John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor Review and Specs

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The S240 riding lawn tractor is part of the John Deere S200 series. Improved cyclonic engines and top-of-the-line Accel Deep mowing decks are standard on this model, as they are on all other S200 series models. During the launch of this model, the brand’s product marketing manager stressed the notion and said, “This John Deere model is simply suited for you if you appreciate spending time mowing grass in beautiful cuts.

John Deere S240 Lawn Tractor Review and Specs
Image Credit: The John Deere S240 from Pinterest

This model is ideal for those who don’t mind gearing up for a weekend’s special mowing sessions. It has a Kawasaki FS series engine, K46 hydrostatic transmission, and electronic PTO.

The riding lawn tractor has 18.5 horsepower and will easily manage your lawn and garden needs, allowing you to get a premium level of service. There are a number of other features that set this John Deere product different from the competition. And in this post, we’ll go over all of those factors and specifications in-depth so you can make the best purchasing decision possible.

So stay with us as we unfold this tractor.

John Deere S240 Specs

Before delving deep into the features of John Deere S240, here is a summarized version of its important specs. In this table, you can take a glance at the specifications that have been incorporated in the S240. It will offer you an overall idea about this riding lawn tractor.

General Specifications
ModelJohn Deere S240
Family Name S200
Product Year 2015- 2022
Engine Power (Gross) 18.5 horsepower
Type Lawn tractor
Power Take-off (PTO) Electric
Length (overall) 75.1 inches
Weight 459 lbs
Wheel Base 48.9 inches
Front Axel Cast iron
Cabin type Open operator station
Lawn/Turf Front 15x6.00-6
Lawn/Turf Rear 20x10.0-8
Engine Specifications
Engine Manufacturer/ model Kawasaki FS600V
Engine Type Air-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin
Cylinders V Twin
No. of Cylinders 2-cylinder
Displacement 603 cc
Starter Electric
Cooling System Air
Air Cleaner Foam and paper cartridge
Oil Filters 10W-30
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.7 L
Fuel Type Gasoline
Fuel System Carburetor
Spark Plug Gap 0.030 inches
Bore and Stroke 2.87x2.84 inches
Electrical System
Battery 12 V 195 CCA
Charging System Flywheel alternator, regulated
Charging amps 15 amp
Battery Group U1
12-V Outlet Optional
Type/Model Belt-driven hydrostatic
Tuff-Torq K46DP (2015-2020); Tuff-Torq K46 (2020-2022)
Brakes Internal wet disk
Gears Infinite forward and reverse gears
Oil Filter Yes, internal, not replaceable
Steering Type Sector and pinion with single drag rope and tie rod
Cruise Control Standard
Forward Speed 0-5.5 mph 0-8.9 km/h
Reverse Speed 0-3.2 mph 0-5.1 km/h
Type 4x2 2WD
Steering Manual
Frame Full-length welded steel
Equipment Mounting CargO Mount™ system
Cup Holder Yes
Storage Storage tray with cover
TypeLever on fender deck
Hydraulic Outlets No
Cut Height Increments 0.25 in. 0.64 cm
Mower cut height 13 positions, 1-4 in. 2.5-10.2 cm
Present cut height No
Type Open-back design with grasp
Seat Back Height 15 in. 38.1 cm
Fore-aft Adjustment While seated 5.5 in. 14 cm
Armrests No
Seat Suspension Tilt, two rubber isolators
Mower deck Mid-mount 42" (1060 mm) Edge mower deck with 2-blade and manual lift
Mid-mount 48" (1220 mm) Edge mower deck with 3-blade and manual lift
Rear bagger 2-bag, 6.5 bu 229 L
Blade Front-mount 46"
Snowblower Front-mount 44"
Mulching system Mulch cover or high-performance plug
Sprayer Tow-behind only, 15 U.S. gal. 56.8 L Tow-behind only, 25 U.S. gal. 94.6 L
Weather protection Snow cab
Bucket holder Yes, single bucket
Grass striping Lawn striping kit
Tow-behind tools 16
ANSI standard Yes
OPEI standard Yes
Backup protection Reverse Implement Option (RIO)
Safety video Yes
Type Riding lawnmower tractor
Manufacturer John Deere
Manufacturing location Greenville, Tennessee, USA
Original price $2,500 (2015)
US Warranty 3-year/200-hour bumper-to-bumper

Features of John Deere S240

Summer is too special to waste time and money on lame lawn tractors. And to save gardeners like you, John Deere came up with the S240 model. Packed with advanced features, this riding lawn mower is perfect for a precise and smoother mowing experience.

This model is well worth the money. Why? You will learn more about it in the following section, where we have detailed descriptions of its aspects.

The only thing we’d want to say is that by the end of this post, you’ll have a complete grasp of this machine.

Physical Specs

Physical Specs
Image Credit: The S240 looks much similar to other John Deere lawn tractors from John Deere

The foremost thing that a potential user would check is the physical specification(s) of a tool or machine. Hence, we will start with the physical specs of the S240 lawn tractor.

The tractor’s vibrant yellow-green color scheme will catch your eye initially. A brief glimpse is all it takes to generate a favorable impression of this special device. Its sleek design is another remarkable feature you’ll notice. In fact, the S240 is one of the most attractive and sleekest lawn tractors on the market.

After a glance at its beauty, you will notice the compact size- 75.1” (l) x 44.6” (w) x 45” (h). The weight of the tractor is 459 lbs (2015- 2020 model), and it features a 48.9-inch wheelbase, precisely enough for straightforward navigation. It is available in 42” and 48” deck options. The lawn tractor’s operation station is open, which is both a benefit and a disadvantage for operators. It’s a boon because it makes it easier for users to ride and operate the tractor. However, they are exposed in the case of a tractor failure or turnover due to the lack of any protective coverage.


