21 Beautiful DIY Trellis Design Ideas

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A good trellis is the skeleton of the backyard, it is something on which your home garden grows, especially if you plant a lot of vegetables. Plus, it helps organize the garden and prevents the plants from tangling and destroying each other.

But buying a trellis now and then for the plants can be expensive. Plus, you may not always get the design or color you wanted.

So what if you could create your trellis (and you do not have to spend a bomb on these either)? Yes, it is time to bring out the creative beast in you with these beautiful DIY Trellis Design Ideas that will transform your backyard like never before.

21 Beautiful DIY Trellis Design Ideas

1. Bamboo trellis

Bamboo trellis

If you are looking for something rustic, it hardly gets better than bamboo. But that’s not the only reason we love this. Being a bamboo trellis, it is also solid and can hold heavy plants like peas or tomatoes with ease. 

And since bamboo is readily available, especially in the South, this trellis should cost you pretty much nothing. Just tie the bamboo using twine and you are good to go whether you have a flower or a vegetable garden.

2. Crib rail trellis

Crib rail trellis

So your kids grew out of their cribs and now they just lie in the storage catching dust. Sound familiar? Then you already have a no-cost and minimal-effort trellis lying in the house. 

All you have to do is remove the rails and stand them in the garden like a fence and voila, you will have a trellis in minutes. You can also hang them from a wall if you think that looks better or is more convenient and paint it accordingly.

3. Freestanding lumber trellis

Freestanding lumber trellis

Do you live in a state with unpredictable weather? Then a Lumber Trellis is the right way to go. 

That is because lumber can handle even the harshest of weather and thus, will last you for years (rain or snow, this baby can withstand it all). 

And if you can get your hands on some pre-treated Lumber, with some flowers, it will make your home garden more eye-catching than ever, though don’t make it a straight-walled trellis.

4. Vertical Container Trellis

Vertical Container Trellis

If you love growing flowers in containers then this is the trellis for you. It is modern, easy to set up, and more importantly, acts as a vertical garden. 

This is what makes it perfect for anyone who doesn’t have enough space for a big home garden with a variety of veggies and flowers. 

Oh, and if there is wood lying around from any other DIY done in the house, this is pretty much free to build and can be painted to compliment the home and outdoor decor.

5. Bike rim trellis

Bike rim trellis

Everybody has a bike their kids have stopped riding and if it’s 2 rims are intact, you just saved yourself a few bucks on a new trellis. Now, all you need are some twines and you can set up a trellis within a few hours that is perfect for lighter plants like herbs and so compact, it fits into any garden.

6. Natural wood trellis

Natural wood trellis

This is one of our favorite trellis designs mainly because it retains the natural feel and looks of the garden while still providing the strong support structure you would have gotten by building a trellis out of wood or iron. 

This is the ideal trellis for anyone growing tomatoes or peas in the garden and all you need are some branches to build it.

7. The one for cucumbers

The one for cucumbers

Growing cucumbers in your garden? This trellis should fit in just perfectly. All you have to do is stand two wooden planks in V shape at opposite ends and tie some wires across them. In 10-15 minutes, you will have a new trellis that will give your cucumber plants the breathing room they so need. Plus, it’s pretty much free.

8. The arched trellis

The arched trellis

Nothing makes a garden more royal or fairytale-like than an arched tunnel and thus, is considered one of the most inviting elements in any garden (yes, that’s why you see arched entrances at marriages and important events). You can either make it completely natural with some branches or opt for PVC pipes depending on your preferences and budget.

9. A standalone trellis

A standalone trellis

Do you have your cucumbers, tomatoes, or even sunflowers in different parts of the garden? Then these standalone trellises are for you. Though keep in mind, you’ll require quite a bit of wood for these. In case you already have that, the set up is easy peasy. Plus, it looks neat and beautiful once those sunflowers start to blossom.

10. The pot trellis

The pot trellis

No home garden? No problem. You can grow your favorite plants like sunflowers in pots as well with this neat trellis technique. 

You only need some twigs and twines/branches, all of which are free, and the setup takes less than 60 mins. Though make sure you have a pot large enough to support both the trellis and the plant growing in it.

11. The decorative trellis

The decorative trellis

You want your home garden to look beautiful and these caged trellises made with aluminum wires will do just that. That is because these can be twisted and turned to make attractive sculptures.

