5 Best Back Saving Hanging Flower Basket (Updated 2023)

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Outdoor hanging plants could be just what you need to brighten your day. Consider a sunny windowsill brimming with vibrant begonias or a hanging basket overflowing with lobelias or million bells.

Wouldn’t the sight be amazing to behold? Undoubtedly, hanging baskets are an excellent complement to any yard or room needing some color and texture.

You may use a recycled hanging planter or get a new one to freshen up your interior and outdoor spaces.

Like our backyard garden ideas, hanging flower basket gardens may provide a splash of color to a dull and lifeless place, whether it’s a porch, a window porch, or the entrance to your home.

Whatever your taste, there is bound to be a piece that will meet your taste. Try hanging containers packed with single-color or mixed-color flowers. You may also add a green texture to your property by using eye-catching evergreen plants.

So, what are you holding out for? Keep reading for a list of our best hanging flower baskets in his post. We are confident you will come away with some fantastic ideas for freshening your space.

Why Trust Us?

We are devoted gardening experts. But merely saying that our readers should trust us isn’t enough. So we’d want to explain briefly why they should.

As seasoned gardeners, we investigated, tested, and read hundreds of online and offline reviews on hanging flower baskets. We also talked to friends, families, and neighbors about their experiences with hanging flower baskets.

So, you can be confident that the products featured in this post are the best in beauty, sturdiness, longevity, and pricing.

How Did We Evaluate?

We physically evaluated the listed products. There was not much technical testing involved except for the self-watering hanging flower baskets.

Our product examination also included checking the product dimensions, materials, form, color, etc. In addition, we read hundreds of consumer reviews to gain first-hand information.

This allowed us to learn more about each product than what the manufacturers said. We simply didn’t accept the brands’ claims.

We have tested the weight, varying capacity, and durability of some products described in this post, outdoors and indoors

Before delving deep into the specifics of the products, here is a table listing the products for you.

AOMGD 3 Pack Macrame Plant HangerAOMGD 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hanger• Comes in 3 sizes and 3 hooks
• ​Indoor 
• Handmade tapestry
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GARDENIX DECOR 11'' Self Watering Hanging plantersGARDENIX DECOR 11'' Self Watering Hanging planters• Self-watering
• ​Dimension- 7” x 11”
• pH balanced coco soil included
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Large Hanging Planters for Indoor PlantsLarge Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants• Minimalist style
• 13.2-inch diameter
• Adjustable hanger
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Ashman Metal Hanging Planter BasketAshman Metal Hanging Planter Basket• Eco-friendly
• ​Rust-proof material
• Easy to set up
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Sungmor Garden Self-Watering Hanging PlanterSungmor Garden Self-Watering Hanging Planter• Self-watering
• ​Compact
• 3-sets hanging planters
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Best Overall Hanging Flower Basket

AOMGD 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hanger is the best in the lot.

Vintage hanging flower baskets at an affordable price tag.

Don’t be tricked by the simple appearance. This product is one of the most reviewed on Amazon, with over 20k customer reviews and a 4.7 out of 5. It also has an “Amazon’s Choice” badge, which makes this purchase worthwhile.

The product’s enchantment is in its minimalistic design with a retro touch. This option is available in three sizes, as well as with robust hand-woven tapestries that will bring a touch of sophistication and grace to your property.

The best aspect is that it is environmentally friendly.

What else can you ask for?

Hanging Flower Baskets We Like: Detail Description

Here is a detailed specification of the top 5 hanging flower baskets we found to be the best. These products are worth your money and will spruce up your space and last long…. Really long.

1. AOMGD 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hanger

AOMGD 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hanger
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Nothing beats adding a hanging basket to your space that matches your other decor. Without a doubt, colorful hanging flower baskets are lovely. 

However, there is something beautiful and tranquil about beige or white tones that complement practically any wall color and design without being overpowering. 

So, if you have a fetish for minimalist designs and vintage products, you can’t go wrong with the Macrame Plant Hanger. 

It comes with three planter hangings of varying sizes (46″/41″/34″). This is a chemical-free and eco-friendly pure cotton hand-made tapestry. 

The hanging planter features a sturdy, flexible woven design that can accept planters of various shapes and sizes. However, pots are not included. It can be a terrific addition to your indoor garden or a gift for any of your loved ones who enjoy gardening.

The Macrame Plant Hanger received the top rating in our review because of its elegance, ease of installation, and eco-friendliness. Not only do we recommend the product, but over 20k Amazon reviews have given it a 4.7-star rating.


