Log Holder Advantages and Types

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If you love to burn wood in the fireplace or outdoor fire pit, it makes sense to keep a supply of split logs on hand. Storing logs can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tool, specifically, something called a log holder.

Log Holder Advantages 

log holder

Log holders provide a refined and organized way to store small to large amounts of logs. Individuals who chop their own wood for warmth during the winter often use large log holders.

More casual wood burners can make better use of a smaller holder.

Besides organizing the wood, they keep it off the ground, away from bugs and moisture which can lead to decay.

Types of Log Holders

Classic Fire Log Holder

Log holders come in many shapes and sizes. This guide covers many of the log racks available to help you find the right one for your needs.

Classic Log Holder

While no single log holder can claim to be the original, the long, wide varieties seem to be the most widely used. These versions consist of a long rack with a retainer wall on each side.

Logs are placed on the rack and stacked in an orderly fashion until they reach the top. These holders are measured in the width of the rack, which can range from 3 to 9 feet and beyond.

They are typically made from steel or wood that has been weatherproofed for durability. Because of the flat shape, they often work well when placed up against a wall such as your home or shed.

Individuals concerned about the logs attracting bugs can place the holder off of the house somewhere. Users that want to take a more customized approach should consider buying a log rack kit.

These kits come with the two side walls with no bottom shelf. Users make the shelf out of wood that is cut to their desired length.

A kit allows users to make a log holder the exact length that they want. In addition, a log holder cover is highly recommended to keep your wood dry.

These covers are placed over the rack to protect the wood from rainwater.

Log Hoop / Fireplace Log Holder

People who live in urban areas don’t need a large amount of log storage. Smaller log holders are available to keep a more modest amount of split logs available for burning.

These types come in two basic designs: the log hoop and fireplace rack.

The hoops are designed just like the name implies, with a metal hoop that holds the logs inside. This sleek design is both decorative and functional.

Fireplace log holders often look like miniature classic ones and sit near the fireplace for quick access. Fireplace racks can also be placed outside on the patio near your fire pit.

Some fireplace log holders include a set of handy tools for cleaning and tending the fireplace during and between uses.

Tools like a shovel and broom make quick work of ashes, while a fire pick can help stir up the flames during a winter night.

Log Holder With Canvas

A canvas is simply a piece of plastic or fabric with a handle on each side. This device aids in the transport of multiple logs at one time.

Users place the canvas on the ground and stack log on top of it. Users then carry the logs to their log rack and place the canvas right inside it- no unloading necessary.

Some log racks are designed with this handy functionality and include both the rack and canvas with purchase.

Log Holder Covers

If your log holder will be kept outside exposed to the sky, then I highly suggest purchasing a cover for your holder.

Wet logs can be very hard to burn and can take days or weeks to fully dry.

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