5 Best Gas Hedge Trimmers in 2023 [Review and Buying Guide]

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Overgrown bushes and hedges can make your landscape look entirely out of shape. And only a dependable hedge trimmer can help you bring it in form. 

That said, every device and gadget on the market today is either battery-powered or powered by electricity. So, why are we pursuing gas-powered hedge trimmers?

There is a certain allure and dependability in the sheer power of a gas engine. Furthermore, because there are no cables, these trimmers are a favorite among professional landscapers and people with larger yards. Also, remember that gas trimmers are highly powerful and have greater strokes per minute than electric trimmers, allowing them to easily cut through even the thickest hedge.

However, deciding which mechanical hedge trimmer is best for you might be challenging. So, the purpose of this post is to compile a list of the top gas-powered hedge trimmers currently available on the market, and to help with your research about them and make an informed decision.

Let’s be honest: there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding on the best trimmer for the yard. But don’t panic; we’re here to provide you with a comprehensive list of considerations to ponder before making a purchase.

Here’s a look at the top 5 gas hedge trimmers on the market, followed by a list of advantages you will get with a gas trimmer and a Buying Guide to help you pick the best gas hedge trimmer.

Top Gas Hedge Trimmers in 2023

Here is a list of the top 5 gas hedge trimmers that are powerful and efficient. However, we understand that investing in a hedge trimmer is a long-term commitment. As a result, we want you to choose only the best for your yard, which will be worth your money. Hence, in addition to describing the trimmer’s capabilities, we’ve included pros and cons for each product to help you out.

Poulan Pro Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer• Dual-sided stainless steel blade
• Vibration absorption
• Rotating rear handle
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Husqvarna Dual Action Hedge Trimmer• Smart start
• Auto return stop switch
• Air purge
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PROYAMA 5 in 1 Trimming Tool Multi-Functional Sets Gas Hedge Trimmer• An all-in-one product
• EPA Certificated Engine
• One Year Warranty
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SENIX Cycle Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer• 26.5cc 4QL 4-cycle full crank engine
• 22 in. laser cut dual action blades
• 1 1/8 in. cutting capacity
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MAXTRA Cordless String Trimmer with Weed Wacker/Hedge Trimmer• 5-in-1 Gas Pole Saw
• Has 42.7cc engine
• 1-year warranty & 24h service
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#1. Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch 23cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer

Poulan Pro PR2322 22-Inch 23cc 2 Cycle Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer
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If anything powerful yet affordable is anything, then it is Poulan Pro PR2322 Gas Powered Dual Sided Hedge Trimmer. But don’t let its price deceive you; this device has a slew of impressive features.

Let’s start with the engine, a two-cyclic 32cc that provides the best cutting force. This trimmer also can be reshaped, allowing you to cut through even the most thorny hedges and brushes. The Poulan gas trimmer, in particular, can cut branches up to 1 inch thick.

Another feature to look for is the trimmer’s 22″ dual-sided serrated blades, which can chop through branches up to 1″ in diameter like a breeze. 

Because of its rotating handle and quick starting feature, this trimmer is suitable for amateur and professional landscapers. In addition, this trimmer’s back handle is movable and locks in three settings. Therefore, cutting a hedge from various angles is no longer a problem with this trimmer.

The machine’s vibration absorption ability is another aspect most users would appreciate. Hence, working on thorny hedges with no vibration will reduce fatigue. In terms of weight, the PR2322 model is fairly light, weighing in at roughly 11.1 lbs. Therefore, this trimmer may be used for an extended period without feeling exhausted.

However, the hard plastic connection between the engine and the back handle is prone to fracture, which may be cited as a downside.


  • Powerful 23cc engine
  • Lightweight
  • Suiting novice as well as experienced landscapers
  • Affordable


  • Quality might be an issue
  • A few customers complained of the problematic start of the machine


The Poulan Pro PR2322 could be the appropriate choice if you have a large yard and seek a cheap gas hedge trimmer.

#2. Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc Gas 23.7-in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer 9665324-02

Husqvarna 122HD60 21.7cc Gas 23.7-in Dual Action Hedge Trimmer
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How can we talk about garden trimmers without mentioning the Husqvarna brand? This brand introduces a completely new line of lawn care products that are fashionable and effective.

The Husqvarna 122HD60 hedge trimmer embodies the brand’s mission to provide high-quality lawn trimmers in a good price bracket. However, it isn’t simply the brand name that has landed this hedge trimmer on our list. The Husqvarna 122HD60 hedge trimmer is a powerful garden tool perfect for regular use.

To begin with, this hedge trimmer is equipped with a powerful 21.7cc gas-powered engine that delivers 0.8 horsepower. However, the highlight of this unit is that, while having a powerful engine, it produces very little noise when in use.

Because of its 24-inch dual-sided blades, the Husqvarna 122HD60 trimmer is suitable for cutting smaller shrubs and heavy trimmings. Furthermore, the weight of this trimmer is only 16.2 pounds, making it easy to transport.

