Orb-Style Solar Garden Lights

Some of the most innovative solar garden lights are the ones which feature glass orbs. These lights have LED bulbs encased within a glass sphere, illuminating the entire sphere in a splash of color. Many models have the ability to cycle through multiple colors. They make for ideal garden lights […]

Ultimate Guide to Tiki Torches

Tiki torches are a delight to have in the yard due to the fact that they use real flames for illumination. These interesting torches have a fuel reservoir hidden inside a decorative casing. A wick soaks up the fuel and is lit at the top, creating a safe and controllable […]

MR16 LED Bulbs

One of the most popular forms of LED lighting for multipurpose use are the MR16 LED bulbs. These types of bulbs incorporate a bundle of LED’s in a compact form. They are unlike regular bulbs in that they require a two socket fixture to be used. Two socket fixtures are […]

Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans and Lighting

Hampton Bay lighting, furniture and home accessories offers an unprecedented amount of customization for any home. Their products are of the utmost quality and come in a mind boggling amount of colors and designs. Whether you need a ceiling fan for the bedroom or a set of custom kitchen cabinets, […]

Christmas Yard Decorations

Helpful Christmas Light Products Sticky Mounts Drilling holes for nails has become a thing of the past. Adhesive-backed sticky mounts are available from companies like 3M. These mounts stick onto multiple outdoor surfaces, including stucco, glass, brick and wood. The adhesive on the back of the plastic clips is quite […]