Duraworx Plastic Dump Cart

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Gardeners have their work cut out for them.

Many gardeners transport heavy loads of soil, rocks and plat materials around the garden on a daily basis. Moving this material with a shovel and bucket can be quite a demanding task.

Wheelbarrows might seem like a good tool for the job, but they have a tendency to tilt over and be difficult to keep level.

A Duraworx plastic dump cart can change all that with its four sturdy wheels for stability and durable plastic material bucket.

Duraworx Plastic Dump Cart

A full load of material can easily be dumped out onto the ground by tilting the cart upward using the handle. Both carts in the Duraworx line have large air-filled tires, ensuring a smooth ride across uneven terrain.

Duraworx Dumping Garden Cart• 600 pounds of weight capacity
• Durable
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Deluxe Duraworx Plastic Dump Cart• Can easily be dumped
• Steel frame

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Duraworx Dumping Garden Cart

Duraworx Plastic Dump Cart

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Featured in a soft green color ideal for garden environments, Duraworx’s garden cart is the smaller of the two models.

However, it packs a remarkable 600 pounds of weight capacity. Fill it up to the brim with rocks, soil or anything else you need transported with ease.

The plastic bucket can take a beating, too. Only dense, crack resistant plastic is used in the construction of these buckets.

Unlike wheelbarrows, Duraworx carts have four wheels for maximum stability.

The wheels take all of the weight, eliminating strain on the body. Each wheel is pneumatic, meaning that they are filled with air.

They form a soft cushion between the ground and the cart, minimizing vibration which could jostle the load onto the ground. At 10 inches in diameter, the wheels are large enough to traverse over uneven ground without much trouble.

Duraworx makes it easy to dump a full load with the hinged bucket mechanism.

At the base of the bucket near the handle is a small bar which users pull up on to tilt the bucket. The plastic bucket sits on a hinge which allows it to tilt over.

The Duraworx garden cart is easy to clean between loads, only requiring a quick hose down to remove dirt from the plastic. The metal components are coated with paint to protect them from rust.

Deluxe Duraworx Plastic Dump Cart

 Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame

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With a generous weight capacity of 1200 pounds, this deluxe cart can handle any job you can throw at it. The pneumatic wheels have been upgraded to 13 inches in diameter to keep transport smooth.

Duraworx has has replaced the standard handle with a “D-handle” which can be converted to a tractor pulling bar if desired. This cart features the same type of easy-to-use dumping mechanism as its smaller companion.

Moving large amounts of heavy materials has never been so easy. These carts get excellent reviews and are apparently here to stay.

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  1. I just have to say, I bought this DuraWorx cart many years ago and you can't imagine what I have put it though…. Having said that once I moved and forgot my cart and yes I did go back, find it and we were together again. I just finished hauling rocks with it today. It's very lite green now, broken hinge in front and the other day I put new bolts in to hold wagon part to frame…. A++++++++++ I LOVE THIS CART!!! Great job DURAWORX.


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