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Hanging Flower BasketsHave you ever considered growing your own flowers at home on hanging flower basket?

If you’re like me, you probably have a favorite flower that you would love to have flourishing in your own backyard. Perhaps you have a love for all flowers and want a wide variety of colors to permeate your lawn. I have found that the easiest way to start growing flowers is to use flower planters, especially hanging flower baskets.

One reason I like to use hanging flower baskets because they keep your flowers off of the ground. These planters are easy to hang on your patio or awning and display your creations with prominence.

Unlike a typical garden, a pot collection prevents you from digging trenches and tilling the soil. By using a pot you get to control exactly what goes inside.

To get started, you first need to go out and get some flower pots. There are several types available, including basket style, multi-potted styles and standard styles. Each of these hanging pots can accommodate different amounts of flowers.

It’s also a matter of personal taste.

Getting Started with Hanging Flower Baskets

The best suggestion I can give is to start out small and work your way up. Try out a standard flower planter and try growing a few seeds. Choose a place to hang the pot where sunlight is indirect.

Too much light will dry out the soil faster than you can water it. Seeds must be kept moist until they have germinated. The beauty of hanging flower planters is that you can move it from hook to hook as needed.

The cleanliness of these baskets makes them ideal for growing plants indoors. Many plants thrive well near a window in a hanging basket. For this reason, some indoor gardeners like to beautify and purify indoors as well using a variety of air freshening plants.

Soil is an important factor to consider in hanging flower baskets. Flowers do best with a specific balance of nutrients. To make this simple you can purchase flower soil at your gardening store.

Follow These Simple Steps…

  • Fill the pot about three-quarters of the way up, making sure to spread it evenly with your hands. (Do this with the pot on the ground, not while hanging)
  • Moisten the soil before distributing the seeds at the depth and spacing that the package recommends.
  • Hang your planter on your hook and keep them watered. As the seeds grow you may notice that they become overcrowded.
  • Fertilize the plant or flower pot several times a year as needed to provide nutrients to the soil.


If you are worried about the pots falling and breaking, try using plastic flower pots which are crack-proof. And finally, have fun!

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