John Deere E120 Lawn Tractor Review & Specs

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If you have a lawn and are willing to mow it on your own, we have something for you- the John Deere E120 lawn tractor. John Deere released this tractor in 2018 with comfort and ease in mind, and it belongs to the John Deere E100 tractor series. 

John Deere E120 Lawn Tractor Review & Specs
Image Credit: John Deere E120 from Tractors Hub

Buying a tractor is an investment that should yield results till the very end. That’s why it is necessary to make the right choice. However, as tractors are loaded with so many specifications, it often makes it difficult for customers to get the best one. But we have got your back!. 

This model provides users with safety and ease while maintaining a cost-effective and reliable option. In other words, this is a perfect combination of specifications; the tractor is designed powerfully to get your job done within no time.  

John Deere E120 Specs

This post will discuss the John Deere E120 riding lawn mowing tractor, ideal for mowing 2-3 acres of land. It is one of the best and most famous versions that John Deere owns. 

So please stick to the end for more information!

General Specifications
Engine Manufacturer/ Model E120 – 40N877 (M40)
Engine Power (Gross) 20 hp
Type Lawn tractor
Length (overall) 68.9"
Width 54.3”
Cabin type Open operator section
Power take-off (PTO) Independent
Choke/speed control One lever, ReadyStart
Wheel Base 48.8 inches
Weight 436 lbs
Lawn/turf front 15×6-6
Lawn/turf rear 20×8-8
Engine Specifications
Engine Manufacturer/ model Briggs & Stratton 40N877
Engine type Four-stroke
Cylinders V-twin
No. of cylinders 2 Cylinders
Displacement 656 cm (40.0 cu·in)
Bore and stroke 75.0 mm X 73.0 mm
Starter Electric
Cooling System Air
Air Cleaner Cartridge
Fuel tank location Rear
Fuel type Gasoline
Fuel tank capacity 2.4 U.S. gal. / 9.1 L
Electrical System
Battery 12 V 300 CCA
Charging system Regulated, 9 amp
Engine starters Bendix type
Charging amps 9
Backup lights No
Rear work lights No
12-V outlet No
Type Belt-driven hydrostatic
Model Tuff Torq TL200
Gears Infinite forward and reverse
Brakes Wet disc
Steering type Manual
Cruise Control Standard
Control Two-pedal foot-controlled hydrostatic
Forward speed 0-5.5 mph / 0-8.9 km/h
Reverse speed 0-3.2 m/h (0-5.1 km/h)
Type 4×2 2WD
Frame Full-length welded steel
Front axle Cast-iron front axle, powdered-metal front wheel bushings
Steering type Manual
Receiver hitch No
Storage facility Storage tray with cover
Cupholder Yes
Mounting equipment CargO Mount system
Attachments (Optional)
Mower deck Mid-mount John Deere 42” with two blade and manual lift
Blade Front-mount John Deere 46”
Snowblower Front-mount John Deere 44”
Type Riding lawnmower tractor
Manufacturer John Deere
Manufacturing location Horicon, Wisconsin, USA
Original price USD $1899.00 approx.
US Warranty 2 year or 120 hours bumper to bumper warranty

Features of John Deere E120 Lawn Tractor

The John Deere E120 lawn and garden mowing tractor belong to the John Deere brand. The product is designed in such a way as to maximize the output.

Features of John Deere E120 Lawn Tractor
Image Credit: John Deere tractor from John Deere

If you keep on reading us till the very end, you will have a clear idea about the tractor and whether it’s the best choice for you or not. A complete guide with detailed features is given below to make your decision easier. 

#1. Physical Specifications

First, let’s look into the physical specifications of the tractor. 

The John Deere E120 is made for lawns and gardens that weigh around 198kg or 436lbs. The tractor has a wheelbase of 1240 mm (48.8 in). Having this much wheelbase will save your time while mowing the land.

John Deere E120 is an old tractor but one of the best John Deere products. It can hold a lot of power to mow land, and the plus point is that it is easy to operate. In addition, the construction quality is great, making it a reliable choice for landowners. 

Apart from this, it has very comfortable seats positioned higher than normal, which results in better back support.

#2. Engines

The E120 tractor uses the engine of the Briggs and Stratton 40N877 model. Additionally, it features a four-stroke, air-cooled, and a v-twin engine. The tractor also comes with a 2-cylinder gasoline-powered engine. It also has a mechanical fuel gauge that can easily be viewed from the operator seat. This is made in such a way so that you can easily know when you’ll run out of fuel. 

