Husqvarna Weed Eater

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The name Husqvarna speaks of durable and powerful tools of all sorts. While their lawn mowers are an essential component of anyone’s yard, a Husqvarna weed serves as an excellent side-kick.

They currently manufacture several different weed eaters, both in gas and electric models.

As with all Husqvarna products, you can expect to find an abundance of extra features for comfort and function.

Husqvarna Weed Eater

Features such as detachable shafts, lightweight design and precision machined components provide a great deal of value to the consumer.

The company is even known to provide Husqvarna weed eater parts to get your machine up and running once again.

Here are a couple of models to get you started

Model 128LD – Straight Shaft Gasoline 28cc• Utilize the full potential of this tool with the optional attachments
• Clearly defined edge
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Model 128C – Curved Shaft Gasoline 24cc• The T25 trimmer head is designed for simple and easy line reloading
• Features a 27. 6cc 2-cycle engine which powers the 17 inch trimmer head

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Model 128LD – Straight Shaft Gasoline 28cc

This weed eater is equipped with a powerful 28cc engine.

Unlike many gasoline hand tools, this product is exceptionally lightweight and portable. It can be used for a variety of jobs, including trimming brush or refining the grass lawn.

Husqvarna Weed Eater
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And because it’s a straight shaft, you get maximum power, minus a bit of maneuverability. A common problem among weed eaters is the difficulty in finding a place to store them.

The 128LD has a detachable shaft which reduces the length of the unit in half, making it easy to store.

The Smart Start system makes it easy to start the engine up- no more endless pulling. Both the guard and plastic engine case are featured in bright orange so you’ll never lose it.

The wide handle allows for a good grip even when tilted.

Model 128C – Curved Shaft Gasoline 24cc

Curved shaft weed eaters are known for being slightly less powerful but easier to handle. The curved design allows for greater maneuverability around obstacles, and leaves the arms in a comfortable position.

This Husqvarna weed eater has a 24cc engine which although less powerful than the first example, is still a force to be reckoned with. An engine of less power is needed because of the curved shaft.

Husqvarna Weed Eater

The drive cable in the shaft is under greater stress being than it has to supply torque through a curve.

Use this great weed eater to work around delicate plants and on the sides of driveways. It has a wide 16’’ cutting diameter to cut through as much material as possible in a single run.

Husqvarna even includes a bottle of oil that you can mix with gasoline and pour it into the fuel tank. The trimmer is easily reloaded with a new string by removing a single bolt.

Husqvarna Weed Eater
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The Homelite weed wacker is also highly regarded in the lawn care community.

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