Weed Eater – What is Ortho Ground Clear?


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Regular old weed killer products are designed to kill a weed and then dissipate into the ground. After application, the chemical quickly becomes diluted and stops working. Ortho Ground Clear is a revolutionary new weed killer which continues to work for up to a year without re-applying it. Ground Clear is a vegetation killer, meaning that it will kill weeds as well as any other type of plant.

Weed Eater

Therefore, it must be applied in such a way that it does not come into contact with the vegetation you want to keep. When applied properly, this product can easily replace the hassle of constantly "wacking" weeds.

Using Ortho Ground Clear:
Before applying, users must measure the area which will be treated. Once the square footage is acquired, users can apply 1 1/4 gallons of ground clear to every 75 square feet of area. It is designed to soak into the ground and stay there for up to one full year. While present, Ground Clear will continue to guard against all plant growth. It comes in a ready-to-use bottle with an extended spray nozzle.

Best Time to Apply:
Dry soil should be watered one day before the application of Ground Clear. It is best applied to areas which have little or no weed/plant growth. Weeds which exceed 1/2 foot in height should be removed before applying the chemical. For best results, apply it when temperatures are 60 degrees Fahrenheit or greater. This Ortho product should be re-applied once a year.

You can apply Ground Clear to any location which has a vegetation problem. Choose the location carefully, as the chemical will completely remove all vegetation and cannot be removed. Areas like walkways, driveways, paths and patios are ideal locations. Avoid application near lawns, gardens or anywhere that gardening/landscaping is likely to take place.

Ready to Use:
Ortho Ground Clear comes in a plastic bottle with a comfortable handle. The chemical does not need to be mixed or measured to use, simply attach the included spray nozzle and begin applying.

Safety Notes:
Ortho GC is a very potent product and should not be applied to areas which have trees nearby. The product can leech into the ground and enter the root system of the tree, causing damage. Wear eye guards and possibly gloves when spraying. Also, do not spray Ground Clear in the wind, as the spray could be carried into the face.

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