The smart start feature and a unique auto-return stop switch are two additional features of this trimmer. These features make it much easier to use this device. It’s also worth noting that the machine automatically returns to the start position after being switched off, thanks to the auto-return stop switch.

Like other Husqvarna products, this trimmer is equipped with a powerful mechanism that makes minimal noise. In addition, anti-vibration dampeners are also included in this variant, which absorbs trimming shocks, making operations less stressful for the user.

The product’s air purge mechanism, last but not least, can be utilized to remove extra air from the machine’s carburetor. On the downside, however, could be the trimmer’s long blade, which might pose an issue for the new landscapers.


  • Rich engine mechanism
  • Good for home gardeners
  • Easy to transfer
  • Adjustable handle
  • Anti-vibration dampers 
  • Adjustable handle


  • Long cutting blade 
  • On the expensive side 


If you enjoy gardening and don’t mind spending cash, this trimmer could be the right fit for you. It is one of the best trimmers on the market, with a long list of features.

#3. PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool, Multi-Functional Sets Gas Hedge Trimmer

PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 Trimming Tool, Multi-Functional Sets Gas Hedge Trimmer
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This trimmer comes with a 26cc 2-stroke engine that produces up to 2 horsepower, making it a multipurpose machine. The fuel mixture is 1/40, and the engine has a 700 ml fuel tank capacity. This unit’s Easy-start mechanism makes it straightforward and quick to turn on. You’ll also get an emergency stop button for an emergency shutdown.

Another advantage of this trimmer is that it comes with a one-pole (extension) hedge trimmer, which allows for pruning at a range of 8.2 to 11.4 feet. This unit also has a variety of attachments and accessories. So just invest in this, and you’ll be set without having to make any other investments.

On the other hand, you cannot use any tool or equipment, from another brand, with this machine. This is a problem since you will have to buy a new part to replace any damaged parts. Furthermore, the plastic construction of most of its components may not be appealing to some users, as long-term use will reduce the tool’s lifespan.

Also, keep in mind this trimmer is heavier than other similar products available in the market.

On the plus side, you’ll get a vibration-reducing shoulder strap, gloves, and one face protection with this machine. As a result, the PROYAMA 26cc 5 in 1 trimmer’s safety should not be a concern.


  • Versatile
  • Comes with instructions 
  • Includes a safety kit
  • Two horsepower engine
  • Includes a shoulder harness
  • Multi-angle adjustment blade
  • Low fuel consumption


  • Heavyweight
  • Plastic attachment built
  • Other brand attachments cannot be used


This trimmer comes with many tools and attachments, so it’s perfect for someone who needs to do a lot of yard work. This is a nice hedge trimmer at a good price, with easy-to-follow instructions and a safety kit.

#4. SENIX HT4QL-L 26.5 cc 4 Cycle Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer

SENIX HT4QL-L 26.5 cc 4 Cycle Gas Powered Hedge Trimmer
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SENIX is a young firm that focuses on making high-quality lawn care equipment reasonably. It’s the same with the SENIX HT4QL-L hedge trimmer.

To begin, it has a 26.5cc 4QL 4-cycle full crank engine that can effortlessly chop through thick foliage and bushes. You also won’t have to mix gas and oil using this machine. Even the bushiest hedges may be trimmed, shaped, and sculpted with this trimmer, resulting in a perfectly manicured yard.

This trimmer also features a 22-inch laser-cut blade that can cut branches up to 1 1/8″, making it a cost-effective solution to trim thicker branches. Another advantage of this trimmer is its low noise output, making it ideal for a peaceful setting. Along with producing less noise, it also produces less vibration, which reduces the fatigue experienced while using gas hedge trimmers.

The rotating handle on this SENIX trimmer is the next feature to appreciate, as it allows the machine to be used in any direction. It also weighs only 13 pounds, making it easy to transport.

Do you need any more reason to consider this trimmer? We guess not. 


  • Produces less noise
  • No vibration
  • Easy to carry
  • Moderately lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Swiveling rear handle


  • It contains no blade cover
  • You may feel some level of vibration while using it.


The SENIX HT4QL-L is a powerful trimmer well suited to heavy-duty trimmings. This machine may also be used to shape and sculpt hedges without difficulty.

#5. MAXTRA 5-in-1 Gas Pole Saw, 42.7cc 2-Cycle Reach to 16ft Cordless String Trimmer with Weed Wacker/Hedge Trimmer

MAXTRA 5-in-1 Gas Pole Saw, 42.7cc 2-Cycle Reach to 16ft Cordless String Trimmer with Weed Wacker-Hedge Trimmer
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The MAXTRA 5-in-1 Gas Pole Saw, while being the last on our list, is a powerful gasoline-powered hedge trimmer. This cordless trimmer serves as a weed wacker, hedge trimmer, and brush cutter. The 5-in-1 numerous attachments allow you to use this machine in various ways, depending on your needs.

One noteworthy feature of this device is that it is one of the best gas pole saws on the market, having a 42.7cc engine. As a result, it can be fully stretched to 14 to 15 feet and cut through even the strongest tree branch with ease.

