Water Trampoline Care and Use

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Water Trampoline Care and Use

A water trampoline is a floating platform which has a spring loaded trampoline pad in the center. These toys actually float on the water, allowing users to jump directly into the lake. They inflate using an electric motor and can support both children and adults.

How to Inflate a Water Trampoline

Most types of high volume electric pumps will be able to inflate a water trampoline in a short time. Total setup takes about 2 hours, but inflation only takes approximately 30 minutes.

Unlike water bouncers, water trampolines have metal frames and springs which take time to setup. Pumps which are capable of inflation and deflation are recommended to allow for both setup and take-down.

A leaf blower would work in a pinch; say if you were in a location with no electricity. The trampoline surface should be quite firm to the touch. After you are done using the trampoline, it should be deflated for easy storage.

Storage in Winter

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Disassembling your water trampoline for the winter is highly recommended. Leaving it out in the water will reduce the lifespan of the product.

Water Depth

The water should be at least 8 feet for safe trampoline use. You can use a rock tied to a rope to test water depth. Also, ensure that the trampoline is set up at least 30 feet away from land and docks.

Anchoring the Water Trampoline

Along the edges of water trampolines are various metal loops which can be used to anchor the unit. Cinder blocks or marine anchors work well for anchoring it to the lake floor.

Buoys and moorings also work well. Anywhere from one to four anchors will be needed for secure anchoring, depending on wind speed. Avoid using the trampoline in extreme water currents.

Land Use

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Water trampoline is not designed to be used on land. Besides the risk of falling off the side onto hard ground, a rip or puncture is likely to occur.


If a leak is suspected, pull the inflatable trampoline onto a soft land surface and spray it down with water. Look for bubbles forming on the surface.

Also, use your sense of hearing to detect escaping air. These trampolines come with repair kits that can patch up holes up to one quarter inch in size.


Prior to storing your trampoline away, clean any debris from the exterior. Algae and other particles from the lake should be removed.

Feel free to use mild soap and water, but do not use any harsh cleaners. After letting it dry, roll it up and store it in a sealed plastic container or tarp.

The metal components can be stored out in the open, such as in the corner of a garage.

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