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Learn About Design Software

design softwarePunch software started out in 1998 with the idea that home design software should be both fun and easy to use. Out of all the landscape design software on the market, Punch home software is bought the most, totaling over 3 million units over its 11 year lifespan. Much of their software is designed for both home and landscape creation. Their software appeals to consumers, hobbyists and professionals alike.



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design software



design software


Digital Landscape Tools:

  • Users have access to over 4,000 types of plants which can be used to create a truly custom landscape.
  • Over 5,000 kinds of landscaping materials are available to work with, including pavers, stones, gravel, borders, materials and countless more.
  • Try out the Automatic Growth tool to see what your landscape plants will look like years from now.
  • Additional 3DS objects can be downloaded and imported to the program.
  • Detail Creator™- Create objects from shapes that you design.
  • 3D Custom Workshop™- Modify existing objects in the library or make some from scratch.
  • Lighting- See your landscape in any light condition, change the angle of the light, create beams, glowing areas, and more.



  • Save time and money with the Punch home and landscape tools which calculate the amount of materials needed to complete the project.
  • Multiple layers- Every part of the home can be built on a separate layer, including the landscape, deck, floor, roof, foundation and more. Hide/show only the layers that you want to work on or print.
  • Use your printer to create scaled drawings in any size. Give them to a contractor or use them while building it yourself.
  • 3D models can be imported and exported to/from other programs (AutoCAD, .dwg and .dxf formats are accepted).


Realistic Environments:

  • Punch software sports one of the most realistic home and landscape environments available, utilizing colors, textures and lighting that is very close to real-life.
  • Their PhotoView Editor™ feature can import a photo of your house for live editing and sampling.
  • Change the color scheme of your entire project using the Decorator Palette™.



  • Show friends and family your project ideas using the Animator tool. Record fly-bys with special effects like fading. See your landscape from any perspective in the Punch landscape design environment.


Help Center:

  • Each piece of Punch landscape design software comes with a tutorial section which features video guides which can be accessed from the control panel. These videos cover essential aspects of Punch home & landscape design.

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