a canvas is a matter of personal preference. The netted varieties tend to wrap around and conform the body more, while the fabric ones stay more rigid but don’t conform to the body as well. Fabric ones are usually easier to get in/out of.

Length: It’s always a good idea to purchase a garden hammock that has a long enough canvas. The last thing you want is to have your feet and head sticking out of each end. If there are both adults and children in the household, a full sized hammock will work for both, as large canvases can be used by small individuals with no problem. Manufacturers will state clearly how long the canvas is.


Garden Hammock

A hammock is not only the most comfortable outdoor furniture available, but is also an outlet of self expression. Both canvases and mounts come in beautiful colors and styles, ranging from modern to rustic. Metal is not the only mount option available, as shown in the picture. Curved woods are also used which are stained or painted and finished with a weather resistant seal. Wood mounts can be left out in the open but should be treated with oils and cleaned regularly. Metal stands are coated to prevent rusting. Canvases come in many colors and often match the mount. The textures and designs are truly limitless.


Garden Hammock
Hammock Mister

Head Pillow: The addition of a head pillow can add more comfort to your hammock experience. Some people feel that they need a little extra support around the head or neck area while lounging in their hammock. An under-knee pillow can also be used to support the legs and take pressure off the back.

Soft Throw: A dedicated soft blanket or throw can keep you warm and toasty on a chilly night or morning.

Cup Holder/Caddy: Special attachments for holding your drinks and magazines are available that can be bought separately. Drink holders can hold a beverage bottle, and caddies hold thing like novels and cell phones. Only closed top beverages are recommended as an open top co ntainer may spill during rocking.

Misters: Believe it or not, there are water mister systems specially designed for attachment to a garden hammock. They use water from your hose to create a cooling mist perfect for hot summer days.

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