8 Best Soaker Hose Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Plants need proper and adequate irrigation to thrive. Fortunately, over time, various applications have been introduced for correctly irrigating plants and gardens – like sprinkler controllers, expandable garden hoses, and soaker hoses.

A soaker hose is one such innovation that has made watering plants efficient and effective. 

A soaker hose is a porous tube that distributes water evenly throughout a yard or garden bed. This low-investment garden tool is a magnificent method to conserve water and irrigate your garden. 

For anyone buying a soaker hose, going through our list of the 8 best soaker hoses will surely be beneficial in your hunt for a long-lasting watering tool.

Our Top Picks for The Best Soaker Hose

  1. Water Right Soaker Hose
  2. Melnor Soaker Hose 
  3. Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose 
  4. Taisia Soaker Hose 
  5. Rocky Mountain Soaker Hose 
  6. Sunseed Soaker Hose 
  7. Green Mount Soaker Hose 
  8. LINEX Garden Soaker Hose
Water Right Soaker Hose• Sturdy and drips evenly
• UV stabilized polyurethane
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Melnor Soaker Hose• Extremely flexible
• Flattens for easy storage

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Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose• Made of 100% environmentally
• Clog-resistant fabric cover
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Taisia Soaker Hose• Perfect Delivery of Water
• Lightweight and Duranle
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Rocky Mountain Soaker Hose• Adjustable drip rate
• Helps avoid evaporation
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Sunseed Soaker Hose• Fitting of Soaker Hose
• Variety of Sizes Available
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Green Mount Soaker Hose• Flatten Size for Easy Storage
• Extremely Flexible and Versatile
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LINEX Garden Soaker Hose• Flatten Size for Easy Storage
• Extremely Flexible and Versatile
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We have provided a detailed description of each of these hoses below. Read on to find out what suits your watering requirements the best. Do not consider to forget factors such as frequency of watering, placement of hose, and the size of your outdoor gardening area.

8 Best Soaker Hose Reviews

#1. Water Right Soaker Hose

Water Right Soaker Hose
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This lightweight polyurethane soaker hose eliminates the problem of tangling hoses. It has been specially engineered for strain reliefs on both ends to prevent hose kink and for flexibility in all temperatures. 

The solid, chrome-plated, lead brass fittings are long-lasting and prevent any tarnishing. Furthermore, the polyurethane used is FDA approved, making it lead-free and a safe supply for not only gardening but even drinking water.  

This 50-feet long soaker hose with UV stabilized polyurethane blends in well with mulch and pine bark, thus eliminating the need to hide it. 

What We Liked 

  • Sturdy and drips evenly.
  • Can withstand enough water pressure to be effective 
  • Flexible enough to make a turn without bending and preventing water flow 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Occasionally inconsistent water supply

#2. Melnor Soaker Hose 

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Melnor is known for its innovative garden products to maintain healthy and lush green gardens. These soaker hoses are unique due to their flat shape, which makes them convenient to store. Additionally, this hose can extend up to 75 feet and is extremely flexible. 

The two extra filter washers ensure a leak-free seal, making it a durable and long-lasting garden tool. Not to mention, these washers can even be used if the existing one gets lost or becomes worn out. It can even drip a lot of water into the ground within a short period without losing much of it to evaporation.

This connectable soaker hose can roll up nicely, making it hassle-free to store and use. 

What We Liked

  • It can be moved around without hassle
  • Available in a range of lengths 
  • Water flows evenly through the entire length of the hose.

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Prone to a lot of kinking 

#3. Gilmour Flat Soaker Hose

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The Gilmour flat soaker hose is one of the best soaker hoses and has a unique construction. It provides gentle, even, and efficient water flows via low-pressure weeping. This lightweight and flexible water soaker hose is appropriate for watering new seedlings, gardens, shrubs, and bushes as well. 

Its construction is stronger than normal rubber soakers since it is made from perforated PVC covered in fabric. Moreover, the fabric gives the hose extra protection from harmful ultra-violet rays making it more durable. Other than that, less water flowing through the pores allows for water conversation and improves the ability of the water to reach plants directly. 

Lightweight in design, the Gilmour flat soaker can be moved around easily, without disturbing the flower beds. Additionally, it can even be buried underground or placed between flowers, shrubs, trees, or vegetables.

Bonus Tip: To ensure the hose is giving its best performance, set it at 60 psi. 

What We Liked 

  • Reduces evaporation by slowing water flow 
  • Can feed water directly to the root zone of the plant 
  • It takes little time to water the garden efficiently

What We Didn’t Like 

  • It needs to be placed in the perfect position for it to work.