  • Comes in 3 sizes and 3 hooks
  • Indoor 
  • Handmade tapestry 
  • Load carrying capacity- 12lbs

Pros and Cons


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Complement any wall-color
  • Chemical-free
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable price


  • No color variations
  • The white color may seem boring

Top Customer Reviews:

  1. “I love this plant hanger! I have bought it twice already! And the hooks are a great size. Definitely would buy again and refer to others”.
  2. “GREAT quality! Holds my plants well and I’m confident they will NOT unravel!”
  3. “This product is very easy to install and use. Looks great in any corner of your home. You can easily switch out the plants too.”
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2. GARDENIX DECOR 11” Self Watering Hanging planters

GARDENIX DECOR 11'' Self Watering Hanging planters
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A self-watering hanging basket is the need of every modern individual planning to grow hanging gardens. Unlike conventional hanging baskets, these products make life easy, as you do not need to re-water your plants frequently and worry about less or over-watering. 

The GARDENIX DECOR 11″ Self Watering Hanging planter comes with a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate body. You also get pH-balanced coco soil with this product, which is made of 100% organic coconut shell fibers. You can use the soil as the potting medium.

Another highlight of this product is its two-pot nesting design, which offers an excellent drainage system. There is no risk of over-watering with this self-watering hanging basket. Start filling the container with water and let this planter do the job.

To understand this efficacy in the real world, we spoke to some users, and the majority praised its ease of use and self-watering feature. Don’t trust us; read the top reviews below.


  • Self-watering
  • Dimension- 7” x 11”
  • pH balanced coco soil included 
  • Provide moisture over 2 weeks
  • 90% more water-efficient

Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable 
  • Easy direction to follow to set up and use the product 
  • Feels sturdy


  • May look plasticy 
  • The hanging chain may feel short (18”, including the pot)

Top Customer Reviews:

  1. “Feels sturdy, looks great, arrived as advertised. Repotted a fern in that after some neglect in the garage(to save from frost). So far so good!”
  2. “This is beautiful! The directions are easy to follow. The kids and I put it together.”
  3. “Always had trouble keeping ferns watered in my hangers, I just set the pot in the outer basket, add water, and presto, they have water for a week. Problem solved.”
  4. “The instructions were clear and the planter is lovely. The price is right and I’m glad I bought these.”
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3. Large Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants

Large Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants
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The LA JOLIE MUSE big hanging planters are ideal for growing bushy plants or herbs. With dimensions of 13.2″D x 13.2″W x 6.7″H, it can aid in the growth of healthy and larger plants. Yes, you read it correctly because the larger the pot, the more room your plants will have to grow. It’s also frost, fade, and UV-resistant, so it may also be hung outside. 

Furthermore, the planter’s material is constructed of recycled plastics and natural stone powder, which helps to reduce the environmental footprint. As a result, it will undoubtedly be a guilt-free buy. 

However, due to the plastic construction, some customers have complained about water logging at the bottom of the pot.


  • Minimalist style
  • 13.2-inch diameter
  • Adjustable hanger
  • Weather resistant body
  • Apt for outdoor installation

Pros and Cons:


  • Aesthetic look
  • Spacious
  • Made of recycled base materials
  • Highly functional
  • Value of money
  • Good quality 
  • Sturdy


  • Nylon cords for hanging

Top Customer Reviews:

  1. “…These hanging planters are a great size and are very well constructed….”
  2. “Great planters. Would have liked the nylon hangers to match.”
  3. “I get a ton of compliments. You can see them from afar. They are Beautiful.”
  4. “Looks beautiful- very good quality and value – will buy more !!”
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4. Ashman Metal Hanging Planter Basket

Ashman Metal Hanging Planter Basket
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What motivates us to garden? To create the planet a more beautiful, pollution-free, and healthier place to live. So shouldn’t we speed up the procedure by selecting an eco-friendly hanging flower basket? 

Yes, absolutely. As a result, we’ve included an Ashman metal hanging planter with a coco coir liner. This product has dimensions of 12 “D x 12 “W x 6 “H, which is large enough to provide plenty of space for your plants to thrive.

The kit includes four coco hanging planters to grow any plant. However, if you ask us, we would recommend growing flowers such as roses, begonias, and other such plants in these baskets. The earthy tone of the coir will go well with the vibrant blooms. 

Simply fill the coir basket with potting soil and your preferred plants before handing the planter. That’s it.

The metal hangers are protected with a strong powder coating to prevent rust. These hanging baskets have a strong weighing capacity and a solid chain, which are important features. 