Image Credit: Tractor engine from John Deere

Talking about the capacity of the tank, it’s 2.4 US gal/ 9.1 L., and due to the presence of a two-cylinder engine, it can work in silence. This is, supposedly, the best thing about its engine that no one will be disturbed by the noise. 

As it uses an electric starter, you don’t need to provide acceleration before starting it. All you have to do is turn on the engine, and it is good to go. The engine can create high power with a displacement of 0.7 L, 656 cm², the engine can create high power. It has a 750 mm by 730 mm bore and stroke.

Since a high-powered engine is excellent for mowing purposes, the E120 tractor’s engine comes with 20 HP, making it a great choice for a garden and lawn tractor. It will show bests results when used on land less than 1 acres. So much powerful engine would allow you to do many tasks instead of mowing and clearing.

#3. Fuel Tank

The fuel tank is present at the rear position. It holds a fuel capacity of around 2.4 US lbs or 9.1 liters. And you should know that this tractor uses gasoline to ignite itself. An interesting thing about this tractor is that it follows 3- seconds oils changing system. It mainly means that the process is easy, quick, and clean, and you don’t need to drain the oil from the engine. 

#4. Transmission and Chassis

The engine uses its 20 HP power to divide it across various parts without any hassle to work efficiently. Transmission helps the power move to the parts where it is actually required. The transmission model that is required here is Tuff Torq TL200. The hydrostatic transmission provides several choices for ground speed.

For the tractor to function efficiently, the engine has to use its 20 HP properly and divide it across the tractor’s various parts. And it is the transmission that helps the engine to move the power to the tractor’s parts. 

Transmission and Chassis
Image Credit: suaveyards.com/john-deere-e120-riding-mower-review/

This tractor’s transmission type is hydrostatic, which allows the rider to ride this tractor for an extended period. It has infinite forward and reverses gears. The maximum forward speed is around 8.9 km h (5.5 mph), and the maximum reverse speed is around 5.2 km h (3.2 mph).

The 4×2 two-wheel-drive chassis has a full-length welded steel frame that protects it from corrosion or rust. In addition, it is coated with an e-coat/primer that is resistant to UV rays. It also prevents fading of paint after some time. 

Another specialty of E120 tractors is a wet disc brake on the left side of the tractor instead of the right side. Although it may be new to many people, you will be used to it after a few days. The manual steering makes it quite comfortable to use it. The manufacturers made it up with an 18″ turn, making it easy to turn right.

#5. Frame

The frame is made of full-length welded steel to make it reliable for owners. The solid frame is made up of 12 gauge, 0.105 in steel. 

#6. Safety

This tractor comes with an open service platform, prone to accidents, as far as safety is concerned. We say so because, in case of any turnarounds, there might involve a high chance of getting injured. Furthermore, an open working station means no protection from rain or wind.

On the other hand, its strong 12 gauge steel frame offers a sturdy, durable, and rust-proof body that guarantees lifelong usage. 

#7. Attachments

The tractor also has some of the best attachments that you can ask for. It will help you achieve tasks more efficiently. It comes with a 42″ mower deck attachment option that can easily be adjusted using a level. 

Image Credit: John Deere attachment from John Deere

Additionally, you will also find a 46″ front-mounted blade 44″ front-mounted snowblower for snow removal during the winter. Furthermore, you also have the option of using an aerator, excavator, or knife if you require it. 

There are also other attachments, such as vents for noise control and a flash port to clear debris below the deck. 

#8. Warranty

The model comes with a two-year or 120 hours bumper to bumper warranty. It is standard to all tractors in John Deere 100 series. 

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Pros and Cons of John Deere E120 Lawn Tractor


  • Powerful V-twin engine with 20 HP
  • Comfortable high seat with a good backrest
  • Small turning radius of 18″ for a tight turn
  • Vents for noise control
  • Easy to start
  • Durable
  • Snow removal is its strength
  • Easy to operate
  • Instruments and controls are easy to find
  • Great cut
  • The edge cutting system provides a high-level performance
  • 30-seconds oil change system


  • A short warranty period of two years or 120 hours
  • Open operator station 
  • Mower deck adjustment level is limited
  • No armrest


In the year 2018, its inspection was held, and from that time, the price was USD 1899.00 Approx. At this excellent price, John Deere E120 is one of the best choices for tractors. 


We truly hope you have got enough knowledge about the John Deere E120 tractor model. We hope this article helped you to make a clear decision. This tractor could be an ideal choice for all tractor owners with all the special features. This is the only reason for the E120 model to be a famous giant in the market. 

If you have around 1 acre of land and want to cultivate it regularly, John Deere E120 is only for you. You can use this tractor even without any prior knowledge and experience. 

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