#4. Taisia Soaker Hose 

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Made to save up to 70% of the water normally used for gardening purposes, this soaker hose allows one to create a custom-length hose and can be staked in the garden effortlessly. It evenly waters garden beds from the beginning to the end, with a steady release on the soil line. This slow release is beneficial because it allows the soil around plants to gradually absorb the water. 

This hose is eco-friendly, lead-free, and made from 100% recyclable items, making it different from all others in our list of the best soaker hose. Additionally, UV inhibitors are incorporated into this system, making it high-quality, thick, and resilient. All these factors add up to this soaker hose being resistant to cracks and water leakage. 

Liquid fertilizer can also be distributed using this soaker hose, making fertilizing your gardens more efficient and stress-free. Since the hose delivers water directly to the roots, the water loss is minimal. Moreover, little pressure is needed to give the soil a deeper soaking, making the hose a great purchase. 

What We Liked 

  • It stays off the plants and reduces the risk of fungal diseases
  • Water flows evenly from beginning to the end
  • Lightweight due to a smaller diameter

What We Didn’t Like

  • Prone to kinking 

#5. Rocky Mountain Soaker Hose 

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This heavy-duty, double-layer design has a PVC liner that is covered with fabric for extra strength. It helps conserve 70% of generally used water by ensuring the water directly flows to the roots and avoids evaporation. Not to mention, the drip rate is adjustable based on how much pressure is applied. 

The consistency throughout its entire length is the most beneficial factor of the hose. Further on, the nylon material of the pipe makes it convenient to carry and store.

Made to ensure durability, this soaker hose is a recommended choice for large yards or vegetable gardens. 

What We Liked 

  • Can be used to irrigate the narrow corners of the garden 
  • Adjustable drip rate 
  • Helps avoid evaporation 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Occasional instances of breakage in a few uses

#6. Sunseed Soaker Hose 

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Made from permeable 70% recycled rubber and 30% polyethylene, this soaker hose will distribute water evenly throughout the garden because of its make-up. Additionally, these materials are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, thus ensuring the water your plants get is clean. 

Adaptable to both high and low temperatures, this soaker hose can be effortlessly moved around plants. Moreover, it is even adaptable to where its placed. One can place this soaker hose both above the ground surface or beneath a layer of soil or leaves. 

What We Liked 

  • Soaker hose fittings can be connected and disconnected easily 
  • The color blends well with garden beds and mulch
  • Targets the base of plants 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Might not be able to withstand high water pressure 

#7. Green Mount Soaker Hose 

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At standard 60 PSI, this one-of-its-kind soaker hose leaks water at a rate of 2 gallons per 2 minutes, outperforming most existing recycled soaker hoses on the market. The water is spread equally throughout the hose since it is composed of PVC rather than recycled rubber, which causes an unequal quantity of water to infiltrate on both ends.

The hose barely takes up 0.15 ft of space. Thus, saving room and time when it comes to storing and organizing the hose after work. Additionally, the high tensile strength of this hose makes it durable for an end number of hot summer months over years to come. 

The corrosion-resistant end covers allow for simultaneous connection to additional hoses, while the 1/2-inch diameter threaded hose can fit any water faucet. All in all, this is a great fit for DIY gardeners looking for a budget soaker hose.

What We Liked

  • Anti-corrosion and UV protected, making it durable 
  • Compact design makes storage convenient 
  • Is bendable to cover the garden as needed 

What We Didn’t Like 

  • Brass connectors of the hose have some concentration of lead 

#8. LINEX Garden Soaker Hose

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Simple to unfold, this garden hose is high-quality, thick, durable, resilient, and has anti-oxidizing properties. Furthermore, since this hose stays under the mulch or soil, it ensures the delicate plants and foliage stay protected.

The flat design of this hose makes it super easy to store and lay down on garden beds. Moreover, the material this hose is made from makes it less prone to leakage as compared to other hoses.

What We Liked

  • It can be used in place of a sprinkler system
  • Heavy brass fittings that provide a tight seal
  • Durable even in hot weather

What We Didn’t Like

  • Low flow with a medium submersible pump

Buyers Guide to Getting the Best Soaker Hose 

Here are a few must-know aspects you must account for while purchasing the best soaker hose: 

First and foremost, understand what exactly you are buying.

What is a Soaker Hose?

The soaker hose is a piece of pipe or tubing with a perforated wall that allows water droplets to pass through and saturate the ground along its length.

The soaking rate of the water is controlled by the size and number of holes in the pipe, allowing one to turn on the hose for a predetermined amount of time to supply the needed volume of water to irrigate a garden.