Ever seen that giraffe-shaped trellis in a community park? Yup, that’s exactly the kind of trellis you can make here. But if you stick to the cage-like design, just top the cage with some wooden finials to give it a charming, decorative finish. 

12. Cedar trellis

Cedar trellis

A trellis that also doubles up as a fence, this trellis design idea will help you kill two birds with one stone and gives your garden much-needed privacy (just the kind of trellis you need to keep those meddling neighbors away).

Not just the neighbors, it will also keep out unwanted insects or bugs as cedar has a strong aroma that makes it a natural bug-repellent. It is for this aroma that it is also used in aromatherapy. And being cedar it is bound to look charming and elegant as well as last you for years.

13. Clothesline trellis

Clothesline trellis

Do you have a clothesline that you aren’t using anymore? Then here’s another pocket-friendly trellis that takes mere minutes to build. 

Just cut one end of the clothesline and wrap the vines of the pea or tomato plants around it. You can easily have vines from 4-5 plants or more growing on the various clotheslines making it a great idea for people with large home gardens.

14. Bean pole teepees

Bean pole teepees

If you live in the South, you most likely have already come across bean pole teepees. This isn’t just a trellis but also doubles up as a small playhouse (or fort) for your toddlers and the bigger you make it the more the number of kids can play in it or read books in the serenity of the outdoors.

This can be created with bamboo and some twines and is perfect for anyone that wants to grow pole beans.

15. Wall trellis

Wall trellis

Not the most creative of ideas but one of the easiest ones on the list especially if you have a large garden with a variety of plants that have long vines like tomatoes, strawberries, and peas.

All you have to do is make wooden panels and then attach it to the wall of your house. Since it is made of wood and attached to strong support like a wall, it is perfect for heavy plants and will stand the test of time as well. 

Plus, your house starts to look like something straight out of a storybook.

16. Overhead trellis

Overhead trellis

If you are looking for something to provide your porch or garden with shade so you can enjoy morning coffee/tea in peace then what better way than an overhead trellis, right? 

Not only will you have shade but it will add some elegance when the flowers appear. To top it all, it is also completely natural, especially if you do it with something like cedar or lumber.

You can also use bamboo for the same or PVC pipes.

17. Wheeled trellis

Are you bored of all the square and rectangular trellis designs? Say hello to this wheeled trellis that will help your home garden stand apart from the rest. 

Though for this, you’ll need to get your hands on a wagon wheel as it looks more rustic and natural compared to rubber tires. 

One wheel can easily handle one plant so you can add 3-4 wheels or more and create an attractive landscape with it (we’ll let your imagination take over on this one). 

18. Headboard trellis

Do you have a bed with a metallic headboard that is chipped and looks rustic and vintage? Well, it may not look elegant inside the house but trust us, its aesthetic value is priceless when it comes to backyards and porches. 

Now, you can paint it any color you want or just let the vintage look shine through, either way, they are sure to grab attention (so don’t throw that headboard just yet).

19. Bicycle trellis

Bicycle trellis

Have you been to those cafes and restaurants that hang an old bike on the wall and it looks freaking amazing? So why not in your backyard.

You can easily hang the bike off the fencing wall. Plus the bikes are strong, large and thus, can act as a trellis for several plants with heavy vines.

Oh, and you can add in some fairy lights to give the backyard a mesmerizing, romantic ambiance (date night just found a new favorite spot).

20. Ladder Trellis

Ladder Trellis

From beds to ladders, we are going to make sure anything old and rustic in your home does not go to waste. 

Whether it is a broken wooden ladder or a chipped metallic ladder, it is bound to look good in your garden with flowers and leaves all around it.

And the best part, it won’t cost a penny. 

21. The Dome

The Dome

Are you willing to spend on something fancy and have a large backyard with a dedicated seating area? Then you will thank us for this. It is one of the most unique trellis ideas we came across and will transform your backyard seating forever. 

You will need some 4-socket fittings and PVC pipes for it. The goal is to form a dome around the seating area with the help of the sockets and pipes. 

Once the dome is covered with leaves and flowers, all you need is some wine, music, candles to take your date to the next level (if you are planning to propose, this is for you).


Well, that’s it from our side. You now have 21 unique ways to create a trellis for your home garden. These trellis design ideas aren’t just going to help the plants grow but also uplift the visual appeal of your garden.

If you have built a trellis you think is worthy of featuring on our list, send us an email or drop a picture below in the comments section.

You can also send in any doubts you may have regarding any of the mentioned trellis design ideas.

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