Creative and Stylish Outdoor Garden Lights

When it comes to lighting a garden, nothing works better than outdoor garden lights.

These light kits are specifically Outdoor Garden Lightsdesigned to be used in the garden. Picking just any outdoor light fixture may not always be the best choice, as regular fixtures tend to not blend in well with gardens. Garden lights, on the other hand, are designed to be aesthetically pleasing around plants and other garden structures. There is an abundance of high quality garden lights on the market with a wide variation in colors and styles. Such examples include string lights, path lights, spot lights and more.

This guide intends to help gardeners get an idea of which garden lights would work best in their particular garden.

Why Choose Solar Garden Lights?

Solar technology has come a long way since its inception. Today, a fully fledged solar power system can be fit into the smallest of light fixtures. Solar lights work using a photovoltaic panel located somewhere on the body or attached via a cable. This panel absorbs sunlight which in turn creates electricity. A battery pack inside of the outdoor garden light keeps the power ready for when it is needed at night. Solar garden lights are convenient because you don’t have to send countless power cords to each light. Also, most systems have a solar sensor which tells the light when to turn on, eliminating the task of turning each light on individually.

The batteries in a solar outdoor garden light are usually standard AA batteries of the rechargeable sort. Gardeners have experienced life cycles of up to 2 years before needing replacement. These batteries are almost always included with new solar outdoor garden lights. Perhaps the best feature of solar lights is that they don’t suck your home of power, thus saving precious electricity. When used in large numbers, the money savings can really add up. Solar lights use LED light bulbs which produce an array of dazzling colors, and can even change colors in some models. They are incredibly long-lasting, reliable and do not produce much heat which could be a fire hazard.

Garden Themed Lights

One reason why garden lights blend in so well with gardens is that they are often modeled after things you find in gardens. This includes plants, animals, bugs, structures and more. For example, a gardener who enjoys bumblebees could purchase a bumblebee shaped garden light for the yard. Bug lights come in many forms including string lights, ground lights and stake lights. Stake lights consist of a tall metal pole with a light on the top. At least one LED bulb filters through a garden themed cover. A solar panel module in the middle of the stake absorbs the light.

Path lights can be a good addition to any garden which has a path, walkway or border. When you want to show visitors your garden at night, it helps greatly to have sufficient ground-based garden outdoor lighting to show the way. Path lights are mounted on a small stake which is placed into the ground. Most types of rock, soil and lawns will work well for this. One or more LED lights projects light onto the ground where it can be seen clearly. They come in packs with several lights per box because they are intended to be lined up next to each other.

Spot lights may seem like too harsh a light to place in the garden, but a low-intensity spotlight can do wonders for illuminating large portions of darkness. Spot lights placed in front of your favorite plants can allow them to be showcased at night. Spot lights also work well when used in front of waterfalls and ponds.

Outdoor garden lights are key in creating the perfect accessible garden.

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