The soaker hose’s shape makes it ideal for use on level, flat garden lines, where it will feed water directly to the ground. It’s ideal for watering vegetable gardens, trees and laying a line along a hedgerow or box hedge.

What is a Soaker Hose

Benefits of Using the Best Soaker Hose

There are multiple benefits attached to using a soaker hose. Here are 5 highly helpful benefits:

  • Prevents Fungal Growth

A soaker hose allows water to be supplied directly to the soil at ground level. This keeps the plant from being saturated and lowers the likelihood of fungal development.

Prevents Fungal Growth
  • Low Initial Investment

Soaker hoses are easy to use and have no complicated mechanical parts. The minimal cost of installation and operation is due to the soaker hose’s basic construction.

Even better, it may be connected to a timer to conserve water and spray only when necessary. Thus, saving further water-related bills.

  • Prevents Soil Erosion 

The soaker hose slowly distributes water into the earth. This saves water while also preventing topsoil erosion, which is common when high water pressure is utilized.

Prevents Soil Erosion
  • Weed Control 

Using a soaker hose allows having a concentrated watering area. This avoids watering weeds or other unwanted plants that are not supposed to grow. Thus, soaker hoses help get rid of weeds without applying any hazardous weed pesticides or manually removing the weeds out of the garden.

  • Retain Soil Moisture 

Water seeps straight into the soil with the soaker hose drip irrigation method. Thus, aiding in the retention of moisture and preventing excessive evaporation.

Retain Soil Moisture

Features to Look for While Buying the Best Soaker Hose

There are a few particular features that cause distinction between a general soaker hose and the best soaker hose. Learn about these features to choose the right soaker hose for your gardening activities. 

  • Design (Flat or Round) 

When buying a soaker hose, one will mainly have to choose between two options: flat or round. However, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of both will help all gardening enthusiasts make the right decision. 

A flat design hose is convenient to roll up and store, therefore saving space. Also, when installed, the flat design hose does not bulge out like the rounded ones. However, like all products, flat soaker hoses have their cons too. 

This hose is not long-lasting as the plastic cracks after just a few seasons. Further on, the cracking might get accelerated if the hose is used in direct sunlight and other exposed areas. 

Round soaker hoses are more robust than flat soaker hoses and last longer. These are constructed out of heavy-duty materials and may have numerous external coatings to protect them from harmful elements. The only con to getting around the soaker hose is the amount of space it takes up for storage.

Design (Flat or Round)
  • Soaker Hose Length 

The length of the soaker hose should be appropriate for the size of the garden. To cover the entire garden area without wasting water, the right length is critical.

A soaker hose is often available in lengths of 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet. One should look for a soaker hose style that allows them to attach an extension if required.

Having an extension allows joining one hose to another. However, the longer the hose, the more pressure will be needed to get water to reach the end of the pipe. 

  • Material of Soaker Hose

The longevity and water delivery efficiency of soaker hoses are affected by the type of material used. Rubber and plastics are the most prevalent materials used in soaker hoses. However, vinyl and polyurethane-based materials are also accessible these days.

The FDA-approved polyurethane hoses are non-toxic and environmentally safe, therefore making them perfect for gardening. 

The UV-resistant polyurethane-based hose is more suitable for any application. Even if left outside in cold temperatures, this high-quality soaker hose material will not fracture.

Material of Soaker Hose
  • Perforation Size 

The amount of water that seeps out of the soaker hose is determined by its perforation size. Having a mix of perforation sizes is recommended for a good soaker hose.

Check the water perforation rate of the hose depending on the garden and plant that needs to be watered. Doing so will ensure that the plants don’t remain overwatered or underwatered. 

  • Material of Soaker Hose

The maximum pressure rating of a soaker hose indicates the highest amount of water pressure it can handle without breaking or leaking. 

For the water to seep through the hose, the pressure on the soaker should be less than 10 psi. The water will sprinkle through the soaker hose at a higher pressure.

The pressure limit for the soaker hose may be found in the product specification. When buying a soaker hose, all DIY gardeners with large gardens should opt for getting a soaker hose with a high water pressure capacity.

Material of Soaker Hose


All DIY gardeners who wish to keep their gardens well-maintained will benefit from purchasing a soaker hose. Having a soaker hose allows one to reach all parts of the garden. Moreover, the hose can be set up in a manner that eliminates the need to water plants manually again and again. 

The market has an overwhelming number of options. Thus, we have shortlisted the best soaker hose here for your purchasing convenience. 

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