13 Imaginative Wall Garden Ideas for the Uninspired

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If you live in the city, or on a small piece of land, you have to get creative with your limited outdoor space.  This is where wall gardens can really pay off.

Rather than keeping to traditional ground planted gardens, using your imagination to create wall features will see you the envy of your garden décor-loving friends.

Wall Garden Ideas

Vertical gardens are a growing trend because of their simplicity and ability to spruce up smaller spaces. If you’re looking for a little DIY gardening fun, a vertical garden may be the perfect next gardening task to tackle.

These types of gardens can house numerous types of garden plants. You can mix and match plants, or go with a single-plant or family theme.

Amazing Ideas to Inspire Your Wall Garden

Whether you decide a floor to ceiling wall of plants, or just a simple vine trailing up and over the doorway is for you, we know you’ll adore this gallery of wall garden ideas.

What’s not to love about this gorgeous succulent wall decor?

These wall garden vines shaped like a heart make for a romantic and attractive design.

Small front porch space? No problem. Floral and vines around a doorway give your home a secret garden vibe.

Mix up colorful arrangments of garden flowers for a tropical wall design. We love the mix of hanging plants, potted plants, and vines against the purple wall.

The lush greenery against this wall give it such a relaxing, tropical feel. Are you at home or in the rain forest?

A wall garden is a unique and beautiful way to spruce up your outdoor space. Which designs inspired you? Share your favorites in the comments!

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