We experimented with these planters for a few weeks to see how much water they could retain, and we were pleasantly delighted. This product retains water longer and keeps the soil moist. Furthermore, there is no risk of water spilling from these baskets.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Rust-proof material
  • Easy to set up
  • Dimension- 12″D x 12″W x 6″H
  • Extra strong chain

Pros and Cons:


  • Sturdy
  • Good for indoor and outdoor
  • Elegant
  • Intricate design
  • Holds water well
  • Extra strong chain
  • Comes with natural coconut liner


  • The chain is not that longer

Top Customer Reviews:

  1. “…The price is fantastic and you just can’t go wrong!”
  2. “…These are very pleasing to look at, just like the flowers and ferns I use them for!”
  3. “Quality coir 10-inch hanging baskets. Descent workable size with environmentally plant-friendly durability…”
  4. “I love them.”
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5. Sungmor Garden Self-Watering Hanging Planter

Sungmor Garden Self-Watering Hanging Planter
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This product is intended for those who have little room yet wish to grow plants in an elegant manner. Look at the egg shape of the 

We included the Sungmor Garden Self Watering Hanging Planter on our list because we wanted to feature a product that is ideal for first-time users who want to test their green thumb. 

This option is small enough for small houseplants and succulents, with a width of 7.5 inches. But don’t be fooled by its diminutive size; it’s spacious and won’t make your plants feel confined, provided you are not planting any plant that spreads roots wide. 

The product also contains multiple small drain holes and an absorbent cotton rope at the bottom to prevent your plants’ roots from rotting.

We spoke with a few consumers, and the majority of them commended this product for its modern and sleek appearance, compact size, and ease of maintenance. Most of them expressed worry that “the holes for hanging the planter are quite close to the top of the pot,” making it prone to tearing when loaded with water and plants. 

However, we did not receive any confirmed complaint about this possibility while reviewing this product.


  • Self-watering
  • Compact
  • 3-sets hanging planters
  • Can store water from 5-7 days
  • Unique egg-shell design

Pros and Cons:


  • Good for small plants
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compact size
  • Comes with multiple drainage holes
  • Ideal for indoors and outdoors


  • Not good for bigger plants 
  • The inner diameter might feel smaller 
  • No clear instructions came with the product

Top Customer Reviews:

  1. “Love these planters. Am going to replace all of my hanging baskets with these.”
  2. “The outer pot is a nice-looking material and looks almost like white stone. The issue was that the inside pot was too small to hold a 6-inch hanging plant…”
  3. “I got these for my birthday and I love them. They are gorgeous and elegant. My plants are happy to be in these planters.”
  4. “Really sturdy, easy to assemble, and come with a piece of rope for continuous feeding of your plants.”
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Tips While Choosing a Hanging Flower Basket

All of the planters we tried and reviewed in this post are excellent. There are many more excellent solutions on the market. So, before you start adding hanging flower baskets to your cart, take a moment to consider the variables that may influence your decision.

Confused? Don’t worry; we’re not leaving just yet. Our study would be incomplete if we did not provide a guide to selecting the best hanging flower basket. So, here are some pointers.

  • Materials: Begin by determining where you want the basket to be hung. Examine whether your preferred site receives full light, partial sun, or complete shade. This decision will impact the material used to construct hanging flower planters. 

    Also, remember that not all materials are appropriate for an outdoor setting. For example, constant sun exposure can cause sole plastic to become brittle and snap. Ceramic baskets are a better option in this case. But if you wish to use an eco-friendly material, pick hanging baskets with a coco coir liner.
  • Watering Features: Traditional hanging baskets require manual watering. These are fantastic and come in a variety of forms and sizes. However, if you are among those who dislike regular watering, consider self-watering hanging baskets. 

    Most of these baskets come with dual-layer pots to store water for at least 5-7 days. With these baskets, you won’t have to worry about over- or under-watering your plants. And don’t forget that self-watering hanging baskets are ideal for moist-loving plants.
  • Price Tag: Yes, this is an important consideration, especially if you are on a tight budget. Keep in mind that self-watering pots are more expensive than traditional ones. They are more expensive since they involve advanced technicality. However, when you spend more, you receive a better and more advanced product.
  • Size: You should choose the size based on the size and number of plants you intend to grow in the basket and the space available to hang the basket. For example, if you have a limited area in your home, use the Sungmor Garden Self Watering Hanging Planter, which has a width of 7.5 inches.

    On the other hand, the LA JOLIE MUSE’s huge hanging planters are ideal for a larger space. Next, examine the area around the spot where you wish to hand your flower basket to get a sense of what we’re talking about.

The Takeaway

So that was our perspective on the best hanging flower baskets. The items we have selected are among the best on the market. Our rigorous reviews and cross-checking with real-life experiences make our review post realistic.

So, if you’re in the market for a new hanging flower basket, don’t forget to read this piece first. We’d also want to know about your experiences with hanging flower baskets. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the space below.

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