5 Inspirational Eco-Friendly Ideas You Should Try

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5 Inspirational Eco-Friendly Ideas You Should Try
It’s essential to put our planet first by making eco-friendly decisions every day. Now is the time to start coming up with ways to live a greener life!

This year, there are many fun and inspiring activities you can incorporate into your life that are both environmentally conscious and engaging.

As you begin to celebrate our planet more, try out some of these inspiring eco-friendly ideas!

Revamp Your Garden

A great way to spark some eco-friendly inspiration is by renovating your garden. With Spring here,  there are many ways you can change things up and celebrate Mother Nature.

An easy way to make your garden more eco-friendly is to add some solar yard lighting. This will reduce your electricity usage and your impact on the environment.

If you’re someone whose garden is mostly floral, try your hand at planting some fruits, vegetables, or herbs.

5 Inspirational Eco-Friendly Ideas You Should Try


Growing your veggies is a rewarding and calming hobby that is sure to leave you feeling in touch with the Earth. Whether you add in some extra garden decorations or plant more seeds this season, giving your outdoor space a bit of extra love is a perfect, simple, way to take better care of our planet.

Try Cruelty-Free Brands

While it may be hard to believe, there are still many brands that practice cruel testing methods. Statistics show that animal-testing is not even close to decreasing. An essential part of taking care of our planet is also taking care of the animals that inhabit it.

A great way to make an impact this year is to encourage yourself to try more cruelty-free brands. By supporting companies who are putting animals and our planet first, we are one step closer to seeing a decrease in cruel testing practices. The best place to start is with beauty and toiletry products.

The next time you’re looking for at home hair color, try out a vegan, cruelty-free color conditioner. From hair dye to hand sanitizer, there’s an animal-friendly brand out there for all of your must-have products!

Make our animals your priority by doing some more research on the companies you regularly buy from.

If you’re someone who is not ready to switch up the products you use, another great way to help our animals is to volunteer at a local shelter. You may even find yourself falling in love, and adopt a rescue of your own!

Repurpose & DIY More Often

Let your artistic side shine and look for things you can repurpose this Spring. Incorporating more DIY into your life helps our planet by preventing old items from ending up in landfills, and by reducing the purchasing of newly manufactured products.

That old trunk you have buried in your basement? Turn it into a coffee table! Locate the shabby chic items in your home and transform them into something beautiful.

5 Inspirational Eco-Friendly Ideas You Should Try


You can even decorate your garden with some recycled materials as well. If you are looking for some new items to add to your home, shop at your local thrift store or to hit up some garage sales.

Buying used items to repurpose helps the planet and gives you something to do on the weekend. Get in touch with your creative side this Spring and make something amazing!

Have an Unplugged Day

One of the ways we can take time to appreciate our planet is by shutting off the screens we usually have in front of us. Take a day this month to unplug from everything, and get outside. While this idea may be one of the hardest to put into practice, it’ll be amazing how inspired you’ll feel by the results.

Designate a basket for the phones in your home, and leave them there. You can embrace this process by turning the lights off in your home as well. Anything you use that requires electricity, ditch it. Eating dinner by candlelight might not seem so bad when surrounded by your loved ones!

Getting outside to experience all that nature has to offer without the distraction of a smartphone will help you feel more Earth-friendly than ever.

On top of this, the side effect of having a day with no screens is that the less electricity you use, the smaller your carbon footprint will be. If you do complete a full day of being unplugged, be sure to write down how the experience benefitted you.

Take Action

Let’s be honest; embracing change can be difficult. This year, hopefully, the activities above will inspire you to want to take action in your own life. Putting our planet first is a process that starts at home with you.

Educate yourself on the ways you might be hurting our planet more than helping it, and take action to fix them. From using less water at home to turning the lights off when you leave a room, the changes do not necessarily have to be life-altering.

Take action by supporting brands who use recycled materials for their products and refuse to test on animals. Most importantly, take action by educating others on their impact and their carbon footprint, because we all have one.

The more educated individuals are on how to help our planet, the more we can all do our part to put the environment first each and every day!

Which eco-friendly idea are you most excited to try out this year?

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