Image Credit: Gas vacuum fuel pump from Pinterest
  • Kawasaki FS600v

Initially, after its release in 2015, John Deere used the Kawasaki FS600v engine in this model. It was in service until 2020 when some parts were replaced and a new S240 model was produced and launched in the market with a Kawasaki FR651V engine.

The S240 model has a gross power of 18.5 horsepower, which is more than enough to mow 1-2 acres of ground without a hitch. This tractor’s engine power enables it to perform a variety of duties in addition to mowing, including mulching, grass stripping, snow blowing, and more.

The engine is a gasoline-powered, air-cooled vertical-shaft V-twin. It also includes an electric start, making it suitable for usage in sub-zero temperatures. Furthermore, the V-twin engine decreases noise and vibration when operating the tractor, allowing the rider to have a more peaceful ride.

However, on the downside is the tractor’s 9.1-liter fuel tank capacity. This tank capacity is highly limited, and the rider might need to stop for refueling if planning to mow for a longer period.

  • Kawasaki FR651V

The S240 model was relaunched in the market in 2020 with the Kawasaki FR651V engine. It was decided to run from 2020- to 2022.

Similar to the Kawasaki FS600v engine, the FR651V also featured a 2-cylinder air-cooled, vertical shaft V-twin that runs on gasoline. It does, however, have a higher power output of 12.5 horsepower than the previous engine variant. There’s also a 726 cc displacement, with bore and stroke measurements of 3.072.99“. Moreover, with 2.1 L of oil capacity, this engine nearly doubles the potency of the preceding engine.

Hence, if you have a lawn of 2-3 acres, the newest version of S240 would be a more suitable choice.

Electric Start

The electric start in the John Deere S240 allows the user to turn on the tractor with the push of a button. This feature is also useful if you live in a place where the winter temperatures are below freezing. Even in the coldest months, the tractor can start without any hiccups, thanks to the electric start.

Transmission & Chassis

Transmission & Chassis
Image Credit: The transmission charge pump for John Deere from Pinterest

Tuff-Torq K46DP transmission is standard on the S240 (2015 model), allowing it to easily handle mowing and cutting chores. The 2020-2022 model, however, features the Tuff-Torq K46 transmission. It’s a hydrostatic drive with a side-by-side foot pedal control system. Additionally, with this tractor, customers have the option of controlling ground speed in an indefinitely variable manner. In wet conditions, the tractor’s internal wet disc, on the other hand, can bring the tractor to rest quickly.

On the other hand, the cruise control button is the icing on the cake. It helps the rider to work for extended periods without becoming tired. It also has manual steering, which, while not particularly comfortable to use, decreases tire friction.

Furthermore, the S240 has a full-length forged steel structure and a 4×2 two-wheel-drive chassis. The tractor’s body is solidified by a strong frame, which protects it from corrosion and rust. The S240  also features two headlights to help users see in the front in low-light situations. There are also reflectors at the back of the tractor to offer clarity in the reverse mode.


While purchasing any equipment, it is essential to check its safety level. John Deere makes it absolutely essential for all its products to undergo rigorous safety and quality check. As a result, consumers can trust them even with closed eyes.

The S240 also maintains this legacy. This riding lawn tractor complies with ANSI and OPEI specifications. There’s also a safety video included. Additionally, the ‘Reverse Implement Option (RIO) gives the rider the scope to operate the tractor in the reverse mode without any problems. With that said, we never advocate mowing in backward unless there is no other choice.

Furthermore, the tractor’s fully welded steel body is also something that requires special mention in the category of safety. However, the open operating system can pose a drawback in terms that it does not offer any coverage while working in a harsh climate or if there is an accident.

Attachments (Optional)

Attachments (Optional)
Image Credit: John Deere attachments from Pinterest

A lawn tractor is a long-term investment, and most consumers buy this product to help in tasks besides just moving. Therefore, the tractor that offers better attachment options always wins the customers’ preference.

Something similar could be stated for John Deere S240 as well. This riding lawn mower comes with several additional attachment options. You can use it for several landscaping tasks, including mowing, grass stripping, snow blowing, etc.

You can choose to attach a 42-inch and 48-inch mid-mounted mower deck to this tractor. Additionally, a 44-inch front-mounted snowblower is also available, along with a 46-inch front blade.

Among others, you will get the options to attach the following attachments:

  • Mulcher
  • Sprayer
  • Bucket holder
  • Weather protector
  • Rear baggage
  • Grass stripper

John Deere S240 Pros and Cons

After going over all the technical aspects of the John Deere S240, it’s time to contemplate its advantages and disadvantages. This section will help you give a clear picture of whether this is the tractor you require to mow your yard.


  • Compact
  • Strong
  • Powerful engine
  • Three years or 200 hours bumper to bumper warranty
  • Fully welded steel frame
  • Electric start
  • Better attachment options 
  • Multitasker
  • Rust and corrosion-free body
  • One of the latest models from John Deere
  • Complies with ANSI and OPEI specifications


  • Open operator station
  • No protection from elements and accidents
  • Small fuel tank


The S240 was priced $2,500 when it was introduced in 2015. The new 2020-2022 model with a 42′′ mower deck, however, costs $2,699. The 48″ model, on the other hand, costs $2,999.


The S240 riding lawn mower comes with a 3-year/200-hour bumper-to-bumper (US) warranty, whichever comes first.


This takes us to the conclusion of our discussion. Before we close up, we’d want to point out that the John Deere S240 riding lawn tractor has a slew of powerful features that make mowing a medium-sized yard a breeze. The most recent version of this model comes with a powerful engine that delivers a significant amount of output, allowing customers to mow for an extended period ‌in one go. So, if you’re in the market for a new lawnmower, the S240 is a good option.

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