Duraworx Products

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Duraworx Products

Duraworx offer a selection of quality products.

It’s important that we have all the necessary tools we need to maintain our garden. It also helps us with our DIY outdoor projects.

Moving around and working on our outdoor projects will be easy if we have the equipment we need. Here is a list of Duraworx tools that are perfect for every gardener.

Duraworx Gloves

Duraworx offers a variety of unisex work gloves for the garden.

Their highest quality models are made with real leather on the exterior, keeping the hands safe from thorns and blisters. Some of these gloves incorporate Spandex material in the back to allow for expansion while fitting the gloves over hands of all sizes.

Their heavy-duty glove line features a Velcro strap on the wrist which prevents the gloves from falling off the hands while working.

They also make simple, bright colored gardening gloves which are intended for light duty jobs such as potting and seeding. All Duraworx gloves are easily washable.

Editor’s Note: Most of these Duraworx products are not conveniently available on Amazon, so we’ve added a few alternatives for you.

Duraworx Products

Duraworx Hand Tools

All Duraworx hand tools are made out of aluminum which is resistant to corrosion.

The aluminum runs through the entire handle to balance and strengthen the tool. Their hand shovel has a built-in depth gauge for digging the right depth for bulbs every time.

Duraworx’s trowel tool, used for spreading soil, has two finely crafted spoke wheels on the end to spread soil evenly for seeding preparation.

Duraworx also makes a wonderful 2.5 pound pick mattock which has a lightweight, indestructible fiberglass handle.

Duraworx Fireplace Gloves

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Duraworx ProductsDuraworx Hose Reel Cart

The hose reel carts from Duraworx can store up to 250 feet of garden hose, depending on the thickness of the hose. These metal carts are coated in powder coat paint for durability.

Four pneumatic wheels on the cart allows for smooth transport of the hose between areas of the yard.

Hoses are reeled into storage by turning the handle on the front. To use the hose, simply give the hose a tug and it will pull out easily.

All carts come with a 6 foot long leader hose for connection with a water spigot. Also included is a respectable 1 year warranty.

Duraworx ProductsDuraworx Garden Carts

These garden carts are perhaps the most popular product from Duraworx.

They offer both 600 and 1200 pound capacity model which are designed to haul debris around the yard. These low maintenance carts have handles on the front for easy pulling.

The four pneumatic wheels give the carts a wide stance for stability on all terrain.

Most interesting is the dumping feature which tips the container over for safe and pain-free unloading. Their heavy duty (1200lb) model has a special D-handle which can connect to a garden tractor for pulling.

Duraworx ProductsDuraworx Tarps

The tarps from Duraworx come in all sizes.

They are available in the color combinations of blue/green and brown/tan.

Bordering the edges of the tarps are aluminum grommets for use in tying down the tarp with cordage.  The grommets are spaced at 24 inch intervals.

All corners are reinforced with extra material in order to prevent tearing.


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  2. I bought a pair of DURAWORX gloves about 2 months ago and, with average use gardening, the seams on sevetal of the fingers have split. I won't be buying DURAWORX gloves again. Erwin Jones


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