You’ll like not only the attachments that come with this trimmer but also the tool bag that keeps everything in one place. 

The product’s instruction manual, on the other hand, is not particularly user-friendly. Its complex instructions have proven difficult for the majority of users. Some consumers have also complained about the chain loosening after prolonged use. Of course, it could result from the powerful engine’s stress, but it’s something to think about.


  • It comes with multiple attachments
  • Includes a safety tool bag
  • Highly powerful
  • Good for pole hedging 
  • 180° adjustable 
  • Easy to start
  • Cordless


  • Complex user manual
  • Loosening up of the chain
  • Tough installation


The MAXTRA 5-in-1 Gas Pole Saw is a multi-action hedging pole saw with five functions. So if you have tall bushes or hedges and money isn’t an issue, go for it.

Why Use Gas Hedge Trimmers?

This section will focus on some top advantages that will convince you to go for gas hedge trimmers over electric or battery-operated ones. That being said, a gas hedge trimmer is not free of any disadvantages, but its good points are far stronger. 

#1. The Raw Power Of Gas

No one can deny the power of gasoline engines. Therefore, referring to gas hedge trimmers as beasts is not wrong. Higher stroke, rich mechanism, and powerful output make these trimmers a great choice for household and commercial usage. 

Even through thick shrubs, gas hedge trimmers cut quickly and efficiently. As a result, these trimmers are extremely reliable. We should also add the longer blades, the majority of which are dual-sided, which are useful for extensive trimming jobs.

Another noticeable feature that cannot go unnoticed is these trimmers being cordless.

#2. Durability

Gas trimmers are more durable than electric or battery-operated trimmers. Most of these trimmers are strongly built and are meant to be used for at least 3- 6 years. 

#3. New Low-Vibration Noise and Range

As we have mentioned above, nowadays, you can choose from various gas hedge trimmers with vibration reduction features. Less vibration would mean less fatigue during prolonged trimming tasks. Additionally, companies are also focusing on making these units less noisy, ideal to be used in a quiet environment. 

#4. Longer Running Time

When compared, a gas-run hedge trimmer will give a longer running time than an electric hedge trimmer. Because these machines are powered by gasoline and do not require batteries or electricity, they can work for hours as long as the fuel tank is filled. 

#5. Cost

Gas hedge trimmers are more expensive than electric ones since they are more powerful, and some come with a variety of attachments. However, the price is justified due to the machines’ distinctive features, endurance, and powerful mechanisms, among other things. However, remember that the price of a 2-stroke engine and a 4-stroke engine differs, with the latter commanding a greater price.

#6. Buying Guide Of A Gas Hedge Trimmer

There are a lot of gas hedge trimmers on the market right now. This is a positive thing because you will have a lot of options, but it may also be a disadvantage. We say this since deciding on the best option can be difficult. As a result, there are a number of considerations to make before embarking on your exploration journey.

But don’t be concerned! We are here to assist you in the best way possible. Here are some points to consider in order to make your hedge trimmer purchase go more smoothly.

#7. The Engine Power

The first and foremost thing to consider is the power production by the engine of the trimmer. The more the power, the better the trimming experience. While exploring a product, look for the engine displacement (cc) to know the power delivery level. While it is always better to go for a trimmer that has a higher cc, you can rely on a 20 cc engine to get most home trimming tasks done. 

#8. Blade

Trimming style and time will fluctuate depending on the blade type and length. That said, a longer blade will help do the trimming task in less time. However, for beginning gardeners, such a blade could pose a difficulty due to being heavyweight. Regardless, the height and thickness of your hedges will determine which blade you should opt for. It’s also a good idea to go with a stainless steel blade to avoid rusting and corrosion.

#9. Motor

The majority of gas hedge trimmers have a 2-stroke motor, while some versions have a 4-stroke engine as well. It goes without saying that a 4-stroke engine will trim more efficiently. A 4-stroke engine is also more long-lasting and environmentally beneficial. However, keep in mind that such an apparatus would be more expensive. As a result, most landscapers prefer to use a 2-stroke engine.

#10. Trimmer Weight

It goes without saying that the lighter the trimmer, the easier it is to handle and transfer. If you’re not a professional landscaper, opting for a lighter-weight machine is always a good idea. You’ll be able to handle and maneuver your trimmer with ease if it’s light in weight.

#11. Noise And Vibration

When using a hedge trimmer, vibration and noise are not acceptable. Long-term use of vibration would produce weariness, whereas a loud noise would likely violate local environmental rules while disturbing neighbors. As a result, choosing an anti-vibration and noiseless hedge trimmer is always a good idea.

#12. Emission

Gas trimmers will produce emissions that you will be unable to control. However, you might choose a trimmer that produces fewer emissions. Also, cover your face and nose when applying the ointment to avoid inhaling any harmful fumes. Also, while you’re not pruning, remember to turn off the engine.


There are no two gas hedge trimmer models that are similar. Because there are several gas hedge trimmer models available on the market when making a purchase, prioritize the features as per your need and budget. You can also use our list to assist yourself at any moment.

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